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duration 42:53
Hurt Your freak Cock For Domina Dupree video from Abigail Dupree
Hurt Your freak Cock For Domina Dupree by Abigail Dupree Little Brother had specific orders not to masturbate without my permission. He thought that he could tell me that he broke the rules and, I dont know, get rewarded for his honesty??? I told him to gather some implements: A stick, rubber bands and some rope, and meet me in a Skype call. Dressed to tease I greet him with disappointment in my tone that quickly turns to degradation and hitting him where I know it hurts the most. Tearing him down physically with my words in preparation for the literal pain he will be feeling soon. I know that his weaknesses control him so in order to keep him on his knees we are going to play a little game. For each button on my dress to be undone you have to earn it by satisfying me with your pain. Start with the stick and cane your thighs like you mean it. Now put the rubber bands on your wrists and snap each one three times to see my panties. Smart ass remarks will get you more strikes from the cane with no reward. Now rubber bands on your ankles and snap until you beg for mercy. Now tie up your cock and balls real tight like a pork roast. As I slowly strip for you I want you to release the rope from your cock and balls... lets get that flowing and get you all worked up... it's too easy. Go ahead and stroke it as I pull my thong to the side and fuck my pussy just the way you like it you little freak... it's driving you crazy I can see and you're completely wrapped up in yourself and your desires that you forgot why you were here... oh you look like you're getting close. *gasp* NOPE! You do not get to cum you selfish little prick. Not on my watch. Tags: female domination, erotic goddess, orgasm denial, JOI, humiliation, small penis humiliation, masturbation instruction, CBT Instruction, CBT Instruction, Extreme Domination, Femdom POV, BDSM Instruction Cock Tease CBT Masturbation humiliation, sub training
duration 13:19
Be My Cuck Boyfriend video from Fiona Dagger
Be My Cuck Boyfriend by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) Your girlfriend arrives home after a long week at work and expects a foot rub while she tells you all about her day. You gratefully oblige her and massage her stockinged feet as she tells you about how she's been so horny all day after sucking off a colleague at work. You love hearing about her with other men and you get excited as she describes sucking his long, thick cock and how wet it made her pussy. She's still horny now in fact, so you can be a good boy and lick her pussy for her. She spreads her legs to give you access and you lick her beautiful wet pussy, until she turns over and makes you lick her asshole for her, while she rubs her clit until she cums hard. She then sees that this has made you very turned on and she wonders aloud whether she should allow you to masturbate or whether she should keep you desperate for a few more days... You beg for release and she relents and says that you can wank off if you're quick, but she expects you to lick her pussy again once you're done, and then to clean the house and make dinner for her! She tells you to jack your cock for her and as you touch yourself she muses about how to degrade you further tomorrow, deciding that she'll fuck that guy in the office and then make you eat his cum from her pussy when she gets home.. This drives you crazy and she commands you to cum all over yourself, then clean up the mess you've made so you can get back to servicing her! x
duration 51:11
Domination Training - Chrissy Marie, Ashley Lane & Star Nine video from Star Nine
Domination Training - Chrissy Marie, Ashley Lane & Star Nine by Star Nine Chrissy Marie has a painfully unrequited crush on her roommate, Ashley Lane. Ashley is well aware of Chrissy's feelings and alternately uses them to her advantage & tortures her. Frustrated, Chrissy seeks out professional help with her problem. The day starts like any other with Ashley berating Chrissy & demanding a foot rub. When the doorbell rings, Ashley orders Chrissy to answer it & is shocked when a tall blonde, Star Nine, pushes her way in & approaches Ashley in the living room. Ashley is quickly restrained by the woman, her arms pinned behind her back with one arm while her hand snakes across Ashley's mouth with the other. Star is here to give Chrissy a lesson in taking what she wants. She orders Chrissy to grope her uptight roommate & gives her lessons in how to touch her dominantly. Star has brought a lot of toys with her & she drags Ashley into the bedroom to continue Chrissy's lessons. Chrissy is a slow learner, but her dominant side slowly comes out under Star's tutelage as they grope and spank tied up Ashley together. Finally Star decides that the lesson is over, but when it comes time to pay Chrissy stammers that she only has half of the fee! Chrissy joins Ashley tied up on the bed as Star puts them through a strap-on sucking competition. The winner will go free, but both slave girls are so aroused that once the competition is over they all stay to play. Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com Includes lesbian domination, slave training, strap-on, hand over mouth, bondage
duration 24:42
Brat Milks Your Virgin Cock 4 Times video from Jessica Starling
Brat Milks Your Virgin Cock 4 Times by Jessica Starling You've been a virgin for a frustrating amount of time. Tonight, you muster up all your courage and go to a party in your neighborhood to get laid -- except you don't know anyone and end up hiding upstairs instead of mingling. In walks the hot, bitchy popular girl you've had a crush on since forever. She immediately starts bullying you, telling you you're a loser and wondering why you're even here. You're nervous and silent, and she figures out you're here in hopes of losing your virginity. She laughs in your face. No one is going to fuck you, and even if they did, you'd last all of two seconds. She then says she's thought of something fun to do, something to torment you with. She begins teasing you with her body, squeezing her tits in her shirt before peeling it off, revealing her natural DDDs. She grabs your cock from outside of your pants. She's going to train you to last longer. She takes out your cock, gets on her knees and starts stroking you. It feels fucking amazing, and it's the most contact you've ever had with a girl. She teases and makes fun of you while she jerks you off, and before too long you blow a load on her tits. But she keeps going, milking you. She's not done with you yet. Eventually she reveals how much she loves cum and how she wants you to cover her in your virgin cum. You were perfect because of your lack of experience. You were sure to drench her in your cum multiple times. She begs for your cum again and again, making you cum on her tits another three times. She says that maybe next time, since she's trained you, she can take your virginity too.
duration 11:01
Eat His Cum Out Of My Pussy video from Fiona Dagger
Eat His Cum Out Of My Pussy by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) Fiona greets you sweetly as you arrive home and tells you that she's been super horny all day! She asks if you'd like to eat her pussy and you agree eagerly, so she strips down and spreads her legs for you to kneel between them. As you begin to go down on her, she asks if you've noticed how wet she is today, and whether you like it... You tell her you love it, and she giggles, asking then if you like the taste? You tell her it tastes amazing and she encourages you to continue licking her, moaning softly and talking more about how much wetter she is than usual... After a while she asks you again if you really love the taste of her wet pussy today, and when you confirm that you do, she admits that only 5 minutes before you got home, she had a guy over - and it's his cum that you're tasting! You're surprised but curiously intrigued, as she explains that she's actually been meeting men for a while now, ever since you began to have trouble getting hard... She says that even when you manage to get fully hard, that your cock is so tiny that it hasn't been able to satisfy her fully! So it's fair enough that she should seek elsewhere to get her needs met, right? She asks if you want to carry on eating her out and is pleased when you tell her yes, you're actually quite enjoying the knowledge that she's just been with another man! She goes into more detail as you carry on licking the cum out of her, talking about all the huge cocks she's enjoyed recently. You keep licking and sucking at her clit, cleaning up all the jizz until she cums, then she tells you that next time she goes to see a guy you can go with her, so you can eat their cum even fresher! TAGS: british, english, ginger, redhead, tattoos, tattooed, long hair, domme, posh accent, sensual, cute, playful, cuck, cucking, cucked, cuckold, size queen, cum eating, cei, roleplay, dirty talk, pov, sph, small penis humiliation

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