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duration 32:43
Step-Son Fucks Step-Mom POSSESSED by Late Fiance video from TabithaXXX
Step-Son Fucks Step-Mom POSSESSED by Late Fiance by TabithaXXX Custom Video - Last 7 minutes is an Outtake with CUM shot - Step-Mom and step-son stuck at home due to the pandemic, step-son found a Ouija board and they decide to ask if anyone is out there, then step-mom feels funny and goes into a trance for a moment as the spirit of step-son's late fiancé possesses the step-mom! She lets him know it is her by telling him his favorite way to cum is having his balls licked, which only she would know. She can't stay in his step-mom's body for long, but she really misses him and wants one last moment of intimacy with him before she has to go. Step-Son is reluctant, I mean, it's his step-mom's body, it feels so wrong to even think about doing anything sexual with her, plus, its not consent and step-mom really taught him about consent so, it would be terrible to betray her like that. The ghost exposes his step-mom's breasts and feels them, marveling at how much bigger and more sensitive they are. She had no idea it could feel so good, she really wants to have them sucked, oh please, just suck them, come on, its harmless. Reluctantly, he says he will. step-mom moaning, step-son looks down and she is rubbing her panties under her dress. She can't help it, its making her so horny, its like her nipples are connected to her clit and he is licking and eating her Pussy. She takes her clothing off and feels his crotch, he is rock hard. Come on, let me suck you like you know I can, nobody will suck your cock like me, looking into your eyes, licking you slowly, gently sucking your balls.. well, its all on now, step-son gets a blowjob. After Sucking his cock and balls step-mom turns over and gets fucked from behind, She tells him how great it feels to be with him and how much she misses him, his hard cock pounding deep inside his late fiancé. She turns over and lays on her back as step-son enters his step-mom/fiancé facing them and plowing face to face, her big natural breast bouncing back and forth. She tells him how much she misses him and doesn't want to leave, just when she/step-mom is going to CUM something strange happens, his step-mom is wide away, looking at him, naked, her step-son fucking her balls deep... her whole body is super turned on, she is close to Cumming for the love of god! How did this happen?! She is horrified, this has to stop, but, oh god, she is going to cum with her step-son inside her, there is no stopping it... and it is INTENSE, WHAT THE FUCK?! she can taste his pre cum in her mouth, but immediately after, she wants him OUT, right now, "Get the fuck out of me, what the hell were you thinking? Are you out of your god damned mind? I am your step-mother! we can never, ever do that, you hear me? Never.. put your clothes on, forget this ever happened, get rid of that fucking thing" a few moments go by as step-mom gets dressed, so embarrassed and confused, she looks at her step-son, he is really upset as well. "Was that.. was that your fiancé? Oh honey... I'm so sorry.. but, that was wrong, you know that right? OK, look, we fucked up, we both did, that was real and we don't mess with this voodoo stuff ever again, agreed? OK.. I, I need a shower.. oh my god" Step-Mom Proceeds and quickly cleans herself up in the shower. Devastated and in Awe of what just Happened.
duration 10:44
Mommy loves you video from Molly Darling
Mommy loves you by Molly Darling [custom vid] Taboo roleplay // POV virtual sex simulation // extreme taboo dirty talk // Mommy son scenario // Loving Mommy // Positive affirmations // breeding kink // impregnation fantasy // Mommy wants to talk to you. She looks upset. She reassures you not to be worried. Lately she has noticed that your Mommy & son bond isn't as strong as it once was. She's starting to worry that one day you won't be Mommy's boy anymore. You don't want that, do you? Luckily Mommy has the perfect solution! There's something very special that Mommy and her boy can do to make your relationship great again. Although, it has to be kept an absolute secret. Only the best Mommy's do this with their sons. It's okay, Mommy knows exactly how to look after you and make you feel good. It's been you and her from day one. Mommy gets down on her knees and starts to unzip your pants. Why don't you show Mommy your penis? Mommy holds your hard cock in her hand and admires it. You're such a good boy. She traces her fingers over your shaft, Mommy is always so very gentle. She licks and sucks your cock whist praising you for always being such a good listener. Now Mommy wants to show you her special parts. She lets her huge milky breasts hang out of her bra and takes her dress off. Now for the most important part of your bonding session. Mommy pulls down her panties to show you her pussy. You came out of Mommy's pussy and now you are going to go back inside to fuck her. You get close to her on the bed and Mommy instructs you to sniff her filthy pussy. She tells you she will help guide your cock inside of her. She pulls you on top and puts your dick in her pussy. You fuck her as she moans and talks dirty to you. Having her special boy inside of her is too much and she cums all over your cock. Mommy climbs on top of you and starts to ride you. She wants her son's cum deep inside of her pussy... and guess what sweetie? Mommy isn't on any birth control. She wants your seed inside of her. Mommy wants you to get her pregnant. She begs for your cum as she rides your cock until you shoot a huge load in her fertile pussy. Don't you feel so much closer to Mommy now? Your special secret.
duration 18:37
Gay Cock Slut Training video from Leila Cherry
Gay Cock Slut Training by Leila Cherry You love to suck cock. You fantasize about it, watch videos of other men doing it while you imagine it was you having a cock going in and out of your mouth. You can stop thinking about men draining their balls into your slutty little hole, tasting their salty, bleachy cum touch your tongue. You want to be a little cock sucker for me? You can try to resist it all you want, but you'll give in eventually. This is who you are. You're a cock sucking slut. You're gay. Sop resisting. Stop pretending you don't like dick. You have so much more than a fetish for dicks. You loooooove cock. You even love the way the word falls off my tongue. Spilling out my lips into your ears. Tell me you love cock. You love big, fat, meaty dicks. You know it. I know it. And your search history knows it. You're a wannabe cock sucker. If you haven't already tried to suck cock by now, you're going to do it eventually. Because you're so obsessed with it you're willing to pay hot girls to tell you to suck cock. Girls you know would never want to fuck you. You've been rejected so many times you figure it means you should be the one being used as a fuck hole instead. You're gay. There's nothing wrong with being gay. But being a pussy isn't okay. Stop being such a fucking pussy and denying that you love cock. Give into your desires already and start sucking cock. Give into your desires. You know you want to. If you're this obsessed with sucking dick, maybe I should train you to be the perfect little cock sucking machine. I'm going to train you to think about sucking cock every time you see one until you're salivating, begging to put your mouth on it. Then finish you off with a nice fat load in your mouth to fully immerse you in your cock sucking fantasies until you finally give in and take the real thing.

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