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duration 11:59
Me and your wife leaving your tiny cock ASMR! video from Mistress Misha Goldy
Me and your wife leaving your tiny cock ASMR! by Mistress Misha Goldy ASMR! So Dear you like allways her with m? ?? the middle of the night , with your one hand on the phone and other under the blanket - waiting for my teasings, waiting for me , waiting for wanking your cock all over my sexy body , like you did it all long time, and near you laying your old wife! Maybe she is hearing us right now and quietly crying knowing how much you want just me, how you dreaming about me all the days long, how you hoping that your wife will fall a sl  eep early than you - for being with me! So its time to tell you the true - your wife have a young lover, with a big hard cock and a lot of muscles, and even more she is spending on him - your money ahahahah So your hard earned money you spend on me - on your virtual lover and other part of money your wife spend on her lover, but not virtual! So you are a real cock loser! And today i am living you also - i tired  from yuor tiny cock on my expensive screen, i tired form old you, even your wife who lived with you all your life is tired from your disgusting tiny cock and found other man - who is much much better than you! I allways wanted just your money - and remember - you never  saw me naked, when i take off my clothes and teasing you just in sexy lingerie - you allredy cum ! You are a premature ejaculator ! Womans hate losers like you, old , fat, ugly, cheating on your wife, with tiny weak cock and premature ejaculator! ahahah! I think your wife will leave you soon also! You dont have enough money for us both  for closing out eyes on how pathetic and worthless you are !
duration 10:37
My Tinder Date Had A Small Problem video from Red Vinyl Kitty
My Tinder Date Had A Small Problem by Red Vinyl Kitty The clip starts off with Kitty, all dolled up, dialing a video call into her friend "Lynne" to bitch about a Tinder date that just left her house. She's upset because, despite all the flirting he's done with him over chat the past week (OK, OK, she admits she's a total slut to see him this soon..) when she got his pants off he had the most disappointing cock she'd ever seen. She sends "Lynne" some pictures via video chat that she can see what Kitty is talking about and they both start LAUGHING at this poor boy. This really is the most pathetic excuse for genitals that Kitty has ever seen in her life, and apparently Lynne gets it too. As Kitty recalls her terrible night, she gets so mad venting to her friend, and starts bitching about what the fuck she's supposed to do with a man like that... But she also admits that she might have made him pose for her so she could get pictures of him and laugh even more. I mean - just what exactly else could she do with such a pathetic excuse for a cock? He didn't even say no, Kitty protests.. He must have secretly enjoyed making poses for her. Kitty is so annoyed at getting all dressed up and adorable for a complete loser with absolutely nothing workable going on in his pants. This was the worst luck ever. NOTE: "Lynne" is not present, this is a solo clip with Kitty talking directly to the camera as though her friend is on the other line. No actual dick pictures are present, so you have to use your imagination a little bit. Small penis humiliation, SPH, humiliation, verbal humiliation, fem domme, femme domme, glasses.
duration 12:24
High Heel Sph and Dick Stomping video from WillowSnow
High Heel Sph and Dick Stomping by WillowSnow *SOUND WARNING* The sound of my sexy ass heels on the floor in this video can be very loud so just be aware of that. BBW Goddess stomps on your pathetic sad small cock, you are desperate for my Goddess feet to stomp all over you pathetic cock and you beg for more because thats all you deserve, Watch me stomp your laughable cock while I truly humiliate and destroy you with my words. Your cock squishing under my perfect feet, up and down my feet go on your cock decimating it giving you exactly what you deserve for having such an embarrassing cock. Tags: bbw, huge bbw ass, goddess, sph, small penis humiliation, chubby, fat, thick, heels, stomping, humiliate, tiny cock, goth, alternative, big heels, laughing at your small penis, domination, pure humiliation, bbw goddess stomps on your small cock, dom with a big ass, s.p.h, Dom bbw goddess humiliates you, heels on your cock, bbw goddess stomps you with heels, sharp heels in balls, dick squishing, foot on small cock, goddess makes you her bitch, small cock under dom feet, bbw domination, bbw crushes you cock under her feet, small cock humiliation, bbw goddess small penis humiliation cock crushing, bbw dom humiliates you makes you her bitch, bbw taunts you, bbw in high heels, high heels crushing, high heel crushing, bbw in heels, big butt bbw steps on your small cock, bbw humiliates you under her feet, bbw dom, huge bbw ass goddess, goddess bbw dominates your small cock, small cock humiliation high heel crushing, high heels crushing your penis, sad small penis humiliation, bbw crush's your tiny cock.

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