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duration 12:24
Fucking Your Escort Friend video from Fiona Dagger
Fucking Your Escort Friend by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) One of your closest friends has come round for a catch up and tells you all about starting her new job - she's become an escort! You chat about how she's enjoying it before you cheekily suggest that you could hire her services... She laughs and says that would be weird, you guys have been friends forever and you've never even kissed! Besides, you probably couldn't even think of her that way. You tell her that actually you think she's really hot, and she seems surprised and flattered! She starts to take your offer a bit more seriously but is worried that if you guys fuck it will affect your friendship... You assure her that it will be fine, and she decides that you guys can start slow, and if either of you decide it's too weird to be doing this with your friend then you can stop it at any time. She strips off and kneels down to give you a handjob, complimenting you on your cock and beginning to relax a bit. She starts to suck your cock and you can see her getting more and more into it, before she eventually says okay, if you want to fuck her you can! You bend her over the sofa and slowly slide into her pussy, feeling how tight and wet she is, then begin fucking her hard before flipping her over onto her back so you can watch her expressions as you bring her to orgasm. As she cums she begs you to cum with her and creampie her pussy, and then afterwards laughs about how much fun that was and offers you a discount on any future sessions you want!
duration 58:30
Cheating Student Taught a Lesson/Horny Student brings BBC to Class video from XMochaPuffx
Cheating Student Taught a Lesson/Horny Student brings BBC to Class by XMochaPuffx This includes Cheating Student Taught a Lesson, and it's sequel Horny Student brings BBC to Class (this was a custom video)

These videos were shot/uploaded at different dates. I combined them for convenient viewing.

Part I: Mocha Puff and her classmates are taking an exam. Having skipped studying, Mocha brought the test answers written on her arm. One classmate notices and starts giving suspicious looks. As Mocha’s filling out her test, she eyes the cute chick she’s been wanting to flirt with and gets her attention. They exchange looks and Mocha even teases her classmate by rubbing her own pussy and squeezing her breasts, flirting aggressively from across the room. The suspicious classmate takes her chance and tattles on Mocha Puff, landing Mocha a meeting with the Principal after class. Mocha tries to explain herself to her Principal/professor but ends up trying to distract him with a little cheer dance. Professor is turned on but knowing she won’t be getting out of punishment completely, she eagerly offers to give professor some mouth, pussy, and ass. She starts by sucking professor’s throbbing cock. Next the ass. He pounds her tight asshole until it swells and she moans in total enjoyment. Deeper the cock goes until it’s time to fuck her pussy. She rides the dick so good she squirts twice! Before she leaves to go home, professor releases his nut into her mouth for her to taste & she plays with it before saying goodbye! Enjoy those slow-motion shots of my ass and squirting pussy!

Part II: (customer's scene description) "You play as the pink haired character from "CHEATING STUDENT TAUGHT LESSON", it's a new day and she's in the middle of a quiz but she gets super horny for anal, luckily she brought her BBC to school and starts of secretly masturbating in the back of the class, unknown to all the students .You begin masturbating first with your fingers then with the BBC dildo riding it in your seat trying not to make too much noise. You finish off squirting in your seat the test if finished the class is over and you walk home with a satisfied smile on your face.”
duration 13:50
Tricking Him, Impregnation Condom Sex video from 420sextime
Tricking Him, Impregnation Condom Sex by 420sextime Roleplay: He's always been so against getting me pregnant. But I want his cum deep inside my fertile pussy. As usual, he asks me to put a condom on his cock after I finish sucking him off. I try to convince him not to use the condom but he insists. I prefer the feeling of his dick deep inside me without the latex barrier, but he won't fuck me without it. I finished sucking his dick, I unroll the magnum condom onto his fat cock and we start fucking in doggystyle and missionary. I keep reminding him how much nicer this would feel without the condom and that I want him to cum deep inside me even though he's wearing the condom. After he cums, he removes the condom and I tell him I'll hold onto it while he goes to clean up. I wait for him to leave the room before I empty all his cum onto my pussy. I try to scrape every last bit out of the condom before fingering myself with his sperm. I finger fuck my pussy, trying to push all his cum as far into me as possible before he comes back and notices. He should have known not leave me alone with cum. He'll never know what happened. Tags: impregnation fetish, dirty talking, boy/girl, real couple, magnum condom, condom sex, big condom, big dick, big cock, uncut cock, uncut dick, amateur, condom fetish, unprotected sex, fertile, sperm, semen, cum, creampie, finger fucking, fingerfucking, fingering, finger bang, missionary, doggystyle, blowjob, cock sucking, brunette, small tits, roleplay, fetish, and imposed impregantion
duration 16:10
Blackmailed Into Ass Fucking video from Fiona Dagger
Blackmailed Into Ass Fucking by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You've gone round to your girlfriend's house only to find that she's not there - the only person who's in is her sister, who's always been pretty bratty and rude to you! She tells you to get lost and come back later when her sister is around, but you ask her what that funny smell is - has she been smoking weed? She tries to brush it off like it's no big deal but you threaten to tell her parents, and suddenly she's begging you not too and admitting that they'd be super mad if they found out! She acts nicer with you now, trying to get you not to rat her out, but you say she'll need to do something for you if she wants you to keep her secret! She reluctantly asks what, and you tell her you want to smell her ass! She's disgusted and says no way, that's too weird and she's self conscious because she hasn't showered today - isn't there anything else she could do? You say nope, and eventually she agrees, though with much complaining! She pulls off her shorts and her thong to let you smell her ass, and then you decide to take it a bit futher! You inform her that you're going to fuck her, and she has to say yes or you'll be talking to her folks about the smoking... She's furious but eventually agrees and you bend her over the couch and fuck her tight pussy as she calls you names and talks about how much of a gross pervert you are for making her do this! Then you pull out of her pussy and push your cock against her asshole, telling her she has to let you fuck that as well! She says she's never done that before and she's absolutely not going to lose her anal virginity to you, but you remind her of the trouble she could get in and after a while she says fuck it, fine! As you start fucking her tight virgin asshole she begins to enjoy herself more and more, and soon is begging for you to cum in her ass!
duration 17:29
Fucking Your Mom video from Fiona Dagger
Fucking Your Mom by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You're in your room masturbating one day when your mum walks in to get your dirty laundry - she doesn't notice you at first and you decide to keep going, but then she spots you and is shocked and embarrassed to see you touching yourself! She tells you off and tries to get you to cover up, asking why you didn't stop or say anything when she came in the room!? Wait a second, are you the reason some of her panties have been going missing recently!? She begins to calm down a little and says it's clear you must have developed a bit of a crush on her, don't worry it's nothing to be ashamed of, it happens some times! You keep touching yourself as she talks to you and you notice she can't stop looking at your cock.. She mentions it's certainly got a lot bigger than the last time she saw it! She suggests that as you've clearly got yourself worked up, maybe she could do a sort of show for you to enjoy while you touch yourself, would you like that? You ask her to be as dirty as possible and she shyly starts to strip off, trying to talk dirty to you, and gradually getting more and more into it and less embarrassed! After a while she asks if you'd enjoy fucking her for a bit, and of course you say yes, so she lies down on the bed and opens her legs for you to fuck her tight pussy! She keeps talking to you the whole time, encouraging you and calling you a good boy, and after a while asks if you'd like to try fucking her asshole as well? You bend her over the bed and fuck her ass until she tells you to cum deep inside her!
duration 20:32
Fucking Your Wife's Best Friend video from Fiona Dagger
Fucking Your Wife's Best Friend by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You're visiting a fertility clinic to give a sperm sample as your wife and you are trying for a baby. When you arrive the nurse who comes to check you in turns out to be your wife's best friend! You had forgotten she works at this clinic! She's surprised to see you as well and says she hopes it won't be awkward giving your wife's best friend a cup of your sperm! She leaves to give you time to collect your sample but comes back too quickly and catches you with your cock still out - she's embarrassed but notices that your cock is staying rock hard as you look at her, and she slyly suggests that if you're having trouble getting your sample then maybe she could give you some inspiration...? She strips off, admitting she's always found you attractive, and gives you some light JOI while she shows off her naked body for you. But soon she's gotten too turned on watching you stroke your cock, and she asks if she could help you out even more. She gets down on her knees to use her hands and then her mouth on you, then after a while admits she's really wet now and is desperate for you to fuck her! She rides your cock, her dirty talk getting filthier and filthier, then lets you fuck her in missionary and fill her with cum, while she begs you to leave your wife for her! After you've cum she says you'll just have to come back another day to give your sample, as this one is deep in her pussy right now!
duration 44:25
SIDE CHICK 2-PART COMBO PACK video from XMochaPuffx
SIDE CHICK 2-PART COMBO PACK by XMochaPuffx This includes both parts to my mini series "Side Chick"

These videos were shot/uploaded at different dates. I combined them for convenient viewing.

Part I: You two have been hanging out, getting close..... she surprises you one night with a visit. Forgetting that your actual girlfriend told you that SHE was coming by after she got off work, you invite the side-chick into your home & of course start fucking. It's getting hot & heavy, both of you completely immersed in one another when a knock is heard at the door. Shocked and confused, once you both realize that your girlfriend is at the door, the side-chick hops up quickly and hides in the kitchen. Your girlfriend comes in and heads off to take a shower, a bit suspicious of the bright blue jacket and sweatpants on the floor. While she's showering, you and the side-chick get back at it so you can finish inside her quickly before your girlfriend is finished showering. Cream-pied and satisfied, the side-chick sneaks out & you and your girlfriend head off to bed.

Part II: A few months have passed & your relationship with Karen has gotten better. You’ve stopped contacting your side girl & she’s decided to make a move herself. While your girlfriend is sucking your dick in the morning before making some breakfast for you both, side chick comes knocking on your front door. You two don’t think anything of it, maybe it’s the Jehovah’s witnesses or something. But when your messenger on your computer starts dinging, your girlfriend’s suspicions grow & her tone begins to change. With the knocking & messages continuing, your annoyed girlfriend goes to answer the door & has a very awkward interaction w the side chick. Your girlfriend invites the side chick inside but quickly makes an excuse to leave the place to go breathe.. leaving you and your side chick together alone. And without much hesitation, you cheat on your girlfriend right there, fucking your side chick’s mouth, pussy, AND asshole before your girl gets back home from the store.
duration 30:46
Custom: Sucking Your Bully's Cock video from Kitty Purry
Custom: Sucking Your Bully's Cock by Kitty Purry Your mother is a bit of a milf...being a professional trophy wife gives her a lot of free time and lately she's been intruding on your business. She's even found out that the school bully, Chuck, has been picking on you! How pathetic! You don't even fight back when he is humiliating you! She has a plan to fix it for you...she starts talking to Chuck...but turns out she kinda agrees with him. You do deserve to be picked on for being such a little loser, and Chuck has such a big, hard cock that he uses to show her what a real man her son could be! This 30minute, one-take video starts with your hot, young mom telling you to sit down. You can tell today is special because she picked you up (late again) wearing a skin tight little dress...and you could tell when she was bending over that she wasn't wearing any panties. But it turns out she has a little punishment in mind for her dweeb of a son. She's invited Chuck over for a marathon throat fuck and you have to sit and watch. She even has your bully film parts, putting them up on all your social medias, texting videos of her giving him a sloppy, long blowjob to all your friends. Will you be able to sit quietly while your bully grabs a fistful of hair, smudging your mother's lipstick, turning her into a sloppy, dirty mess? Making her to take as much of his almost 10inch thick while he holds her head down, cutting off her air? Cumming deep down her throat your mother's head in place so she can't breathe or move? Let's find out.....
duration 18:43
I Need You To Teach Me How To Fuck video from Fiona Dagger
I Need You To Teach Me How To Fuck by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the name James is used) Your girlfriend's super religious and conservative best friend comes over one day with a strange request - she's recently split up with her husband, the only man she'd ever been with, and your girlfriend suggested that she get a bit more experience before she goes out into the scary world of dating... You guys are in an open relationship so your girlfriend has no problem with you doing anything with her friend, in fact she's encouraging it! Her best friend is nervous and feels really awkward asking you to do anything with her; she's had next to no experience and pretty much only had missionary sex with her husband, in the dark, under the sheets. She's never given so much as a handjob before! She asks if you'd be willing to show her some stuff to help get her ready for dating again, and of course you oblige her. She nervously asks to see your cock and when you pull it out she's fascinated, it's so much bigger than her husband's, and she's never seen one this close up in daylight before! You gently talk her through touching it with her hands, and then her mouth, and as she relaxes a bit she starts to enjoy herself. After a while she asks if you'd be willing to lick her pussy, as she's never had that done before! You happily oblige her and she starts to get super turned on as you eat her out. She's getting less and less shy and more and more filthy the more she gets into it! Soon she's begging you to fuck her pussy and using language that shocks herself, but she's so wet and horny now! She even gets on top of you to ride your cock, which she's never done before, and gets really filthy with the dirty talk until she cums hard on your cock and then begs you to fill her with your cum! She's a little embarrassed at how carried away she got but she enjoyed it so much she asks if you'd be willing to fuck her again sometime...

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