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Daddy gives in to his little girl video from Brea Rose
Daddy gives in to his little girl by Brea Rose ROLE PLAY CUSTOM VID. I love my daddy so much and i have tried for years to tease him and get his attention. I get him alone in the living room and tease him by telling him about the feeling i get down below when i think about being with my daddy. I ask him if he's noticed how my body has developed recently. Daddy can't take it anymore and has to rush off to the bathroom. A few days later i sneak into the bathroom while daddies in the shower and surprise him when he gets out. I tell him that its ok for a daddy and daughter to feel that way and i begin to take off my sports bra and show him my boobs. I tell him that i've noticed the bulge under his towel and i know that he gets turned on by me. I convince him to let me see his big cock and then take it in my hand. Daddy can't take it anymore and lets me get on my knees and suck his cock for the first time. I then pull down my leggings and show daddy my pussy. He is about to put his big cock inside my pussy and take my virginity but then mommy calls us for supper. A few days later mommy is on the sofa so i decide to dress up in some of her lingerie and heels, and do my hair and make up like a big girl, i know daddy won't be able to resist me. I go into daddies bedroom and show off my outfit to him, he tells me he knows thats mommys outfit as he bought it for her but she never wore it. I tell him that i have been watching him and mommy for years and i know that she doesn't satisfy him. Daddy can't take it anymore and he is finally going to fuck me and fulfil all of his desires that his wife never manages to fulfil. I lay down on the bed and suck daddies cock again, i then lay back in missionary and daddy fucks my pussy taking my virginity, his big cock stretches my tiny little pussy so wide! We fuck in various positions and then he bends me over into doggy and tells me he wants to fuck my ass too. I'm scared at first but i want to make daddy happy so i let him! Daddy took my anal virginity too that night! We keep fucking until i tell daddy i don't care if he gets me pregnant, then he cums deep inside his little girls pussy ;) INCLUDING: role play, age play, dildo creampie, dirty talk, daddy/daughter, teasing, anal, dildo riding
duration 10:52
"If you're going to rob me, then do it right!" by Lima Charlie This was a custom ordered video. Thank you again to the lovely soul who let me create this fantasy! It was so much fun!!! Here is the description I was given to create this with: " MV Time 1:37 PM - 12/20/2020 Earnings (US$) Token Balance 0 tks ($0.00) Daily Ranking Rank: 1443 Monthly Ranking Rank: 2353 Recent Sales Last: $8.99 Daily Sales Next pay: $8.99 Monthly Sales Dec. $122.75 Pending Custom Vids You have 1 Custom Vid order Order User Item Title / Extras Promo Code Total Date: 08/12/2020 at 01:29 Status: due in 1 day 11 hours invisibleuser321 Send a PM 10 Minutes of Custom Vid Summary Full HD 1080p Upload None $43.97 Sold-Service Status Payout History Daily Traffic December 2020 Celebrate Your Passions Join a growing community of over 3M active members and discover over 89K MV Stars. MV STORE CONTACT US FAQ TERMS OF USE ABOUT MV MV Thousands of content creators 100% verified. © 2020 All rights reserved Custom Vid Summary Buyer: invisibleuser321 Seller: Lima Charlie Creation Date: 2020-12-08 01:29:43 For any inquiries regarding this transaction, please contact [email protected] Title Type Price 10 Minutes of Custom Vid Custom Vid $19.99 The Story You are wearing a blue or purple bandana and glasses, relaxing on the couch. You see an intruder and you smile and get excited to see him. You offer to gag yourself, grabbing a rag and slowly stuffing it in your mouth. You moan as the rag gets stuffed, and tie a white cloth rag tightly over your mouth and under your hair. After you're done tying the gag, you turn around and place your hands in position to be tied. You wait impatiently and turn your head to ask "why aren't you tying me" through the gag. You finally get tied and struggle on the couch, moaning and sweet talking though the gag. Later on, your gag gets pulled down and the rag is pulled slowly out of your mouth. you ask to be gagged again and this time a single strip of duct gets placed over your lips. You turn around and bend over on the couch, stick your butt up and try to ask the intruder to take advantage of you through the tape."

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