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duration 16:21
Making Mommy Your Slut video from Darling Kiyomi
Making Mommy Your Slut by Darling Kiyomi You come into your mommys room and find her lying on the couch. You start out by making some small talk with her.. but you've known for far too long that you two have more than a regular mom/son relationship. You two want to fuck each other, and you know it. Since your mommy is too afraid to make a move, you know you're going to have to. You tell your mommy it's about time you two stopped pretending, and gave into what you both want. Your mommy plays dumb, but as you take out your hard cock and demand she sucks it, you can see it in her eyes how badly she wants you. Shes reluctant at first, telling you how wrong it is.. how she can't possibly enjoy doing this with her own son. But as mommy starts to drool all over your cock, she gives in to the feeling. She finally tells you just how badly she wants her own sons cock.. taking you all the way down her throat as she begs for you to fuck her. You push her legs behind her head and fuck her hard, watching her tits bounce up and down for you. You then look at only her tits and face as you fuck her. Mommy tells you how much she loves being a little slut for her sons cock, she wants you to watch her big tits bounce as you pound her pussy. She kisses you over and over, telling you how much she loves your cock. She begs you to cum inside her, mommy wants her pussy filled up with her sons cum. You cum together, watching her eyes roll into the back of her head while you cum deep inside your mommys pussy.
duration 17:33
Fucked my boyfriend's gringo boss video from Sexyalana
Fucked my boyfriend's gringo boss by Sexyalana When I heard that my boyfriends is about to get fired due to poor performance, I meet you (his boss( to set things right and save his job. I secretly meet with you to see if I can help him keep his job. After some negotiation you say that you will think about keeping him on if I give you a blow job. You tell you to strip and twerk for you first. After getting you rock hard I take off your pants and become shocked when I see your huge white balls. You tell me that you have a lot of old gringo seed saved for me. I start blowing you and I get suddenly thrown on the bed and you tell me that you have to fuck my latina pussy. I am worried since your balls are so big. I tell you not to cum inside me. I dont want another gringo inside my latina stomach. As we start fucking I begin to get turned on and start say "fuck me gringo!", "fuck my latina pussy gringo!" I tell you not to cum inside me because I dont want to get pregnant. You tell me that getting me pregnant is the point and blow your gringo seed inside me. After you pull out I get pissed off at you because I might get pregnant. I spread my pussy and try to get my seed out. This turns you on even more. You turn me around in doggystyle begin to fuck me again. I ask you what the hell are you doing. I start moaning even louder, telling you "Fuck me but dont cum inside you gringo!", "fuck my latina pussy good gringo", "my latina pussy cant handle anymore gringo seed". You yell out you are going to put a little gringo inside my latina stomach as you spill your final load of gringo seed inside me.. Afterwards, I tell you I am super worried about getting pregnant. I tell you to come visit you everyday from now on because I am going to feed my latina pussy your gringo seed everyday. I have a worried expression on my face.
duration 57:00
Daddy gives in to his little girl video from Brea Rose
Daddy gives in to his little girl by Brea Rose ROLE PLAY CUSTOM VID. I love my daddy so much and i have tried for years to tease him and get his attention. I get him alone in the living room and tease him by telling him about the feeling i get down below when i think about being with my daddy. I ask him if he's noticed how my body has developed recently. Daddy can't take it anymore and has to rush off to the bathroom. A few days later i sneak into the bathroom while daddies in the shower and surprise him when he gets out. I tell him that its ok for a daddy and daughter to feel that way and i begin to take off my sports bra and show him my boobs. I tell him that i've noticed the bulge under his towel and i know that he gets turned on by me. I convince him to let me see his big cock and then take it in my hand. Daddy can't take it anymore and lets me get on my knees and suck his cock for the first time. I then pull down my leggings and show daddy my pussy. He is about to put his big cock inside my pussy and take my virginity but then mommy calls us for supper. A few days later mommy is on the sofa so i decide to dress up in some of her lingerie and heels, and do my hair and make up like a big girl, i know daddy won't be able to resist me. I go into daddies bedroom and show off my outfit to him, he tells me he knows thats mommys outfit as he bought it for her but she never wore it. I tell him that i have been watching him and mommy for years and i know that she doesn't satisfy him. Daddy can't take it anymore and he is finally going to fuck me and fulfil all of his desires that his wife never manages to fulfil. I lay down on the bed and suck daddies cock again, i then lay back in missionary and daddy fucks my pussy taking my virginity, his big cock stretches my tiny little pussy so wide! We fuck in various positions and then he bends me over into doggy and tells me he wants to fuck my ass too. I'm scared at first but i want to make daddy happy so i let him! Daddy took my anal virginity too that night! We keep fucking until i tell daddy i don't care if he gets me pregnant, then he cums deep inside his little girls pussy ;) INCLUDING: role play, age play, dildo creampie, dirty talk, daddy/daughter, teasing, anal, dildo riding
duration 19:03
All my Kinks... video from Miss Ellie
All my Kinks... by Miss Ellie This video is like a portal to my sexual soul. It began as a custom, I played around with the new editor and made it into something pretty cool. I am really enjoying the quality of the 4k cam. It just so happened that all the requests for the custom were all of my kinks, so I decided to compile them into a hot video, and put some creative touches on it. Here's the script: I start by teasing you, slowly, touching my body and light stripping, playing with my tits. I start talking to you and telling you how to stroke your cock, and to synchronize it with my hand movements. Then, I whip out a dildo and tease you by talking about how good it would feel if my mouth was around your cock *sucks dildo* (you get the point). I finish stripping and play with my pussy while dirty talking and instructing you how to jerk off. Then, I bend over and take it in the ass and show you my gapes. Very very hot views of my ass being penetrated. We then have a little bit of pee to which I taste, riding a dildo and then a massssssive squirt. Best one I've caught on cam! Then I lay back and do ATM ATP ATM over and over. What a wonderful feeling going from ass to pussy like that! I get myself riled up enough that I spread my legs and fuck myself just how I like it. I cum for you (no squirt, just a wonderful orgasm) and then the video ends with a beautiful scene of my naked body sitting beside my lights. Fetishes/categories included: JOI, BJ, Anal, Doggy, Ass to Pussy, Ass to Mouth, Dirty Talk, Strip tease, Anal Gape, Squirt, Pee, Pulsating Pussy, Big Ass, Legs Spread, Spit
duration 19:20
Mother-In-Law Looks Like Girlfriend video from Bella Bates
Mother-In-Law Looks Like Girlfriend by Bella Bates Your girlfriend lives with her mother and you are going to visit their house for the first time. Your mother-in-law will open the door for you, you will be amazed because she looks just like your girlfriend. She knows this and understands your confusion. She tells you that your girlfriend is not home yet, but you can come wait in inside. You sit on the couch and she tells how everyone thinks of her as her daughter. Then she asks how you are doing with her daughter and tells you how handsome you are, and how she don’t wonder why her daughter fell in love with you.. She will touch your knee and tell you if she were younger, she would try to hit you too then she touches your arm and tells you how strong you are… then she reaches to kiss you. You kiss with your mother-in-law and she says she hasn't had sex in a long time and how she would like someone to lick her pussy and fuck her hard. She knows it's so wrong, but she can’t help herself, she wants you to lick her and start taking off her clothes. You lick your mother in law’s pussy and she sucks your cock, then she rides on you and you cum big cum inside your mother in law. You didn't notice that while you were fucking your girlfriend had come inside and looked shocked and quietly how you fuck her mother. Your mother-in-law notices your girlfriend after cumming and she is sorry for her and says that she couldn't do anything else, because you are so hot. The mother-in-law suggests to your girlfriend that your girlfriend should lick you clean… MOTHER-IN-LAW. TABOO. CREAMPIE. MILF. CHEATING. BAD MOTHER-IN-LAW. CHEATING GIRLFRIEND. KINK. BLOWJOB. RIDING. PUSSY LICKING. IMPREGNATION FANTASY. BAREBACK.
duration 25:57
big sister shares your bed video from Sloansmoans
big sister shares your bed by Sloansmoans CUSTOM FOR JONATHAN: *My first sister roleplay* Watch as your big sister comes into your room and asks if she can lay in your bed because she’s cold. She gets under the covers with you, snuggles up and tells you that she loves you so much. She tells you that if you ever have any questions about sex, you can ask her. You tell her you’ve never kissed a girl and she tells you that she can help with that. You’re surprised, but she tells you it's not wrong, it's just kissing. She lovingly gives her little brother a peck on the mouth. She tells you to use your tongue. She starts to get turned on, and she tells you it's kind of hot kissing her little brother... it turns her on that it's so forbidden. She tells you she’ll teach you more if you want. You do. She pulls your pants down and exposes your rock hard cock. She can't believe how big it is for your age. She tells you this won't be wrong and she wants to show you something. She starts sucking your cock. Then she looks at you and tells you she’s really horny from all this. She tells you it’s forbidden but she wants you to make love to her. She wants her little brother to fuck her. She’s never had sex, and she knows you’re a virgin too. She finds it so hot that you’re related. She gets on her back and encourages you inside her. She can't believe how good it feels, her little brother's cock inside her. It feels so good that she cums and she kisses you. She tells you to keep fucking her, she wants to feel her little brother's cum inside her. She wants you to impregnate her. You both cum together and she loves that her little brother is breeding her… enjoy me, xo SISTER ROLEPLAY/TABOO/MISSIONARY POV/IMPREGNATION/BREEDING
duration 17:11
Brother and sister reunion video from Brea Rose
Brother and sister reunion by Brea Rose ROLE PLAY CUSTOM VID - you can get one too, email me at [email protected] Script written by buyer - Brother and sister were separated when they were young teenagers by divorced parents. They were very close and were upset to be separated. When brother became 18 he moved in with his sister in her own apartment in the city until he found his own place. Her flat was small and he spt on the couch for the first few days. Scene 1: Sister calls her brother into her room and tells him he can slp with her in her bed. That her bed is big enough for the two of them and they used to slp in the same bed a lot when they were younger anyway. It's not a big deal. Once that’s settled, she starts to get ready for bed. (She slps in underwear or skimpy nightgown). Once they get into bed she starts becoming very seductive and flirtatious. She says to him: “Can I ask you a question and you have to be honest. Do you notice there is some kind of tension between us? No, it’s good tension not bad.” (She pauses) “I don’t know how to say it. Ok, it’s sexual tension between us. Is that because when we were younger before they separated us we learned about sex playing with each other. Remember when we learned to masturbate with each other, then we started masturbating each other. I loved it.” (She starts becoming more seductive). “That was so wrong but we did not care. We did not know how taboo and forbidden that was. Imagine what might have happened if they hadn't separated us! (She pauses and smiles) “I think I would have given you my virginity, and taken yours! We would have committed inst together. Brother and sister inst.” (She starts getting turned on and moves closer) “So, I have something to admit. I was snooping and I got on your laptop yesterday. I saw all these searches and topics that you had in your history about inc*stuous relationships between siblings, forbidden brother sister relationships and family taboos. I’m so into that as well" (She exposes her body and her pussy to him). “Remember this brother. I’ve grown a lot since then.” (She smiles knowingly as she continues to seduce him). “I see you’re getting very aroused. I can see how hard you are for me. Now no one is here but the two of us, behind our own closed doors. Let’s take our time and do whatever we want.” (She starts to give him a hand job while she plays with her soaking wet pussy). Scene ends Scene 2: She is laying on her back (Close-ups on her pussy and her face as she continues to dirty talk). She says: “Lick my pussy brother. Taste your sister’s sweet inceuous nectar. My forbidden sisterly juices. You’ve always craved this. We’ve both lusted for each other for so long and now we can be together all the time.” (She guides him through pussy licking. she cums on his tongue) she says: “I’m coming in my own brother’s mouth. I love you brother. Your sister’s pussy is all yours.” (She adjusts to let him inside her, fucking missionary and cowgirl. She continues to taboo talk through the scene). She says: “I finally get to fuck my brother. You are inside your sister’s pussy. We've waited for this for so long. Once a long time ago we shared a womb and now you’re going to spray your sperm in my womb. Your very own sister, that’s so perverted and twisted but we don’t care. I love sibling sex. I love having inst with you. Every time I say that I feel you grow harder and bigger inside me. Come in me brother. I don’t care if you impregnate me. I want you to breed me. Breed your sister’s ovulating fertile pussy. I’m coming on your cock. Your sister is coming for you. (She cums, he cums inside)

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