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Custom: Sucking Your Bully's Cock video from Kitty Purry
Custom: Sucking Your Bully's Cock by Kitty Purry Your mother is a bit of a milf...being a professional trophy wife gives her a lot of free time and lately she's been intruding on your business. She's even found out that the school bully, Chuck, has been picking on you! How pathetic! You don't even fight back when he is humiliating you! She has a plan to fix it for you...she starts talking to Chuck...but turns out she kinda agrees with him. You do deserve to be picked on for being such a little loser, and Chuck has such a big, hard cock that he uses to show her what a real man her son could be! This 30minute, one-take video starts with your hot, young mom telling you to sit down. You can tell today is special because she picked you up (late again) wearing a skin tight little dress...and you could tell when she was bending over that she wasn't wearing any panties. But it turns out she has a little punishment in mind for her dweeb of a son. She's invited Chuck over for a marathon throat fuck and you have to sit and watch. She even has your bully film parts, putting them up on all your social medias, texting videos of her giving him a sloppy, long blowjob to all your friends. Will you be able to sit quietly while your bully grabs a fistful of hair, smudging your mother's lipstick, turning her into a sloppy, dirty mess? Making her to take as much of his almost 10inch thick while he holds her head down, cutting off her air? Cumming deep down her throat your mother's head in place so she can't breathe or move? Let's find out.....

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