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duration 29:32
Dommed By Your Goth Ex GF Part II video from Fiona Dagger
Dommed By Your Goth Ex GF Part II by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) It's been two whole weeks since your ex locked you away in a chastity cage, and you're eager to have her remove it and play with you a bit more. After last time's cruel ending, you're really hoping that this time there will be a bit more reward for you... Your ex teases you about your hopes, mocking your desperation and hinting that her pussy might be an option if you perform really well today... But first you have to do some tasks for her. She gets you to put an inflatable butt plug into your ass and forbids you from touching your cock at all, focussing on slowly inflating the toy in your ass as she teases you. After a while she allows you a little stimulation - by allowing you to rub a vibrator over the head of your cock, and nothing more! She enjoys watching you squirm in frustration as your prostate and head are stimulated, and begins telling you about all the men she's had over this week, and the things they got to do to her... Finally she gets you to beg her to fuck her pussy, and once she's satisfied that you're really desperate, she gives you a fleshlight and tells you to get to it! She laughs at the expression on your face, mocking you for thinking that you'd actually be allowed to fuck her pussy today, and tells you that should be grateful to get to jack off into this pocket pussy in front of her. She instructs you in using it, edging you cruelly until you can't take any more, then commands you to cum for her... But once you've cum, she has one last little task for you before she'll let you go.... TAGS: british, english, redhead, ginger, tattoos, tattooed, cei, cum eating instructions, femdom, bdsm, posh accent, stockings, lingerie, tasks, domme, butt play, ass play, plug, edging, joi, jerk off instructions, solo female, dirty talk, roleplay
duration 24:03
Dommed By Your Goth Ex GF video from Fiona Dagger
Dommed By Your Goth Ex GF by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video)You've just got back from a group vacation with a bunch of your friends, including your ex girlfriend, who spent the whole trip teasing you and enjoying making you flustered in front of your friends. Now she's invited you round, and when you arrive she immediately brings up the trip, asking if it was difficult seeing her in all those tiny bikinis? She tells you that it's obvious that you're still attracted to her, and just because you're broken up it doesn't mean you can't have fun anymore... Don't you miss having her in control of you? You're nervous and reluctant at first but your ex teases you with her body, and soon you're struggling to hide your erection from her. She gleefully tells you she knew you wouldn't be able to resist, and offers to let you see her tits... You can't control yourself anymore and beg her to let you see them, and your ex informs you that she'll show them to you just as soon as you've slapped yourself in the balls 5 times. She counts out the hits for you then rewards you with the sight of her perky breasts, which only makes you desperate for more. You start touching yourself without meaning to, you're so turned on, and your ex notices and immediately tells you off, reminding you that the rule has always been you need permission to stroke! She asks if you'd like to see her ass, and then makes you put Icy Hot onto your dick before she'll give you what you want! She giggles as she watches you rub the ointment into your cock, then pulls off her skirt to give you a good look at her ass, demanding that you worship it. She then makes you beg to taste her pussy juices off her fingers, and after you've begged sufficiently she sticks her hand into her panties to get her fingers covered in wetness, then makes you suck her fingers clean. She then demands 5 more ball slaps from you, before rewarding you with some stroking time - strictly following her instructions, and with lots of edging, of course. Finally she decides you've earned a bit of a reward, so she uses her mouth on your cock - after making you swear that you'll be hers to control forever. As she is sucking your cock you struggle more and more to hold off your orgasm, so she commands you to jack your cock for her... Will she let you cum, though? TAGS: british, english, domme, dominant woman, domination, dominatrix, redhead, ginger, tattoos, tattooed, posh accent, roleplay, solo female, gothic, goth, ex girlfriend, girlfriend experience, gfe, edging, joi, jerk off instructions, tasks, dirty talk, blowjob, femdom

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