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duration 4:04
INTERRUPTED PUBLIC PEE & TWERK ON HIKE by Kaiia Eve Fuck!!!!!! I have to pee so bad while my best friend holly and I are on a hike!!! We are trying to find a secluded spot so we can pee and twerk for you. I finally think I find a spot so I just take my shorts off and take a big piss all over the tree. You can hear it run out of my pussy and onto the bark. You can see if tinkle out of my tattooed and cute pussy. Holly sees me and then she has to pee!! So, we both decide we are gonna pee for you! We both use the fallen tree as a place to sit our asses. We love feeling the nature on our bodies and soaking up the outside fresh air. Just as we are about to pee, a persons starts to try to come over to where we are!! We have to stop and duck so they can't see us being naughty! Finally, they journey on, and by now I have to pee again, and Holly REALLY has to fucking go!!! We release our full and bloated bladders onto the tree bark. You can see if flow out of me again like a waterfall, and you can see just badly holly had to go too! After we nearly got caught pissing outside on this public hiking trail, we wanted to be a little more adventurous and flash and twerk!! We are RIGHT off the main trail so we have to be so fucking sneaky to make sure that we don't almost get caught again. We twerk our huge asses and flash our titties for you. It gives us such a thrill being naked in public and being so naughty together. I love going on adventures with my one of my best friends, Holly Marie!
duration 104:52
Extreme public dice game video from IviRoses
duration 20:29
CAUGHT! Teen fucks BBC on PUBLIC Trail video from Nicki Young
CAUGHT! Teen fucks BBC on PUBLIC Trail by Nicki Young This was a custom video request. Everything for this custom was planned by the buyer. My outfit, bra & panties, shoes, nail polish, toy ,angles, teasing and positions. I teased in my short skirt & tank on the way to a spot then tease a little more once I get there pulling my panties to the side so you can see my pussy. I fuck myself with my huge BBC and it's got me so excited you can see me creaming all over it and dripping down my ass. I look behind me a few times, but I forgot about the other side of the trail. CAUGHT!! I freeze then dive down the hill I just hiked . Running through the woods naked to hide. I lost my bra & panties in the process. I hear the man say "you guys need to do that somewhere else." When I saw him the camera was focused on my creamy pussy, and since this was not part of the plan the camera got shut off right after you see me roll away since we were only thinking about getting away. We ran out of the park as fast as we could and went home. I only had 5 minutes left in the custom, so I had to finish at home. Due to what happened the buyer asked me to squirt in my panties at home then fuck myself with my BBC and squirt two more times. I squirted in some nice light colors so you can see then I take them off and fuck myself for a bit before I squirt twice then I tell you that I am really ready to cum and I squirt three more times and it lands up on my thighs and drips down my ass you can see the mess all over myself. Of course this would have been a better if I could have finished outside & not at home or if you could have seen my face as I saw the man or saw me running away, but I guess public is never planned lol
duration 4:27
On a Boat: Big Cock Fucks Pussy After Public Birching video from KinkyCuntboy
On a Boat: Big Cock Fucks Pussy After Public Birching by KinkyCuntboy We are at sea, among islands with a lot of houses and boat traffic. My man’s cock is already out when I pull my white undies down and bend over the bow exposing my yearning-for-birch big ass and submissive pussy. My man gives me the birch while stroking his big cock. It’s my first public birching on a boat. Both from the shore and from other boats people can see me disciplined. First my husband birches my big bare globes, and then also my furry horny pussy. The birch on my bare ass stings and I try to get up a couple of times, but my husband pushes me back down to receive my punishment. After the spanking my pussy is aroused. I bend over with my big bare ass spread and raised up, and masturbate my pussy in front of my man and whoever else is watching. Boat sex follows. Bent over the port side, with undies down, I receive a big hard cock in my needy furry pussy. The long dick fucks me so deep from behind you see me jumping up while speared by the rod. ..And the vid has a cheeky open ending - the boat is nearing a bridge, with me still bent over the port side, and a man is approaching my insatiable cunt :P TAGS: big cock, big dick, uncut, public outdoor, outdoor, at sea, sea, boat, boat sex, public sex, ftm public, trans public, public, outdoors, ftm, transman, trans, hairy, hairy pussy, hairy ftm pussy, man pussy, man with pussy, black hair, ftm sub, sub, ftm fucked, ftm fuck, fuck, hairy pussy fuck, public fuck, birching, outdoor spanking, spanking outdoors, spanking, birch, ftm bdsm, submissive, real couple, bdsm, real bdsm couple, birching at sea, public birching, public spanking
duration 13:36
Squirting AFTER I'm CAUGHT Public Squirt video from Nicki Young
Squirting AFTER I'm CAUGHT Public Squirt by Nicki Young I wanted to make my first public camping video, and of course I wanted it to be exciting but this was INSANE! I planned on setting up in my tent and fucking myself with a huge dildo until I squirt, because I know you love when I masturbate and I know you love my squirting videos. So I got the camera all set up and I got undressed. I was in a nice peaceful outdoor public park, but far enough away from the public (I thought!) to go crazy and put one of my favorite big dicks inside myself without being caught. I got so wet just thinking about getting caught in public with a big cock inside of myself or getting caught outside in a public park while squirting on a huge cock, but I didn't know how unbelievably scary it would be once I heard someone walk near my tent, and I swear I saw a young woman too--but it got crazier once I actually got CAUGHT masturbating with a huge dildo in my tight pussy! I was just about to squirt. I had that feeling you only get when you're close to squirting, and then I heard footsteps and crackling leaves and sticks and BAM these two guys--fucking TWO guys, not one--walk by and look at me all pissed off and one guy says something like, "You should do that somewhere else!" and then they started talking bad about me, but that didn't keep them from continuing to look back like a million times. I covered up the second I saw them and I can't tell you how crazy it was since this was the SECOND time I've been caught outdoors in public. Look at my other public video on my page where I am fucking myself with a BBC and some dude shows up out of nowhere on a trail. Anyway, long story short, I get caught fucking myself with a huge dildo but I don't let that stop me from finishing. I squirt 7 times afterwards! I knew if I did this video without squirting for you I would be pissed so I just go crazy at the end and squirt for you seven times. Then I throw the huge dick and turn the camera off after I hear more footsteps lol! If you like public videos and/or squirting videos then you need this one in your collection today!

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