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duration 23:24
Dirty Panty Stealing Roommate JOI video from Leila Cherry
Dirty Panty Stealing Roommate JOI by Leila Cherry Hey, roomie! So you know how I've been going crazy for the last few weeks trying to find all of my panties that keep going missing from my laundry hamper? Yeah I know it's so weird how they've all been going missing. Well, I decided to search around the apartment one more time before I gave up for good. I realized I've looked everywhere except your room, because I didn't think there was any way they could possibly end up in your room. That was until I remembered that some guys love to smell dirty panties. But you wouldn't possibly do that, right? Well, I looked in your room anyways and you wouldn't believe what I found! My missing dirty panties! What the hell man? Why are you stealing from me? That goes against our roommate code! It's not even the panty sniffing I have a problem with, I just don't want you to steal from me. That's a bit fucked up. Ya know, if you wanted to smell my pussy that bad you could have just asked. I mean it's kind of hot you want to smell my panties that bad. Look, let's make a deal, if you ever want to smell my panties again you can ask me and I'll dirty up a pair for you to borrow and give back to me after you're finished cleaning them and whatever else you do with them. And to prove to you how serious I am, I'm going to diryt up a pair right in front of you. So come on, don't be shy, take out your cock and start stroking for me. We're gonna get off together and it's not gonna be weird. It's not weird! It's totally normal. This is like just a bonding experience between us. It's a totally normal thing roommates do right? Yeah sure let's go with that. I'm gonna get this nice and dirty for you, cover them in my pussy stink so you can take nice big whiffs while you jerk off thinking about me doing this in front of you again. Stop stroking your cock, I want to edge us a bit so we can cum even harder together. It's just one little break it won't even be that hard. Oh my god look at how wet my pussy is right now! Masturbating in front of you is really turning me on. Okay let's get back to stroking. I want us to cum together so I'm gonna count down from 10 and we'll cum. Just follow my instructions and listen to me countdown for you. Fuck I don't think my pussy can take this any longer, I'm going to cum. 10...9...8...7...
duration 12:24
My Roommate the Panty Sniffing Asslicker video from MsCakes
My Roommate the Panty Sniffing Asslicker by MsCakes Custom vid (no names used). I come home one day to find you, my roommate, sniffing a pair of my dirty panties while masturbating - gross! I always knew you had a thing for me, but I certainly never expected that you would be a panty sniffing pervert too. I should kick you out of the house for this, but before I do, I decide to have a little fun and teach you a lesson. So I command you to strip naked and show me exactly what you were doing with my dirty panties before I walked in on you. I laugh and humiliate you as you sniff and lick my dried up pussy juices while jerking off. Then I tell you to suck on a finger to get it nice and wet, and then shove it right up your ass! While you continue fingering your ass and stroking your cock, I spread my ass cheeks and order you to start licking my asshole. But before you get to enjoy it for too long, I tell you to take your finger out of your ass and take a good look at it all covered in your ass juice. I want you to sniff it, and then put it in your mouth to taste how disgusting you are. After licking it clean, it's time to add a second finger since your asshole should be warmed up and ready for more. I lay back on the bed so I can fully enjoy the show as you go back to tongue fucking my ass, this time with two fingers buried up your own asshole. Before long I can tell you're getting close, but there's no way you deserve to cum while eating MY perfect ass. Instead, I tell you to take the two fingers out of your ass and shove them right back into your mouth. You're gonna keep stroking that dick until you cum for me just like this - tasting your own filthy ass-juices, and knowing that you're nothing but a dirty panty sniffing asslicker!
duration 11:13
HAIRY SMELLY NEIGHBOR DESPERATE 4 U by Felicia Fisher You’re my neighbor, Steve, who has a pervy secret.  You love the scent of an unwashed female, especially that wonderful stink between her legs.  You really get weak for a dirty cunt and ass. Turns out I am as filthy as you are!  I absolutely love being dirty down there.  I have been observing you for some time, spying on your computer screen from your bedroom window, reading the nasty stories you read, watching the nasty things you watch.  Seeing that I like the same things, you decide to break me out of my perverted solace and 'expand my horizons' with my own body.  So I make you a perverted video and put it in your mailbox!!!! I also send along a couple of thongs that have been stuffed in your holes (can I guess where the pink one's been and where the green one's been?).  In this video, I play with myself and smell yourself a bunch, teasing you and talking really dirty.  I make you watch up close as I peel my unwashed white panties off my cunthole really slow, telling you how I love my pussy stains from my cream and how the panties stick to my pussy and ass hairs! I rub and finger my hairy cunt, licking and sucking my fingers, rubbing and sniffing both holes ;)  I even confess to sneaking in your house and straddling your face with my filthy crotch!!! I get really worked up and start finger banging my pussy until I squirt, smelling and licking my fingers, and cum hard. Can I be your smelly stinky girlfriend next door?
duration 16:22
Roommate's Dirty Panties Fantasy Fuck video from Cattie
Roommate's Dirty Panties Fantasy Fuck by Cattie Cattie catches you digging through her panty drawer when she comes home. You've not only broken her trust, but invaded her personal space... In disbelief, she goes off on you. As she's ranting, her top slips and her tit pops out. You ask if it's intentional. Livid, she starts throwing her panties at you and dumps her dirty laundry hamper on you. That's what you wanted, right? But you tell her you want them "fresher". Baffled, she laughs and mocks you. Are you out of your mind? Do you think this is one of those fantasy scenarios where you get caught and your roommate's going to just fall in love with you magically?? You state that you have a big cock though... and she scoffs, "Woopty-dooo!" Let's see it then! Suddenly reality hits you and you're hesitant... but you do. And her mood shifts a bit as she's floored by your size. But this doesn't change anything! She's still upset. But ya know what... she needs to release some of this frustration now... Take a seat and let's make a deal... if you can make her cum, you can keep the panties! But you'll have to work really hard to get them creamy for your own satisfaction. She wraps the panties around your cock and strokes you with them as she sucks you off. Stuffing them in your mouth to help keep your salivating under control. Who knew your roommate was such a horny little slut!? Your dream is coming true! She uses her spit to make her slit even more juicy so she can sit on your dick. She takes the panties out of your mouth, wraps them around your prick and slides you in. It's a tight fit, but she works you in slow. Once her cunt's stretched out by you, she begins bouncing on your shaft more wildly. Tits jiggling all around! She snaps the panties on your dick. You don't even mind though! This is too amazing and nothing will ruin it for you! You really want your roommate's panties! Her creamy cum running down onto the panties. Absorbing every drop she has to offer. She begs you to drill her and make her cum. Rapidly pounding her until you both cum together! Soo much juice inside her that when she pulls out, it flings across the room! She unravels the panties from your shaft, takes a big whiff and stuffs them deep inside her! Guaranteeing they're coated well in the decadent mess and hands the trophy panties over to you. But don't get used to it! If she catches you doing it again... you won't be soo lucky. Video has female domination, filthy dirty talking, virtual sex views, smell fetish & more!
duration 18:13
Worship Your Personal Trainer's Hairy Armpits video from MsCakes
Worship Your Personal Trainer's Hairy Armpits by MsCakes You’re nearing the end of a sweaty workout session with your sexy personal trainer, with just a few exercises left. She guides you through some overhead presses, triceps extensions, and Swiss ball crunches, followed by a series of upper body stretches. You perform the exercises to the best of your ability, but can’t help getting distracted by her beautiful hairy armpits on full display every time she raises her arms overhead. She finally congratulates you on your progress over the last few weeks, and says she has a special reward for all your hard work. To your delight, she lifts her arms again and says she’s noticed you constantly checking out her hairy pits, and is happy to indulge in your armpit fetish. She tells you to take your already-hard cock out from your shorts and start stroking it while you worship her sweaty armpits. You absolutely love smelling and tasting her armpit sweat and feeling the stubbly hair brushing against your tongue. What a dream come true it is, getting to sniff and lick her ripe armpits while jerking off at her command! After awhile, she takes her sports bra off and has you suck her armpit sweat off the fabric, and even lets you keep it as a souvenir. Then you continue worshiping her armpits with your mouth, nose, and tongue while stroking your dick harder and faster. When you’re ready, she gives you a countdown from 10 and tells you to cum with your tongue buried in her hot, sweaty armpit. She asks if you’d like to end off all your workouts like this from now on, and of course you say yes. You’re already looking forward to your next training session!

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