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duration 18:57
Tattooed Slut Edges and Squirts Fountains video from CelesteLuna
Tattooed Slut Edges and Squirts Fountains by CelesteLuna You have been patiently waiting for this video and to show you how much that means to me I'm going to make this one extra special. I've been away for so long and I miss you! But I feel a little guilty about it too. Let me make it up to you. I just got some brand new 8 inch black boots and I want to show them off for you. Don't they make me look so powerful and sexy? My little clit is ready to get a little rub down. I start rubbing my clit and fingering my tight hole. I have a toy that looks like your dick, Grayson, but could never compare to yours. I fuck my throat just like you would if you were really here. I love gagging and taking your cock as deep in my throat as I can! Drooling all over this dick, dripping down on my tits. I can't take it. I fuck my pussy until I squirt everywhere! But I'm not done yet. Since I made you wait for me, I'm going to wait for you. I get my hitachi out and edge for a solid 4 minutes and I literally can't take it anymore. My body turns red and I start convulsing! Squirting even harder than I did before. Do you forgive me now? Tags: chubby, chubby girl, freckles, alternative, tattoos, piercings, inked, ink, celeste, celesteluna, celeste luna, bush, slut, juicy, big tits, big boobs, kink, kinky, fetish, fantasy, fantasies, busty, emo, goth, custom, cute, smile, long nails, hairy pussy, hairy bush, hairy, full bush, booty, ass, feet, dirty talk, young, natural, all natural, heels, extreme heels, boots, stripper heels, latex, dildo, dildo fucking, multiple orgasms, multi cum, squirt, wet, wet pussy, pussy fucking, edging, hitachi, cum denial, cum refusal, roleplay, mirror, mirror fucking, black heels, black stripper heels, blow job, dildo blow job, bj, sloppy, gagging, gag, spit, saliva, spit fetish, wet, dripping
duration 13:35
Homewrecker Let's You Creampie JOI video from Leila Cherry
Homewrecker Let's You Creampie JOI by Leila Cherry Thanks for letting me inside to grab my watch that I forgot a couple weeks ago at your barbecue. You remember that barbecue that you and your wife threw together? We had so much fun that night didn't me. I know you haven't been able to stop thinking about it. Tell me, how addicted to me have you become? I know you've been screenshotting my instagram stories. You must be saving those pictures to jerk off to them haven't you pervert? Haha I wonder how your wife must feel about that. That you love jerking off to her slutty friend so much more than you like fucking her. You probably haven't slept with her for weeks because you can't stop fantasizing about me. Come on don't be so shy, your wife isn't home. I could see that hard on in your pants since the second you let me in the door. Look I'm not even wearing any panties. I'm such a slut I knew you wouldn't be able to resist me. You want to look at my big nipples again don't you? I'll let you take out your cock and stroke to them while your wife isn't home. But I'm not going to let you fuck me, I'm not that much of a whore! Think about this soft tits bouncing around while I'm riding you. Thinking about it is making your cock drop with precum isn't it? I can see it leaking out. You love my body so much more than hers. I'm so much more curvy and irresistible. I want you to watch me spread my pussy lips while you stroke. I want to hear you moan while you jerk off to me, go faster. You love watching my pussy, nipples, and toes while you touch yourself for me pervert? I'm such a slut I love letting men jerk off to me. You want me to let you cum inside me? No haha are you going to keep on begging me to let you just stick the tip in? You want to feel my pussy lips wrapped around you that bad? Fine you get one minute then you need to cum. You better make it last because it's never going to happen again. Feel my pussy while you jerk off inside of me. Cum for me in 10...9...8...7...
duration 30:09
debut: striptease, pussyplay, fingers and toy fucking video from FluffyHelga
debut: striptease, pussyplay, fingers and toy fucking by FluffyHelga after a hard work day you go to your favorite stripbar. sitting by the bar counter, you're thinking that the stripper, who keeps you awake at nights, has a day off tonight and you're going to chat with someone else. but she is here... you'd wish the night would never end. you've chatted very nice. discussed everything, like everytime you meet, and consumed alot of tequila, you invite her to have a breakfast together afterwards. surprisingly, Helga agrees enthusiasticly (it seems she liked you a long time) and you go to her place. you missed a private dance with her because of your chat and she promised to make one off work. Helga is already naked on a bed and you, imperceptible way, are with her too. after her hot private dance she starts to do something more than a dance. moist and overexcited Helga passionately kisses you and caress your dick. feeling too tired after this night and not ready for something bigger, you propose Helga to play with herself. she's not upset and starts to play with her wet pussy while you sit on a chair and watch her playing. hot Helga gets her fifth orgasm. Helga, used to night life and enraged with her play, decided to continue. you see her teasing you with a toy and her tongue. she knows how much you like a wet body, so she starts to squeeze her coated with saliva tis. you'd like to go on but it's too late and you fall hugging. maybe, when you finally have a breakfast, you gather strength and break the bed.

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