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You are my  p?pperss Sissy Slavewhore video from Mistress Misha Goldy
You are my p?pperss Sissy Slavewhore by Mistress Misha Goldy  Well, well, well, it looks like I have another wannabe sissy on my hands. Stop, don't try to protest it. I know what you're going to say, I've heard it all before. "I'm not a loser", "I like pussy", "I'm a real man", blah blah blah. That's bullshit and we both know it. You wouldn't be here if you were a real man. Do you think real men go online looking for clips of women humiliating them? Please. Don't waste my time with any of your pathetic excuses. Let's just cut the fuck and get right down to it; you're a pathetic fucking loser. You could never hope to satisfy a woman. Well, at least not with that pathetic little baby dick.  I mean, are you even fucking serious with that thing? I can barely see it, are you sure you've gone through puberty? No, limp-dick, you're never going to be able to be a real man. You know it, and I know it. Besides, that's really not what feels natural for you, is it? Deep down you feel an urge to be submissive, to be subservient. But even more than that, you feel an overwheleming urge to be pretty. Not handsome, hard, and masculine, but cute, soft, and pretty. Getting on top of a woman and fucking her isn't ever going to sound as appealing to you as being mounted like a bitch and fucked hard by a real man. Oh my, look at the flush that just came into your cheeks. You don't even have to say a word and I know that I'm right. Well don't worry Princess, today is your lucky day. It just so happens that I enjoy turning pathetic wimpy bitchboys into pretty little bimbos. So that's what were going to do today. I'm going to turn you from some worthless loser boy into a total babe. And first from wich we will start - its a deep long sniff ! 
duration 10:37
My Tinder Date Had A Small Problem video from Red Vinyl Kitty
My Tinder Date Had A Small Problem by Red Vinyl Kitty The clip starts off with Kitty, all dolled up, dialing a video call into her friend "Lynne" to bitch about a Tinder date that just left her house. She's upset because, despite all the flirting he's done with him over chat the past week (OK, OK, she admits she's a total slut to see him this soon..) when she got his pants off he had the most disappointing cock she'd ever seen. She sends "Lynne" some pictures via video chat that she can see what Kitty is talking about and they both start LAUGHING at this poor boy. This really is the most pathetic excuse for genitals that Kitty has ever seen in her life, and apparently Lynne gets it too. As Kitty recalls her terrible night, she gets so mad venting to her friend, and starts bitching about what the fuck she's supposed to do with a man like that... But she also admits that she might have made him pose for her so she could get pictures of him and laugh even more. I mean - just what exactly else could she do with such a pathetic excuse for a cock? He didn't even say no, Kitty protests.. He must have secretly enjoyed making poses for her. Kitty is so annoyed at getting all dressed up and adorable for a complete loser with absolutely nothing workable going on in his pants. This was the worst luck ever. NOTE: "Lynne" is not present, this is a solo clip with Kitty talking directly to the camera as though her friend is on the other line. No actual dick pictures are present, so you have to use your imagination a little bit. Small penis humiliation, SPH, humiliation, verbal humiliation, fem domme, femme domme, glasses.

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