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duration 6:45
SPH Cake Crushing Party Bully video from Red Vinyl Kitty
SPH Cake Crushing Party Bully by Red Vinyl Kitty If you like MEAN small penis humiliation, this is it. This is Kitty's meanest SPH to date, and some of the things she says in it are downright cruel. She'll bully the pants off of you at her Halloween party this year. It seems you've pulled her aside in her own house to give her.. What's this? It's a cake you've made. You even appear to have put the sprinkles on it yourself! Kitty isn't flattered, in fact, she looks really really annoyed with you. She puts it on the ground and, as soon as she realizes you have a huge crush on her, she laughs maniacally and then puts one of her pretty little feet down... Straight into the cake you made her! What a bitch! She sits up again and proceeds to knock you down, telling you that your ex girlfriend, Jennifer, already told ALL the girls about your tiny dick and that SHE wants NOTHING to do with you. Kitty only likes big dicks. She humiliates you and rips on you incessantly, even going so far as demanding you lick off her feet, and then the floor of course. The whole time she's knocking your dick down, she crushes the cake you made her, after all - what would she want with a garbage cake like that? When she's sick of your sight, she throws a gas station cupcake at you and tells you to get the fuck out of her house! This small penis humiliation video goes a bit deeper than my others, so definitely make sure you're ready before you click. :) NOTE: Kitty's port is accessed and visible, and her feeding tube is visible in almost every scene.
duration 19:10
BBW stuffing & sitting on food for her ass slave video from Bambi Lynn
BBW stuffing & sitting on food for her ass slave by Bambi Lynn This is a custom that uses the name Mason and talks about making you my ass slave. In this super hot clip, I stuff my greedy face with a ridiculous amount of greasy fattening food. Pasta. fries, onion rings, burgers, and a big pizza too! I take big greedy bites and shove them into my pretty mouth, scarfing it all down nice and fast. I chug a two liter and get nice and gassy and burp a bit as well. I'm such a big gluttonous Goddess that I spill my feast all down my big breasts and pretty face, but I'm so greedy and lazy and fat I don't care! I know it turns you on too, so I keep gorging myself with sauce and crumbs and a big mess on my huge tits and all around my pretty face.I tell you what a good little ass slave you are, and how you keep my big fat perfect curvy Goddess body so well fed and growing.I pull out my big heavy soft tits for you to admire while I stuff my face, and tell you how bloated and gassy you're making your Goddess! I burp and stuff and chug and moan in pleasure, I just love stuffing my face for my good little ass slave. After I'm so bloated and stuffed I can't eat another bite, I lean back and tell you how gassy and full I am! I rub my bloated growing belly and massive tits, and then I give you what you really want.... I sit on the food and eat it!!! I crush the food with my big fat ass and hairy pussy, just like I'd crush your face. I bounce and shake my ass on the feast and then I keep stuffing my face with the food that's just been under my big ass and pussy. It only makes it even more delicous though, and makes us both more horny. I smack and spread my ass so you can see all the sauce and crumbs on it and get a perfect view of my delicious pretty pink asshole.I dip a burger in the ranch on my ass and even rub it right up against my tight little asshole and shove it in my mouth! I shake my ass and keep sitting on the food, crushing it with my big fat ass and thick thighs, moaning while I stuff my face. Then I tell you it's time to do what you were meant to do. I want you to eat my dirty ass clean!! Get in there and lick it all up, my pretty asshole and big cheeks, my hairy pussy, I want you to lick it clean! I've made such a big mess and now it's time for my pervy little ass slave to eat it all up. I give you a closer view of my big juicy ass and hairy pussy, shaking it in your face while you lick it clean for me. I spread it for you and tell you what a good little ass slave you are, and demand you eat it all up and lick my big dirty ass clean. TAGS: ass slave, ass eating, analingus, BBW ass, BBW booty, BBW dom, BBW femdom, femdom, gassy, burps, burping, belching, stuffing, overeating, fat, stretch marks, obese, stuffer, feederism, weight gain, BBW, redhead, big tits, big areolas, saggy tits, heavy tits, big ass, big asses, big butts, sitting on food, crushing food, food smash, sit on food, food sitting, ass spreading, full bush, hairy, hairy bush, dirty ass, BBW goddess, Goddess.

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