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duration 28:44
Succubus Seduces & Steals Virgin Soul video from Raven Fox
Succubus Seduces & Steals Virgin Soul by Raven Fox You're Stroking Your Cock, watching your favorite model's porn, and nut a load all over yourself, thinking about the idea of fucking your own lil Slut. You begin to drift and start having vivid dreams of a beautiful body in front of you. The sound and feeling of your cock being sucked wakes you up, and you're stunned in fear and pleasure from the sight of a Succubus slurping on your cock! What's even more crazy is she looks like your favorite model! She tells you she's a Fledgling Succubus, and in Order to Earn Her Horns, she must steal the Soul and Cum of a Virgin. She sucks and sucks and feels your load build up instantly, a huge load of cum draining down her throat. She demands more from your Virgin Body as her Succubus Saliva begins to Enchant Your Body. She climbs on top of you and begins riding your Virgin Cock inside her Pussy. She fucks you and rides you until another load is emptied in her pussy. You're beginning to loosen up as her Succubus Juices and Scent Envelops You, and You Stuff Your Cock Inside Her Asshole! She twerks her booty on your cock before you flip her back over and fuck her pussy again. You can't hold your third load, and drain your cock in her pussy again. You begin to take turns on her holes, and she rides you in several positions as you stretch her ass and pussy. Having your Virgin Cock fucked so much makes you drain a Fourth Load in Her Ass, and she begs for More! You Throw Her on Her Hands and Knees and Fuck Her Ass as Deep as You Can and She Demands You Cum so hard, it cums from both her holes. It takes little time for you to drain your next load as deep as you can in her ass, Her Succubus Body Pushes All the Cum from Both Her Holes! She demands one last pounding as you watch her face and expressions, watching her amazing it makes her feels to have captured a Perfect Virgin. The visuals of her sweet ass being pounded and her anime and ahegao expressions make you cum one last load all over her face, and she begins to play with your cum and blow bubbles to make you happy. Your lil Succubus may let you live, so be a good lil virgin and keep this between us!
duration 11:24
Sex Demon Learns The Trade video from BlackxRose92
Sex Demon Learns The Trade by BlackxRose92 "Oh! You're already tied up, wow! This is already getting started, oh my, and I'm not quite ready yet. I must admit, you're my first and I'm really not good at tests, and this is like THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE. So like, just bear with me and stuff ok? I can't remember all of the demon training very well, and I honestly forgot how they said I was supposed to use you. Something with a t....... Teasing? Tickling? No, that sounds off. I can't remember if they said tickling was terrible, terrific, or...something else? They said I'm supposed to be a sex demon, but they didn't say if I was supposed to torment you with sex, or by withholding sex, and I can't remember if they said it was supposed to be sex you liked or sex you hated...Hmm. Well, this is going to take awhile, and I forgot what I'm supposed to do to you, so we're just going to test a bit of everything! I'm going to test both the things you like and hate to see what furthers your sexual torment, however.... You do look really cute, and being a sex demon isn't *quite* my thing. Whenever I tickle you, you start to throb and ooze, is that precum? Well, now that's a VERY different reaction from the whipping, spanking, and slapping your hands. Hmm, it is definitely a very different physical response from me attempting to put that lipstick on you. I think I'd rather see what kinds of sex I can learn about with you, instead of teasing you like they said I should. I'd much rather make you cum, and then make you my sex toy every full moon. Touch it, or I'll tickle you to de....." The only way you'll get out of this sexual hell is by agreeing to an intense sexual contract with a rather awkward new succubus who isn't very good at her job. She needs LOTS of practice, and you look like her ideal sex toy for exploration and hands on experimentation. Sure she's going to vex you with sexual masochism and sensual tickling in between curious JOI as she learns the ropes of life as a succubus demoness, but it's going to come at the cost of some seriously bad chaffing.
duration 33:50
Invited In: helpless victim sacrificed to collared sex demon video from Mesmerotic
Invited In: helpless victim sacrificed to collared sex demon by Mesmerotic A real hypnokink scene, where Eryn is transformed from human to succubus, and set upon helpless Trix! At first, Trix and Sinister are working together, their hypnotic words weaving a spell in tandem that strips Eryn of their humanity. The induction builds as Eryn's clothing is removed, removing their Self along with it. Once blank and open, the demonic transformation truly begins. They shave off Eryn's eyebrows, infusing them with a a monstrous lust. Eryn, now just a void of need, is writhing, breathing heavily with desire as they add a large black septum pincher through their nose piercing, taking them further from their human form. Eventually, they add a collar to their naked creation, reminding their succubus that, as an owned thing summoned by the two of them, it can only sate it's lust with permission from their victim; can only penetrate when they've been invited in to sake it's demonic desire to feed on the soul through pleasure. They wrestle their riled-up succubus into a cage, locking them away and securing them with silver chain. Trix can't help but tease the poor creature with her body as it shakes the bars of the cage, reaching out and trying to grab and both Trix and Sinister. It looks up with eyes as black as night, consumed by its instincts to feed and fuck. It's then that Sinister turns on her co-summoner, reaching over to trigger Trix with a simple tap on the forehead into a state of total mindlessness, where time is paused and she is unaware of her impending fate. After all, Sinister needs to feed the demonic thing she's created, right? Securing Trix with leather cuffs at the wrist and ankle, she sets up her sacrifice as the succubus looks on hungrily. Trix is woken into he predicament, surprise dancing across her face as she rattles are bonds and pleads with Sinister, who takes all too much pleasure explaining to Trix exactly what's going to happen once the demon is released from it's cage and sets upon her. Sinister releases her lust-crazed pet onto Trix, and it wastes no time in beginning its work, removing Trix's clothes, grabbing and licking and biting and kissing at her flesh as Trix tries desperately to keep her mind from falling to the monster's passionate onslaught. She begs Sinister, but her pleading falls on deaf ears as Sinsiter leaves her to her fate. Some long, slow licks to her cunt from the talented succubus' tongue has Trix moaning, and sensing its prey is nearly fallen, it ramps up it's desirious attentions, growling "let me in", demanding to finally penetrate and feed on Trix's essence. Trix's mind has become addled, compromised with the need to push further into pleasure... and she agrees, consenting to be drained of everything that makes her up in return for the demon's fingers deep inside her aching cunt. Trix's eyes roll and she groans with satisfaction as she's drained away as the succubus feeds. Her evil deeds done, Sinister comes back to imprison her demon once again in the cage, waiting for it's next victim, happily licking the last vestiges of Trix off its fingers as Trix slumps limply in her bonds, eyes flickering, empty. Performers: Sinister topping, Trix switching, Eryn switching Watch the FREEE negotiation/aftercare video here: https://apclips.com/mesmerotic/negotiation-headspace-suggestion-aftercare-invited-in More of Eryn can be found at: erynrose.co.uk erynrose.manyvids.com clips4sale.com/erynrose onlyfans.com/erynrose pocketstars.com/erynrose ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ Mesmerotic is a small hypnosmut production company run by Imaginatrix and Sinister. We are available for sessions, customs and tuition. Imaginatrix: http://hypnohedonista.com Sinister: http://sinisterdenial.com
duration 66:54
Soul Deep: mesmerised Trix left empty and aroused by Ashley Lowe video from Mesmerotic
Soul Deep: mesmerised Trix left empty and aroused by Ashley Lowe by Mesmerotic Ashley's interest in hypnosis is in the deep understanding of a subject's mind, and how this understanding can push them into the deep, dark places where they can enact cruelty on their subjects in new and interesting ways. Experimenting with how a mind can be changed under their tight control. Trix is utterly fascinated by Ashley's intellect, their clever use of words and mastery of hypnotic technique... she longs to see what trials and new horizons of suffering Ashley can put her to. And so, Ashley decides to rip out Trix's soul. It doesn't start there. No no, first Ashley establishes just how deliciously receptive to their linguistic tricks Trix is. It's only a few words before Trix's eyes are rolling as Ashley fucks her mind away on her fingers, spiralling to the heart of Trix's desires... her purpose is pleasure. Ramping up Trix's arousal, making her pliant, Ashley deftly drags her mind up and down so rapidly that Trix barely has time to come to her senses, between the rapid body manipulation, freezeplay, and confusion inductions that Ashley puts her through. As Ashley asks "you're not sleeping, are you?", Trix is hardly sure... but Ashley is happy to provide her an answer, physically pulling her down into a deep, profound state of trance, where she lays at rest for a while, as Ashley monologues for the camera exactly what they plan to do next. On waking her up, Ashley digs their nails in... deeper than skin... right into Trix's soul. Pulling, watching the anguish on her face as they yank, before allowing the torture to stop. Trix describes the physicality and intensity of the suffering, both of them excited by the twisted masochism of it. Ashley goes in again, hooking in to Trix's essence, this time breaking it free from it's host leaving Trix shaking, racked with agony, before collapsing in a heap. Luckily, our succubus knows how to put souls back as well as take them away, so Ashley replaces Trix's lost soul and she comes back, bleary and confused from the experience (a state Ashley happily exploits further). Eventually, Trix describes the death-rattle experience and the total quiet that followed. Morbid curiosity and a sadistic thrill leads Ashley to push Trix through the experience one more time: this time with the intention of interacting with the broken husk that remains of the soulless Trix. Trix stares blankly out, a shadow of her former self. Aware but unresponsive, the perfect image of an empty shell... The mind races thinking of what could be done in such a state. Eventually, Ashley brings her back, replaces her soul again. Ash laughs at how completely they have Trix under their power, playing with her pleasure and pain so easily... the only thing that makes them finally wind down is the camera's battery life! The chemistry in this shoot is off the hook! Transgressive and trancey, seething with arousal, filled with longing looks, vacant stares, and deep deep hypnosis. The negotiation and aftercare are included in this shoot (and also available to download separately.) Topping: Ashley Lowe Bottoming: Imaginatrix Find more of Ashley at: http://linktr.ee/ashleyloweuk ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ Mesmerotic is a small hypnosmut production company run by Imaginatrix and Sinister. We are available for sessions, customs and tuition. Imaginatrix: http://linktr.ee/hypnohedonista Sinister: http://SinisterDenial.com

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