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Kitty Play Rainbow Cock Lollipop Drooling video from Red Vinyl Kitty
Kitty Play Rainbow Cock Lollipop Drooling by Red Vinyl Kitty Kitten Play Rainbow Cock Lollipop Drooling Kitty is trifling about on the bed proving her dominance with a fluffy green alligator blanket when her Master's voice is heard. "Alright Kitty," he playfully teases her with a hint of laughter in his voice "I think that alligator has had enough alligator wrestling- You've clearly won! It's time for you to get your prize!" Kitty jokingly holds up her "big muscles" to show how strong and powerful she was against her weak opponent. She beams momentarily. "Kitty prize?" She looks excited but she didn't expect a prize, after all- she was just playing around a little bit. "Yeah," her Master goes on. "I've got something special I don't think you've had." Kitty's face brightens up. "Here." Her Master's hand comes into view with a small dish. An orange lollipop is presented and Kitty Picks it up. She's immediately unimpressed and confused. This is her prize for defeating a HUGE alligator? Why.. It doesn't seem like a prize at all, and she's not even sure what she should DO with it! She tries sticking the long thin end in her ear.. "Noo," her Master gently chides her. "It's food." "Food?" Kitty sounds confused. She tries a lick. "Food?" She puts it next to her foot. Did she mishear? "You eat it!" her Master says. She puts it in her mouth but takes it right back out. It's not right at all. This slut isn't trained to take a lollipop of this type. "It feels.. Weeeiirrrdd." Kitty says. She tries again, uncertain, but she just can't get a handle on it. "It's. The shape feels funny.." She tries to explain to her Master. "Oh! It's not the right shape. Hold on. Here, let me take that." He tells her. She gives him the lollipop. "Try this shape," he tells her. Kitty's eyes glow as she spots a large, rainbow shaped cock lollipop. She picks it up off the dish. Finally. Something she knows how to work with. She lets out one excited "mew" and then she goes to town on the cock making a big wet mess of the lollipop. She works it in and out of her mouth and makes a very sloppy, wet, drooly messy of the lollipop. By the end of the video, Kitty is covered in lollipop juice all over her face, hands, cheeks, chin and lips. You'll like this clip if you like: pet play, kitten play, cute talk, lollipops, Drool, Sloppy blowjobs, lollipop licking, cock-shaped lollipops, candy, big tits, lingerie,

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