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duration 21:57
Slut Training Interview Anal/Facial 4K video from Alexxxis89
Slut Training Interview Anal/Facial 4K by Alexxxis89 Anal, bj, deep throat, face fucking, cum on my face, Pov scenes, reverse cow girl, teen slut, slut training and finger in ass are all shown in this video. My master comes home and gets my outfit ready for me. He opens the closet to find me still tied up where he left me before he left for work. So happy to see my master I ask him how I can please him today! He tells me he has set out an outfit on the bed and to get dressed. He unties me and I go and get dressed making sure to show off my little body for him. He hands me a piece of paper with directions and a resume and tells me he has an interview setup for me today. He walks we to the door and sends me on my way. I get to my interview nervous but excited. I am told right off the bat that I am not qualified for the position. I am very nervous at this point but I explain to my interviewer that I am very skilled and will make sure. to please him. HE isn't sure what exactly I am saying so I get up showing off my tight body and make sure he gets what I am talking about. He gets up and locks the door. I ask for permission to show him how I can please him. He says yes. I undo his pants and start to suck him off. sloppy and deep in my throat I got to town on that cock. I worship his cock and show him he can be rough with me. Putting his hands on my head so he can face fuck me. he rams himself deep inside my throat. He picks me up and bends me over the desk ramming his cock inside my pussy so deep and hard. He fucks me on the desk. While looking at my tight pink ass hole. He starts to play with my ass with his finger and asks me if I have the special set of skills needed for this position. I eagerly tell him I do. He lubes up his cock and struggles to fit it in my little pink asshole. Once he does get in me he rams it hard inside me. I get on top of him reverse cowgirl and ride his cock all the way to the base of his shaft. It feels so nice inside my ass. I slide off of him and get on my knees. I deep throat his cock so well showing him that I am trained in pleasing cocks! Once he's ready to give me his load he gets up and blows his big load all over my face and tits. Did I get the job!? Well you will have to watch to find out. I am very proud of this video. It was shot as a custom for a very special fan who wrote the script. It was an amazing scripted video and it came out amazing! This video is my best work in my opinion and I cant wait to build on it. the attention to detail, the different angles, the convincing acting and down right amazing script are all great reasons why you should check this one out. You won't regret this video purchase!
duration 24:49
Creampie in my Pussy video from LindzyLuv
Creampie in my Pussy by LindzyLuv A total sneak peek into my home life with my daddy. Tonight isn't about D/s though; tonight he is going to cum inside me.

I get cozy in some nice lingerie and approach Daddy in the living room while he is naked. I get so excited to see his nice cock, that I immediately get on my knees and begin sucking him off. I bounce my head up and down on his hard dick, feeling it pulsate and throb on my tongue. I tease him, from his shaft to the tip of his dick, and back and forth, switching between deep throating him and teasing him playfully. He is enjoying it so much, and he tastes so good... I can tell that he might explode in my mouth if I don't stop soon!

I lay back on the floor with my head on a pillow, tear off my panties, and spread my legs wide open in the air. Daddy enters my tight, wet pussy, and starts ravishing me! He pushes my body down on the floor as he fucks my cunt. He pounds me hard as he puts his hand around my neck. His hair is hanging over me, brushing against my face and breasts as my pussy is fucked deeply.

I moan in pleasure and beg daddy to cum in my pussy... I want to feel his hot load of cum shoot into my raw pussy. His cock gets harder and bigger the closer he gets to finished. I grab his body closer to mine, and take all of his cum. He slowly lets his cock out of my snug, wet, post-orgasm pussy... and I lay facing the camera to show off my cum-filled cunt. I suck the remainder of cum off of his dick while I push his cum out of my pussy, showing off my cute creampie!
duration 40:38
Severely Punished - Spanked and Face Fucked video from LindzyLuv
Severely Punished - Spanked and Face Fucked by LindzyLuv I have been a very naughty little girl. I thought I could go shopping and just buy whatever I wanted, but daddy caught me. He found receipts in my purse that added up to $300. I am instructed to wear my pantyhose with no panties, and shirt with no bra and meet him in the living room. He starts out by spanking me very hard with his bare hand. I bend over and take several strokes to my bottom and back of my thighs with a wooden spoon. Then I get on my knees and he puts his hard dick right down my throat and starts fucking my face. He uses me like his naughty little toy. I can't argue with Daddy or say no... I know I was wrong and deserve my punishment.

I am then bent over the sofa for more beatings with the wooden spoon. I count out-loud as I receive 10 hard spankings. It hurts so bad that I start to cry and whine. I try to make up for my actions by pleasuring Daddy's cock the best I can. He deep throats me hard and fast and I end up gagging. I am then bent over his lap for more over the knee spankings, and he ends up breaking the wooden spoon against my ass. When this isn't enough punishment, he puts me on my belly with my ass lifted by pillows and starts tying me up with rope. My wrists are bound to my ankles and my ass is wide open. Daddy gets his belt out and gives me lashes across my bottom, my pussy and my thighs as he stands in front of me, fucking my face.

I start to change my attitude at this point of my punishment, and he takes off my pantyhose so I can ride his dick. Daddy uses my holes and fucks me deep and hard until he can cum. I beg for his cum in my mouth; I want to taste his sweet release. After taking his cock doggy style, I am instructed to get on my knees and lick and suck on his balls while he jacks off over my face. Daddy shoots a big load of cum into my mouth, and I let the cum sit there and spill out all over my front. Thank you Daddy!
duration 44:53
Hairy Sub Multiple Orgasms With Vibe video from Marley Magdalene
Hairy Sub Multiple Orgasms With Vibe by Marley Magdalene You are my firm, yet loving Dom, and I am your beautiful, hairy, and obedient little sub. You kiss and caress my curvy hairy body, before you begin to discipline my asshole and pussy. First you teach me to work open my asshole with a glass dildo. Then, with my dildo all the way inside my ass like a butt plug, you have my lay back and begin to use my vibrator on my clit. My ass hole begins to misbehave and push out the dildo! You have me thrust it back inside to teach it that you own it. Then the waves of clitoral and anal orgasms begin. I cum over and over again with my vibrator, begging for mercy. My legs shake, and I flail about as my clit throbs with pleasure. You instruct me to put my vibrator inside my pussy and NOT to move it. But, I disobey and begin thrusting it into my pussy because I want to cum again so badly. You instruct me to give my pussy 3 slaps to discipline it so it behaves. Then, after more intense waves of orgasms, you're ready to fuck me. You rub your cock on the outside of my pussy before sliding it inside. You hold it inside me, still, telling me to feel it fill my pussy. Then you begin to thrust, but you've waited too long to get inside me. You're already ready to cum. So you lube the head of your cock and begin to thrust more slowly. When you begin to feel your balls tighten you start to fuck me hard and strong, pounding my tight little pussy. We both cum hard while you put your load deep in my pussy. Then, you slide out, and hold and caress me. You kiss me good bye and I wish you a good day at work. (This video is from a live recording and contains subtitles of the actual conversation between my Dom and I)

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