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Master Makes Kitty Paint Her Toenails video from Red Vinyl Kitty
Master Makes Kitty Paint Her Toenails by Red Vinyl Kitty Kitty is sleeping, tethered by her leash to the wall when her Master wakes her up by calling her name.

"Kitty, Kitty!" "Master," she calls back, happily. "Show Master your pretty feet!" Kitty gets up and happily obliges her Master. He starts rubbing her feet through her thigh high socks. After a few minutes Master tells Kitty to take off her socks. "Yes Master," she says, and obliges. He rubs her feet for a few more minutes. What a lucky slave to be woken up from her nap to receive such a nice treat. "Your feet are perfect." "Thank you, Master." "They're so little, and cute, and they've got such cute little toes," he teases her. "They're going to look even better, when you polish them for me." "Yes, Master." Kitty dutifully answers. "Here Kitty, paint your nails with this," he says and he hands her a bottle of polish. Kitty looks at the camera and says "Black, the perfect color. Yes, Master." The first foot is painted close up, so that you can see Kitty's cute little toes as she's painting them. Watch her dip the brush in, and carefully paint each cute little nail. "One foot done, I hope Master thinks my toes are even prettier now," says Kitty as she finishes her first foot. The second foot is shot at a further distance. Kitty is super flexible, so you get a peek of her pretty pink pussy as she's painting her nails. You can see that she's still tethered to the wall. In between each time she dips the brush, she gazes at you and smiles. She loves making herself look pretty for her Master. It brings her such pleasure to know she is obeying for him. "Master, I've finished polishing my toes for you." "Excellent. Those look nice, let me see!" he tells her. Kitty lifts up her pretty toes to show her Master the job she's done. "Very pretty!" he tells her. "You did a great job, that was just what I wanted. Now your feet are better than perfect. I love it." "Aww, thank you, Master." NOTE: Kitty's PowerPort is accessed and visible in this clip.
duration 28:33
TRASHY PAINTING TOENAILS FOOT FETISH by LindzyLuv If you like a good ol' American trailer park girl flick - foot fetish focused - look no further! This is me in real life when I haven't paid much attention to my feet lately. I have been busy working and partying all week. I am chubby from beers, pizza, and soda. I have a pad on under my cotton panties, and I am wearing a bikini top around my house.

I get all my stuff set up on my living room floor so I can work on making my feet and toe nails look nice :) When I first come out, my nails look wrecked. They are too long, chipped, and the old nail polish is wearing away. I start by taking off my socks and washing my feet with soap, using a coffee mug for hot water, and towels on the floor to dry them. I take a pumice stone and rub it all over the sore spots and calluses on my big toe and feet. I talk about how good it feels and really rub them down. Then I remove my old nail polish to reveal how my toe nails really look! So gross! Teeheehee!

I then put toe spacers in between all of my toes and start clipping. I take out my brand new pink nail polish and make my nails look good as new! I am having so much fun making myself pretty, I giggle and wiggle my toes around in your face and ask you to blow on them for me. I smoke a menthol cigarette and drink my soda while I wait. Next, I slowly remove the toe spacers and I take handfuls of lotion and rub them all over my feet and in between my toes, putting my fingers in between my toes. It feels really good and I show off my pretty feet to you!

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