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duration 17:31
Pig Nose (Custom) video from Goddess Aaliyah
Pig Nose (Custom) by Goddess Aaliyah Custom Nose Play:You and an awkward short friend are waiting in your room for a ride outside to pick you guys up. As you guys wait in your room you notice him staring at you the whole time. You rudely tell him to stop staring and suddenly your nose begins to itch. When you rub your nose you ask him if theres anything in there pushing your nose up. You quickly find out his arousal of your nose and begin to tease him by playing with it. You start off by relaxing your lips and pushing the tip of your nose up like a pig at him. Next you pinch your nose and stretch the tip to make it longer and some eye crossing. You tell him how much fun it is of his arousal by playing with your nose and every time he tries to speak you just tease him more by making a piggy nose at him. (oink occasionally) While you continue to make silly faces he then begins to start getting embarrassed and angry. You mock and shht talk him calling him little piggy and sticking your tongue out at him and command him to oink for you. You tell him if he doesn't she will embarrass him to their friends. As you instruct him to oink continue to call him little piggy and continue to make silly eye crossing, nose pinching and pig noses at him until your ride arrives and picks you guys up. 1080p HD, audio. Keywords: brat worship, internet princess, Goddess Aaliyah Worship GAW, Female domination, Femdom, Ebony Femdom, Ebony Mistress, Ebony Goddess, arrogant woman, bratty black babe, bratty goddess, cock tease, purple hair.
duration 6:45
SPH Cake Crushing Party Bully video from Red Vinyl Kitty
SPH Cake Crushing Party Bully by Red Vinyl Kitty If you like MEAN small penis humiliation, this is it. This is Kitty's meanest SPH to date, and some of the things she says in it are downright cruel. She'll bully the pants off of you at her Halloween party this year. It seems you've pulled her aside in her own house to give her.. What's this? It's a cake you've made. You even appear to have put the sprinkles on it yourself! Kitty isn't flattered, in fact, she looks really really annoyed with you. She puts it on the ground and, as soon as she realizes you have a huge crush on her, she laughs maniacally and then puts one of her pretty little feet down... Straight into the cake you made her! What a bitch! She sits up again and proceeds to knock you down, telling you that your ex girlfriend, Jennifer, already told ALL the girls about your tiny dick and that SHE wants NOTHING to do with you. Kitty only likes big dicks. She humiliates you and rips on you incessantly, even going so far as demanding you lick off her feet, and then the floor of course. The whole time she's knocking your dick down, she crushes the cake you made her, after all - what would she want with a garbage cake like that? When she's sick of your sight, she throws a gas station cupcake at you and tells you to get the fuck out of her house! This small penis humiliation video goes a bit deeper than my others, so definitely make sure you're ready before you click. :) NOTE: Kitty's port is accessed and visible, and her feeding tube is visible in almost every scene.
duration 31:17
Sucking Off My Son's Bully Custom video from Mister Cox Productions
Sucking Off My Son's Bully Custom by Mister Cox Productions A custom video directed by one of our fans, thank you! Vivian’s son has been bullied lately by a big bad bully named Jake. Jake has come over to the house a few times looking to bully her son, so Vivian has got to know Jake a little bit and thinks he’s actually kind of sexy! Following Vivian’s recent divorce Jake has also become quite a bit of the handyman around the house, coming over to fix things if Vivian ever needs help. Vivian decided since he’s always coming over for one reason or the other that he should go ahead and have a key to the house so he can come over whenever he wants to do handyman work or slap her son around. Vivian doesn’t mind that Jake is such a bully; she likes it when he comes over to the house looking for her son to bully around and doesn’t find him, because when her son isn’t home to get bullied she gets to be the one he bullies…. With his huge cock! Jake shows up at the house looking for Vivian’s son to slap around but he’s not home so Jake decides to cuckold him. Jake video calls Vivian’s son to let him see how he bullies Vivian with his cock!! Vivian welcomes him into the house, leads him over to the chair, sits down and begins unbuttoning his jeans and rubbing the bulge in his boxer shorts. Vivian looks at her son on the video call and says “It’s totally OK that Jake came over, I love sucking his big cock…. Aren’t you proud of mommy”! She continues to suck his cock while her son watches and asks Jake to have a seat on the chair…. She continues her sloppy blowjob, sucking on his balls, spitting and rubbing on his huge shaft before hitting his cock all over her face and lips while making sure her son is proud of letting Jake bully her instead of him. He stands up and begins to face fuck her until he provides her with a nice facial covering of hot jizz!!
duration 30:46
Custom: Sucking Your Bully's Cock video from Kitty Purry
Custom: Sucking Your Bully's Cock by Kitty Purry Your mother is a bit of a milf...being a professional trophy wife gives her a lot of free time and lately she's been intruding on your business. She's even found out that the school bully, Chuck, has been picking on you! How pathetic! You don't even fight back when he is humiliating you! She has a plan to fix it for you...she starts talking to Chuck...but turns out she kinda agrees with him. You do deserve to be picked on for being such a little loser, and Chuck has such a big, hard cock that he uses to show her what a real man her son could be! This 30minute, one-take video starts with your hot, young mom telling you to sit down. You can tell today is special because she picked you up (late again) wearing a skin tight little dress...and you could tell when she was bending over that she wasn't wearing any panties. But it turns out she has a little punishment in mind for her dweeb of a son. She's invited Chuck over for a marathon throat fuck and you have to sit and watch. She even has your bully film parts, putting them up on all your social medias, texting videos of her giving him a sloppy, long blowjob to all your friends. Will you be able to sit quietly while your bully grabs a fistful of hair, smudging your mother's lipstick, turning her into a sloppy, dirty mess? Making her to take as much of his almost 10inch thick while he holds her head down, cutting off her air? Cumming deep down her throat your mother's head in place so she can't breathe or move? Let's find out.....

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