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duration 6:15
stuck in the mud and i have to p-- ! video from Kactus Kutie
stuck in the mud and i have to p-- ! by Kactus Kutie during my hike today i came across a patch of mud, and when i stepped on it i got stuck! I i tried really hard to get out but the more i did the less it worked. i was trapped, and i REALLY had to p--! i tried a few more times to free myself but i just couldn’t, and i was getting so incredibly desperate i couldn’t hold it anymore. so then i looked around to make sure no one was nearby, i pulled my shorts and panties to the side and began to p--! it felt so good to finally relieve myself. i p--d for a good while, seeing it splash around in the mud and on my boots. when i was done i finally managed to yank my legs off the mud and carried on with my hike! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TAGS: kactus, KactusKutie, katnip, ohhaikitty, tattoos, tattooed, tattoo, blue, pink, colored hair, split hair, eyebrows, petite, pale, white, caucasian, american, USA, america, skinny, small boobs, tiny titties, tits, girl, topless, smile, cute, butt, booty, ass, armpit hair, hairy, full bush, hairy pussy, hirsute, hirsutism, fuzzy peach, bangs, thigh, thighs, legs, face, smile, sweet, wet, wetted, stream, streaming, squirt, squirting, squirts, squirter, laugh, nature, natural, plants, outdoorsy, outside, hiker, public, pubic, squat, squatting, squats, jiggle, wiggle, dance, shake, shaking, wiggling, jiggling, spread pussy, outdoors, outdoor, outside, nature, trees, tree, grass, plants, plant, sky, exhibition, exhibitionism, exhibitionist, risky, public, sneaky, sneak, risk, risky, ecosexual, eco sexual, natural,

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