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Hot Mouth Wanted with Sophie video from ManyCurves
Hot Mouth Wanted with Sophie by ManyCurves Recorded in 60 FPS. Episode 1 of the Step Sister Series: My step sister Sophie decided to just walk into my room as if I had nothing to do so that she could relax on my bed. I tried to get her to leave but she didn't think I needed any privacy. She thinks I'm never doing anything important and should just put up with her presence. I'm just an idiot to her. Since she insisted on staying on my bed with her legs showing, I decided to record her up close. She got irritated with me doing that even though she was in my room. I had no choice but to coax her into sucking my cock because I wasn't able to get my things done with her being there. I also asked her to remove her top because it looked as if her boobs were so big they could hardly be contained. She did all of this but kept trying to stop because she thought we shouldn't be crossing this line. She thought I was being weird and should have been doing something with my life instead of living off of my rich father's money. But I can't help it if my father keeps making hot step sisters all over the world in his travels, who eventually come to impose on my personal space. I convinced her to continue sucking my cock on her knees. Then I got Sophie back on the bed in my favorite position, where I got to lay on my back while she sucked my cock. She reluctantly agreed as long as this was the only time she would have to do this. I told her I'd be able to think more clearly after I cum so I couldn't give an answer at that moment. She's got large boobs so I asked her to move her nipples across my cock and it really makes me tingle. They are like two soft pillows. Then she went back to sucking with her ankles crossed in the pose. I show some good views of that. I got her to just suck the head of my cock because the sensation was getting so intense. She put her boobs over me just as my cock threw out some streams of cum on them. I asked her to scoop the cum off my stomach and wipe it around her big boobs. I told her it was okay to hang out in my room from then on, but I don't think she was too thrilled with that idea.

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