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duration 10:20
Vampyre Vaga Mezmerizes You JOI video from Miss Vaga Bong
Vampyre Vaga Mezmerizes You JOI by Miss Vaga Bong POV - You awake to see the beautiful Vampyre Vaga looming over you. You seem suitable to her needs so she takes you! You blink in and out, you find your mind hazy. Vampyre Vaga turns even darker, her eyes become black. She requires your devotion, your lifeforce and your every bit of essence. You are in a trance, you can't help but do what the beautiful vamp says. You begin to jerk off, but then she bites you, draining you! You come to on the floor, staring at her high heels, then Vampyre Vaga picks you up. She is not done with you, you've been such a good little bloodbag, but she still requires more from you. You must give her your everything. She tells you to jerk faster, and to give your mind to her. But she doesn't want a weak little cum, she stops you in the middle of a countdown. You can't cum yet, you must give her further control. And of course, more of your precious lifeforce. You gaze upon her, into her dark black eyes, and at her pale, round bosom, as she counts down again, until she finally reaches 1...and drains you of whats left as you cum. You have proved useful, she will be back. ***This video is slightly low visual quality due to my camera not reacting well to so much black :/ CONTAINS NO NUDITY*** TAGS: bbw, vampire, domme, fetish, halloween, costume, black eyes, goth, gothic, horror, scary, fangs, corset, cape, hood, femdom, mesmerize, joi, countdown, edging, orgasm control, sensual voice, domination, bdsm, tattoos, piercings, altgirl
duration 12:37
Alpha Alien Enslavement: Mesmerized Into Breeding and Servitude video from BlackxRose92
Alpha Alien Enslavement: Mesmerized Into Breeding and Servitude by BlackxRose92 I'm not from this world. My powers are far too great and unknown for you to resist Me. Pathetic humans like you don't really deserve life anyways, inferior terrestrial species. To Me, you're just a breeding vessel, a slave to be trained and used for My desires to create an army of hybrid, submissives to do My bidding. This is your induction into eternity as My human pet. You will be My slave. You will do everything I say, wish, command...... You are Mine, forever. You will not, and cannot resist My entrancing stare. I will use you as I wish now that I've taken you. You've been stolen by an Alpha Female and chosen specifically for breeding, to be impregnated and trained immediately. You will bear My spawn. I will take each and every one of your men until they are all impregnated, gestating My offspring. You will be perpetually filled and bred, used over and over until I have taken over this world completely and cross bred with all of its life forms. You are the first of My newly impregnated human slaves. You will cum, over and over, jerking off only to Me multiple times a day, as I take all of your men. All of you will jerk off, constantly, and serve Me, forever, giving Me everything you have. Your life is now Mine to control and I demand you jerk off to Me forever. You will gestate and jerk off, forever, forever, forever. You carry My spawn as the first of My male slave army. You are the undoing of this planet, too weak to defend against Me and helpless against erotic powers of mesmerization. This world belongs to Me now. I own you all. Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored
duration 14:20
Just Clowning Around For Losers video from BlackxRose92
Just Clowning Around For Losers by BlackxRose92 Ugh, seriously? What a fucking loser. You just can't stop it with the damn masturbating. Your penis is ridiculous. You behave like a sex obsessed pervert. You look like a buffoon behaving like this, and I'm the clown? Hah! Tell you what loser, I'll tell you what I really think of you. *yawwwwwwwwwwwwwn..........BELCH* I think you're fucking stupid. You're a waste of my time. What? Were you expecting me to be amusing? Do you want me to dance for you like a trained puppet? No. I demand you entertain ME. You fucking dance, loser. Jump! Clap! Hop on one foot! Go perv, go! You're not feeding me, financing me, or fucking me, so what the fuck are you even here for? Go fuck a cactus! I'm going to make you fucking crazy just because I can. I will drive you mad, absolutely batty! I'm not a clown. I dressed up in this preposterous costume to show you exactly how fucking foolish you look. You have no self control over your penis, so I exploit that with ease. Kinky fuckfaces like you deserve to be used. I'm here to do two things: entertain MYSELF and laugh at you. I'm not here for your amusement. You're here to ENTERTAIN ME. So dance fuckboy! Dance, dance, dance and pray that I don't unleash the verbal tongue lashing you really deserve. Strive to provide two of my three F's and you can climb the beta pole, but you will never ever ever get more than this. You will never get what you really want, to fuck Me! Never! You aren't good enough! You deserve nothing, and I'm going to reduce you to a shriveling, sniveling puddle of dumb loser good. Boys are fucking gross. You are worthless, nasty, icky, GAG. Go ahead and jerk it,moron. You look like an idiot fapping. Fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, but you will never amount to anything except the foul little dribbles leaking from your penis. EWW. Go fuck barbed wire with your face. ICKY, fuckface. Ohhhhhhh yea, and you get to pay EXTRA to see what you will NEVER have. Enjoy the uncensored ass kissing, jackwad. Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are not
duration 11:19
A Grave Denial video from BlackxRose92
A Grave Denial by BlackxRose92 If only you had come along at any other time....and found any other person. Unfortunately you've found me when I'm feeling curious, and my curiosities are never denied. I've always wondered what it would take to make a man go by blue balls? I could mesmerize you and make you do it, but you're going to do this willingly as my newest loser slave. A stupid beta human-pet to add to my collection of jerkaholic slaves, pumping round the clock until your time is up..... I'm sure your blue balls will feel like they're going to off you, but how far will it take to actually make that happen? Oh yes, you're going to be jerking off for me forever, never cumming always edging, until I see what lengths are actually needed to make your swollen denied orgasms take you to the deep, dark nothing. It's a shame you didn't run the second you laid eyes on me, but I'm much too eager to have this question answered once and for all and I am never denied anything. This will be the end of you. I will make you beg for your last breath with your cock in your hands. You're going to jerk off until your skin falls off. You're going to jerk it until your testicles swell up and feel like steel stones fighting each other heinously in the worst ways. I'm going to relish every second of your misery. I'm going to tease you until you break emotionally and physically. The only release for you will be the end.... How soon will you beg for your last breath? Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are not
duration 10:22
Zapped With An Expanding Aphrodisiac! video from BlackxRose92
duration 10:23
Submissive Hell video from BlackxRose92
Submissive Hell by BlackxRose92 This is the deeper, more intense version of Jerkaholic For A Demoness: Mesmerized Into Eternal Draining. For the submissive jerkaholic that truly needs to serve as hard as possible in every way possible, this jerk off mind fuck ends in a cum countdown for eternal submission. Watch with headphones and your tribute button at the ready, this mesmerizing head trip will leave you spiraling out of control right into the palm of my hand. You'll be wrapped around my little finger before I even reach the cum countdown. You belong to Me. Nothing else matters now except the erotic magic coursing through your veins. I will become your everything. Your day. Your night. Your passion. Your love. Your vigor. Your days will be consumed with masturbating. It doesn't matter how often or when you cum, just that you do. I will drain all of your orgasms and libido until you are so wholly entranced with Me. When you close your eyes, and through all of your waking thoughts, you will crave nothing as intensely as your cock demands supplication at My feet. Your life is Mine. Your will is Mine. At My feet, you will know true pleasure and exquisite pain. Your body is My toy. You will jerk off and cum, forever at My feet, forever for Me, forever entranced in such deep, divine, euphoria. I will shape and train you. Nothing will drain you like Me. You will spend the rest of your days dreaming and jerking for Me. Submit. Serve. Stroke.....10......9.....8.....7.....6.....5.....4....3....2...1...Time is up. Jerk off forever. Jerk off slave. Click. Tribute. Stroke. Cum. Repeat. Click. Tribute. Stroke. Cum. Repeat. Click. Tribute. Stroke. Cum. Repeat. Click. Tribute. Stroke. Cum. Repeat. Jerkaholic.
duration 9:25
Seduced By Satan's Wife video from BlackxRose92
Seduced By Satan's Wife by BlackxRose92 How does it feel, to be so mortal, human? You've accidentally trapped yourself in purgatory, but luckily I found you first and I have no intentions of making you stay here forever unless you request eternal anguish. However, I will be keeping you long enough to entertain me because the dredges around here are duller than rocks and provide only torment and agony. No respite in hell for a demoness that feeds on pleasure only. I could control you with just a look, even make you cum with just a glance, seducing you into a mesmerized, orgasmic state of euphoria. I'll give you just a glimpse of my powers, as even a wink would send you spiraling into a never-ending state of perpetual arousal and ejaculation. As the wedded Queen of Hell, I don't show off my powers for just anyone, but you look so very tasty and I'm dreadfully bored. I could seduce you hard.....but it's so much more fun when you do it willingly. You could call me a vampire, or a succubus, but really I'm so much more than that. I feed on your orgasms and lust. Your sexual attraction to me only serves to fuel my powers. Don't fight what you feel as you're seduced by the embrace of the dark. I want you to cum, and I'm not even going to use any of my powers on you because I know you'll do this willingly. To escape from this place, all you must do is orgasm for me. Your freedom is in your hands, and then I'll set you free to run home to your precious wife....Your nice, sweet, mortal wife..... Unless of course you'd rather stay and play with me, unable to resist the alluring appeal of the deep, dark night..... Then you can see how hard my vagina bites. Pleasure in hell with me is dangerous, seductive, addicting, and intense, completely all encompassing. If you wish to truly experience all that I have to offer, you can never leave this place ever again. Your only way out is wholly in your hands. Cum for me, human, and decide your fate. Will you experience bliss, or will you join me forever in the blackness?
duration 9:23
Hell's Mistress video from BlackxRose92
Hell's Mistress by BlackxRose92 How quaint and abhorrent, what a pathetic mortal you are. Just one look and you're already dribbling semen into your pants? Wow, eww, I haven't even introduced myself yet and you're already showing what a stupid excuse for a man you are. You do look nutritious though, despite your inability to hide your erection or control your penis... Well, it's too late now. I've already made up My mind before I've even explained your predicament fully in terms your puny brain can comprehend. You're in hell, and you belong to Me now. I own everything down here. Even Satan worships and obeys Me. Some would call Me his wife, but I brought My husband with Me so somebody could keep Satan company when I secured the throne for My own. It just works better this way. What? Did you think I was actually Satan's wife? Hah! Were you expecting a pie or something? Well, maybe a meat pie.... That's why you're here though, loser. I'm going to feed you to the ravenous beasts if you choose not to worship Me for eternity. My pussy bites, and the hounds of hell are always starving, greedy for more to feed on. Whether you like it or not, your soul is Mine. Your body is Mine. Your cock is Mine. You belong to Me completely now. You're nothing but a stupid mortal fuckboy, and I'm going to drain every drop of your life-force to appease and feed the legions of My demon spawn and armies. I have no use for you personally beyond taking your soul. I find you repulsive, unattractive, utterly disgusting, and a waste of My time. You are vermin to be used, wiped out, and trained to obey My every command. Your cock will be beaten, abused, and dissected. Your body will be used for all number of devious, hellacious entertainments, and often fed on by the maggots that live below. Your opinions and thoughts no longer matter, but I'll allow you to watch coherently as I pull your soul out and remove any last shred of defiance. You will spend eons as the resident jester of hell, dancing and performing fucked up perversions for the entertainment of the evil masses. Resistance is futile. You are Mine now. Welcome to My Hell.
duration 6:45
SPH Cake Crushing Party Bully video from Red Vinyl Kitty
SPH Cake Crushing Party Bully by Red Vinyl Kitty If you like MEAN small penis humiliation, this is it. This is Kitty's meanest SPH to date, and some of the things she says in it are downright cruel. She'll bully the pants off of you at her Halloween party this year. It seems you've pulled her aside in her own house to give her.. What's this? It's a cake you've made. You even appear to have put the sprinkles on it yourself! Kitty isn't flattered, in fact, she looks really really annoyed with you. She puts it on the ground and, as soon as she realizes you have a huge crush on her, she laughs maniacally and then puts one of her pretty little feet down... Straight into the cake you made her! What a bitch! She sits up again and proceeds to knock you down, telling you that your ex girlfriend, Jennifer, already told ALL the girls about your tiny dick and that SHE wants NOTHING to do with you. Kitty only likes big dicks. She humiliates you and rips on you incessantly, even going so far as demanding you lick off her feet, and then the floor of course. The whole time she's knocking your dick down, she crushes the cake you made her, after all - what would she want with a garbage cake like that? When she's sick of your sight, she throws a gas station cupcake at you and tells you to get the fuck out of her house! This small penis humiliation video goes a bit deeper than my others, so definitely make sure you're ready before you click. :) NOTE: Kitty's port is accessed and visible, and her feeding tube is visible in almost every scene.
duration 13:25
Extraterrestrial Arousal: Mesmerizing Desire for Impregnation and Orgasmic Intimacy video from BlackxRose92
Extraterrestrial Arousal: Mesmerizing Desire for Impregnation and Orgasmic Intimacy by BlackxRose92 We shall breed. We shall mate, and impregnate each other all night long. I’ve been watching you, human. I’ve seen how your species glorifies sex and the unknown, always reaching for the stars and consuming as much knowledge as you can acquire while filling the earth with your offspring. I’m here to create a new hybrid cross species of interstellar human spawn, capable of sharing and feeling unimaginable exaltation. You are my chosen vessel and sperm donor. My species propagates through mutual arousal and intense erotic powers. With my lust for learning about and experiencing new lifeforms and their mating rituals, I will guide you to extreme sensations of deeply satisfying pleasure that you could never experience with another mortal. When our mutual orgasms crest, I will seduce and impregnate you. Once you have received my eggs for gestation, I will orgasm again and again and take in your sperm to foster my own superior, hybrid species. Our foreign attraction to each other will fuel our passionate impregnation, sending both of us into mesmerized states of mindless euphoria. Feel my senses and powers flow into your body as you watch the emotions play across my face and the climax of our union, uniting us without even a single physical touch. Let yourself be filled with the galaxy as your body transforms orgasmically into blinding hot stars, suitable for carrying my spawn and filling me with your sperm

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