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duration 20:04
Lesbian Sperm Donor Fantasy - POV video from Molly Darling
Lesbian Sperm Donor Fantasy - POV by Molly Darling [custom vid] New Gopro Video! POV throughout entire video, no male dialogue [imagined dialogue] female only dialogue, Lesbian sperm donor fantasy roleplay. Originally the video starts with an CNC tone but turns to enjoyment throughout the sex scenes. Vid description: You're lying on your bed relaxing when you hear a knock on the door. In walks your Sister's wife Molly, your sister-in-law. She says she wants to talk to you about something. Her and your sister have been trying to have a baby for a while. As they are a lesbian couple, they need a sperm donor. They've not had much luck so far, so your sister has convinced Molly to come and ask you to be their donor. She's not keen on the idea, but will do anything to make your sister happy and has even come prepared with a sample cup. You agree and she is pleased to hear your decision. She is about to leave you "to it" when you tell her you're having troubles getting hard.. Molly isn't buying it.. but after questioning her on her desire to get pregnant she reluctantly agrees to "help" you.. but she isn't happy. She strips off her clothes and asks if that's enough to get you going.. but its not. You tell her she needs to touch you, which she is grossed out by. She strokes your cock and eventually gives you a blowjob.. despite her disinterest and distain. Now you really want to push your luck, you tell her that you want it inside of her. She thinks about it and agrees as at least your cum will be going directly to the source! She rides you reverse cowgirl and once your big cock is inside of her she starts to really enjoy herself. She moans and even lets you touch her ass. She slides her pussy up and down your cock giving a great view of her asshole. She can't believe she's doing this. Now Molly is really getting into it and asks you to fuck her doggy style. You fuck her from behind as she looks back at you. Finally she gets on her back and you push your cock inside of her and fuck her fast. She wants your cum so badly. You cum inside of her and it pours out of her pussy. Hopefully it will make a baby, just don't tell your sister how it happened!! Tags: british, tattoos, english, cute, pov, pov sex, pov blowjob, handjob, blowjob, brat, cnc, lesbian, lesbian impregnation, sperm donor, donor, sperm, cum, creampie, impregnation, fantasy, fetish, kink, striptease, big dick, big cock, sexy, slut, roleplay.
duration 28:49
Fiona's Little Slut - My First G/G Video video from Molly Darling
Fiona's Little Slut - My First G/G Video by Molly Darling Fiona’s Little Slut - Featuring FionaDagger This is my first ever girl on girl video! I get dommed by the beautiful FionaDagger. She does so many naughty things to me - So exciting! We have both released the video on our manyvids (it is the same content but we edited the footage separately so the finished video will be slightly different) *** Video description: Fiona starts by kissing me, touching me all over and running her hands up and down my body. She kisses my neck and puts her fingers in my mouth. She tells me to lift my hair as she collars me with a leash. I’m already putty in her hands! She uses the leash to pull me close and kiss me whilst touching my pussy through my bodysuit. She puts a ballgag in my mouth and guides me to her sofa where she positions me head down ass up. Fiona inserts an anal hook and fills my pussy with a vibrating toy. I tremble and whimper, feeling so full. She spanks my ass with her bare hands, moving on to a paddle and finally a flogger. My ass goes a nice shade of pink as I wriggle and squirm. Now it’s time for Fiona to put her good little slut to good use.. she pulls me close with my leash and I immediately start to lick her pussy. I can’t help but to eat her out and burrow my face in between her legs. She tells me if I’m a good girl and make her cum then I will get a turn too. I eat her pussy until she cums all over my face. Next I have to suck Fionas cock. She tells me to put my tongue out and rubs her strap-on all over it. I suck and gag on her cock until I’m drooling all down my chest. It’s all wet and ready for her to fuck me. I get fucked doggy style as she grabs my hair and puts her fingers in my mouth. As I’ve been such a good girl Fiona says she will let me cum, I really want to. She sits me down with my legs spread and uses a wand vibrator on my clit. Then she fills my pussy with a glass toy and fucks me. I don’t last for long until I’m on the edge and I cum hard. I make a wet, creamy mess. Fiona pulls out the toy and licks my pussy before kissing me for the final time. Post filming mini interview before the video ends! *** Tags: GirlGirl, lesbian, bisexual, first time, kissing, collar and lead, ball gag, lingerie, stockings, spanking, face slapping, fingers in mouth, hair pulling, domme, sub, bdsm, bare handed spanking, paddle, flogger, anal hook, lovense, pussy licking, pussy eating, orgasm, genuine, cum, strapon, blowjob, gag, deepthroat, spit, drool, strapon fucking, doggy, wand, toys, glass dildo, dirty talk, English, British, G/G, redhead, tattoos
duration 27:42
Lina Mercury, Sasha Sultry and Mia Evans lesbian DP with strapons video from Only3x Network
Lina Mercury, Sasha Sultry and Mia Evans lesbian DP with strapons by Only3x Network "If you are down with an amazing moment of hot girls making out then this is the right video for you. Three of the hottest babes in the adult industry nowadays teams up finally. They want to give you one of the naughtiest, kinkiest lesbian sex videos we have ever seen. The petite cutie Lina Mercury, the sassy, long-legged babe Sasha Sultry and the tempting brunette Mia Evans.  Here they make Lina Mercury as their slave just for fun. The two dominant babes here Mia Evans and Sasha Sultry approach her inside the living room as the handcuffed Lina looks on in a submissive state. Sasha Sultry wearing her skimpy black fishnets and Mia Evans together with her black outfit and her whip tied up Lina Mercury as both slapped her ass using their kinky stuff. Lina pretends to be a shy one, really likes it a lot, in fact, she goes topless and gave them both the signal to pleasure her with pain and pleasure. We are in for a great ride with these three naughty, kinky babes. First to move is Sasha Sultry as she starts to rub Lina Mercury’s pussy while the latter lick Mia Evans fingers, treating it like her favorite ice cream. Sasha started to lick her pierced pussy and you can see how easily Lina gets wet with it. The other one, the brunette Mia Evans gets bored and started to sit on Lina Mercury’s face as she gets her own pussy licked hard. While the other one Sasha is busy finger fucking her tight pussy making Lina’s cunt super wet. You can see Lina Mercury’s pierced nipples getting licked as well by Sasha’s tongue. After getting her first orgasm, the dominatrix Mia Evans got a surprise for her slave. She reveals her newly bought strapon dildo. It is their first time that they will use this sex toy. The two dominatrices will definitely enjoy fucking their slave in her tight cunt. Lina lubricated it first by giving it a blowjob before they start fucking. Lina Mercury isn’t done yet sucking that strapon dildo as she got mouth fucked hard and deep down on her throat. Afterward, you can see Sasha wears that sex toy and started plowing that fine pussy as hard as she can. Mia wears the second one and both started to do double penetration. Wow! We didn’t know that Lina Mercury can take two dildos at the same time. Watch both of her holes turns into a gaping hole, thanks to both of these thick strapons. After a quick double penetration session, Sasha Sultry and Mia Evans change position with reverse cowgirl and missionary. Both love it as much as Lina do and hear the latter getting her multiple orgasms just by that. It is a great scene seeing these three hotties going at it with their kinky strapons. After cumming, Lina kneels down in front of the two as they thank her for pleasuring their fetishes. Mia Evans and Sasha Sultry tied her up again as she left Lina Mercury in the room tired but satisfied."

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