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duration 6:41
Kitty's New Litter Box video from Red Vinyl Kitty
Kitty's New Litter Box by Red Vinyl Kitty Kitty is sitting waiting for instruction from her Master when a box is thrust into her hands. She's confused. "Kitty!" She grabs the box "Cut the flaps off the box." "What??" "QUICKLY. We don't have much time." "Yes, Master." "Cut the flaps off the box." Kitty cuts the flaps off the box as fast as she can, while her Master stands there rushing her along. Kitty moves as quickly as possible but she has a confused look on her face and has no idea what her Master could want with this weird box. "Great. Get it in the trash bag, put it on the floor." "What??" Kitty is really confused now. "Put it in the trash bag and get it on the floor." "Yes, Master, yes." Kitty says and she tries to move faster, though this is just getting weirder and weirder. "Come on, it's opening a trash bag, how hard can it BE?" he taunts her. "Yes, Master," she says as she struggles to put the box in the bag. "Like this?" "Yes, just like that, now get it on the floor." "What? On the floor?" "Yep." Kitty puts the box on the floor looking even more confused! The next scene has her sitting on the ground next to the box. "Did you get the cat litter?" Master asks Kitty. "What? Yes, Master, cat litter's right here." "Take this," (he hands her a bowl) "fill the box." She laughs. "COME ON. This can't take all day!" "Yes, Master," she tears open the cat litter and starts to put the litter in the box, the whole time her Master keeps bullying her about the job she's doing. "Spread it nice. MORE! You can go faster than that...." "There you go. That looks nice, doesn't it?" "Yes, Master." "Excellent, now you don't need to pee outside when it snows. You may now use your litterbox." Kitty is so shocked that she's actually been making this litterbox for herself the entire time, that she drops the bowl she was holding! Poor Kitty! In the next scene she crouches over the box to actually pee in it. She has to beg her Master for toilet paper, too. How humiliating! At the end, Master rubs Kitty's head and tells her she's a good girl. NOTE: Kitty's port is accessed and visible in this.
duration 16:32
Step-Daddy Spies and Spanks in Tub video from Dani Sorrento
Step-Daddy Spies and Spanks in Tub by Dani Sorrento After the clip "Step-Daddy Spanks for Stealing Money" I was sent to go shower. I do exactly as I'm told as I don't want to upset him anymore than I already have. I don't realize that he is spying on me as I soap up my breasts and sore bottom. He watches for awhile before I finally notice him and what he is doing. He just yells at me to get out and run the tub. I wait patiently while the tub fills up, not sure what he has in mind for me after already spanking my butt hard. He tells me to get in the tub and dip my butt down. I do so, but I don't know what he is thinking with this. I am told to stand back up with my wet and soapy bottom, then to bend over with my hands on the side of the tub. I thought my spanking was over with, but this one hurts even more! He uses his belt on me again, but the water brings an extra sting to these swats. I know to hold my position, he is in charge and can do whatever he wants to me. I try to be good as he keeps bringing his belt down hard on me. He has me soak my cheeks again as he grabs some more implements. It is starting to warm my booty up even more with the hot water. I am told to keep bending over, but this time he switches to a thick leather strap and that really has me howling! I still try to not move much, hoping it'll be all over soon. Lastly, he switches to a leather paddle with holes for the final strokes of this punishment. I am really being obedient now and learning my place and how he can punish me however and whenever he sees fit. I make it through the spanking and he adds further embarrassment to the situation by making me soap up my breasts in front of him while he lectures me some more. (role play, consensual roleplay spanking, slight taboo role play, step-dad, obedience training, naked, clothed male naked female, punishment, spanking m/f, spank, strap, leather straps, strapping, belt spanking, leather strap, leather paddle, bubble bath, washing body, soapy, suds, bubble butt, thick thighs, pawg, whooty, big ass, huge cheeks, pink bottom, sore butt, ass shaking, tall, curvy, thick girl, bbw, chubby, fat, jiggle, brunette, hair up, brown eyes, make up, strip out of clothes, shower, multiple cameras, multiple angles, Universal Spanking, UniversalSpank, Dani Sorrento, SpankDani, dirty talk, whimper, ass slapping, ass grabbing, caress body, hanging tits, 38dd breasts, 51in ass, 32in thighs, 5ft 11in tall)

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