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ASMR: Welcome Home, Master video from Red Vinyl Kitty
ASMR: Welcome Home, Master by Red Vinyl Kitty This is Kitty's first ever ASMR clip. She's kneeling on the ground to welcome her Master home. She lights a candle for him after greeting him happily. "I know how much you love a candle when you get home," she says. "Can I get your shoes off for you, Master?" she asks. He puts a boot into her lap, and Kitty kisses it before removing her Master's boot. "That feels so much better, doesn't it? She rubs his foot a little, whispering softly to him before removing the other boot. "Would you like your soft cozy slippers, Master? I have them right here for you." She puts his slippers on one at a time for him. "I bet that feels a lot better on your foot, right?" "Would you like a cigarette, Master? I have your cloves right here for you, Master." She opens the package so you can remove one. Kitty lights a match for you so you can light your cigarette. You blow smoke into her face. "There's nothing like a cigarette after a long day's work, is there Master?" You keep blowing smoke in her face. "Are you hungry Master? I bet you're hungry. Dinner won't be ready for a little while, but I made you a cheese sandwich." She gives you the sandwich. "Are you thirsty? I have a tea kettle here for you. She pours you your favorite green tea." You accept it and drink it. Kitty kneels back on her heels and watches you sip. "You can have as much as you want, I made you an entire tea pot." "Do your hands hurt, Master? I know you type all day at work, I can give you a hand massage." Kitty rubs your hands one at a time and whispers sweet nothings to you while she does. She's so proud to belong to you. She's so lucky to be at your feet. She kisses your hands and tells you that she's got some chores to do, but if you need anything at all, just let her know and she'll be happy to come right back to your feet again. NOTE: Kitty's Port is accessed and visible.

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