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duration 11:50
Gloved Blackmail Jerkoff By Sister video from BlackxRose92
Gloved Blackmail Jerkoff By Sister by BlackxRose92 Custom video: " Taboo and blackmail fantasy, a pov virtual handjob wearing a button down shirt and your purple medical gloves. The idea would be that you would be my sister and you found out that I had been sneaking into your room and jerking off with the medical gloves you need for school. So, you confront me in my room, lock the door and pull out a pair of gloves. You show them to me and tell me that you know what I've been doing and that I have 2 options. Either you tell our parents that I'm a pervert who jerks off in his sister's room, or I let you jerk me off with your gloves on until you're bored with it. I of course agree and you start putting on the gloves, telling me to whip it out and lie back. You start jerking me off and talking about how dirty we are for doing this and how much you enjoy controlling your brother like this. You can come up with whatever dialogue you want to, I'm sure you'll make it sexy. After a while, you notice me tensing up and tell me to cum at the count of 10. When you get to 10, I cum all over your gloves as you pump every last drop out of me. But, you don't stop. You keep jerking my sensitive dick and say, "why don't we try and get some more out of you, huh brother?" At this point, you can make the jerking a lot faster and more aggressive, trying to make me cum one more time, using my cum as lube. After I cum a second time, you tell me that you think I've had enough for now, but that I have to be ready for you to jerk me off whenever you want."
duration 9:08
Patient Seduction Part 1 video from Ladyvampira
Patient Seduction Part 1 by Ladyvampira You should always read the fine print before signing a contract. As in this case, the living will turns out to be a slave contract in the clinic of the Femdom Empire. Doctor Vampira orders rubber therapy and a sniffing cure, which must be implemented immediately. The patient is first fixed in Segufix and then immobilized with CBT and a great foot odor. Patient seduction through an intense fragrance experience after a long day in boots, then barefoot with your feet on your face and a dominatrix who uses her slave as a seat cushion. As a strict nurse, it is important to put on the gloves and to cupple the eggs and nipples, as well as to energize them with electric shocks. The mistress wears her latex skirt and chain bra, as in the first part of the hospital admission. / Man sollte immer das Kleingedruckte lesen, bevor man einen Vertrag unterschreibt. So wie in diesem Fall entpuppt sich die Patientenverfügung als Sklavenvertrag in der Klinik des Femdom Empire. Frau Doktor Vampira ordnet eine Gummitherapie und Schnüffelkur an, die sofort umzusetzen ist. Der Patient wird zunächst in Segufix fixiert und dann mit CBT und geilem Fussgeruch ruhig gestellt. Patientenverführung durch intensives Dufterlebnis nach einem langen Tag in Stiefeln, dann Barfuss mit den Füßen aufs Gesicht und eine Domina, die ihren Sklaven als Sitzkissen benutzt. Es gilt sich als strenge Krankenschwester die Handschuhe anzuziehen und die Eier und Nippel zu schröpfen, sowie mit Elektroschocks unter Strom zu setzen. Die Herrin trägt dabei ihren Latexrock und den Ketten BH, wie im ersten Teil der Einweisung ins Krankenhaus.
duration 29:24
Angel's Corruption - ParaPerv/LustGarden video from MissFreudianSlit
Angel's Corruption - ParaPerv/LustGarden by MissFreudianSlit Rococo tries to be a good angel, but their mind wanders throughout the day. MissFreudianSlit can sense their quiet deviations, and challenges their resilience by groping them while they pray. Determined to resist, Rococo continues on until they finally give in, soft moans slipping from their lips. MissFreudianSlit begins to kiss them, smearing their lipstick across their face. Rococo can't help but respond with pleading whimpers when she begins to place her fingers in their mouth and rub their spit across their face. Convinced that they're ready to embrace their desires and fall into the darkness, Rococo strips off their shirt while MissFreudianSlit teases their breasts through their lace bra. She teases Rococo's mouth more, pushing them face down on the seat and exposing their ass for us all of heaven and hell to see. MissFreudianSlit begins to slap their ass with a vicious rug beater, leaving almost instant curved stripes of bright red on their ass. They shake and cry and moan as she beats them, taking breaks to show some mercy with her nails across their back. She slips her fingers into Rococo's wet hairy pussy after they've atoned for her sins with some good discipline. Rococo needs to get a bit messier though, so she puts an open gag in their mouth so they can drool properly all over themself while getting finger fucked followed by spanking them, pulling her fingers out of their pussy and inserting them again. Rococo comes on their knees and again sitting spread eagle and rotating onto MissFreudianSlits hands. Rococo shakes and screams in ecstasy while MissFreudianSlit spits in their mouth more
duration 14:09
Bathrobe Bandit Mocks you about your Nylon Encasement Fetish video from RedDesire
Bathrobe Bandit Mocks you about your Nylon Encasement Fetish by RedDesire I am the infamous "Bathrobe Bandit"! I am known for home invasions, especially robbing men who live alone at firearm point. My M.O. is wearing a bathrobe, gloves, slippers and stocking mask. My victims also point out she has a sharp tongue and a short fuse. You are my latest victim. You come home from a long day at work and I jump out with my firearm pointed at you, saying this a "stick up!" and you'd better do what I tell you to do. I also brag about being the Bathrobe Bandit. Right away I see your erection. I ask you in a harshly mocking tone if seeing me in a stocking mask is making you hard. I then command you to start jerking off with both hands, nice and slow, "no funny business." Then I slowly and coyly ask if you like tights on legs, too. After a brief pause, I undo the robe and pull up the gown and show off my ugly nightgown and pantyhosed legs. I then comment that you are the first male victim to get a hard on and I decide not to rob you as long as you do what I tell you to do. I get a little impatient telling you to slow down, that I did not tell you to go faster. Then I distort my face, tugging downward on the mask. I get upset and tell you to keep jerking off. Then I take off the shower cap and tug upwards on the mask. Then downwards again and then upwards. Finally, I exclaim that you came on the bathrobe bandit, pull off the stocking mask, revealing my face. I point the firearm at you and say, "If you tell anyone, I will come for you!" Tags: Bathrobe, marigolds, firearm, glove fetish, shower cap, nylon encasement, face fetish, face contortion, JOI, jerk off instruction, verbal humiliation, mock, pantyhose, slippers, big tits

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