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duration 22:02
Ebony Shaves Off Her Hairy Pussy - CUSTOM video from Rose
Ebony Shaves Off Her Hairy Pussy - CUSTOM by Rose CUSTOM VID You’re sitting in your bedroom with your legs spread open and while you’re playing with your hairy bush and pulling on your pubes, you explain to me that you’re single and that you’ve been fantasizing about me, and you think I’m a really handsome white man. You tell me how much you love your hairy bush and why you like it, but that you’re going to be shaving it completely bald for me because you want our first time together to be perfect and you don’t want any of that pussy hair coming in between us. You explain that you’re a little sad about shaving it all off, but that you’re also kind of excited about it at the same time. You get out your razor, shaving stick and a bowl of warm water and you shave your hairy pussy completely bald while you continue to talk and smile at me. Once you’re all shaved, you’re still sitting there with your legs spread wide open; the remaining time of the video is about me enjoying your new bald pussy while you smile back at me. You tell me how bad you you want my white cock inside of your black pussy now that you’re all smooth and clean shaven for me. You stick some fingers inside and then afterwards, give your shaved pussy nine spanks and then open it up for some more gaping. You then move your hands out of the way for a completely unobstructed view of your bald pussy. [During this video, I get one 40 second closeup while you’re still hairy, and another 40 second closeup after you’ve been shaved, but throughout all the rest of the video, your face and pussy can be seen at the same time. Also, lots of talking and smiling and making eye contact with me; say whatever other sexy thoughts come to mind.] Tags; Hairy Bush, Hairy pussy, Black & ebony, Closeups, Shaved pussy, Dirty talking, Ponytail, Shaving, Pubes, Pussy shaving, Hairy armpits, Hairy, Ebony pussy, Long hair, Nude, Naked.
duration 10:55
ASMR | Giantess | Handjob - Custom Vid video from Rose
ASMR | Giantess | Handjob - Custom Vid by Rose CUSTOM VID ! Hi again Rose :) Ok, firstly an outfit .. casual low waist blue jeans, a casual summer top that shows your bellybutton with casual strappy heeled sandals. Video opens with you sitting on a couch or something similar with a leg crossed over the other. You are barefoot with the strappy summer shoes nearby the couch. The video is of two perspectives.... firstly I would be showing you my karate moves on your loser ex boyfriend and you're watching smiling on the couch enjoying me kicking and flipping him to the ground. We both don't like your ex boyfriend by the way :)))))))) I then encourage you to stand up and have a go at doing a karate kick at the camera at the loser boyfriend (which will be me again as perspective 2) You are laughing and shyly say ok, and you do a karate stance as if ready to kick the face (the camera) you then do a highkick (try your best ...hahaha:))) and do it twice. The first one nearly hits your ex boyfriend, and the second one does, breaking his nose!! :))) We are both laughing alot and perhaps a quick pov floor shot of you laughing over him as if he was watching you from the ground. This opening scene fades out ready for the main scene. You are now walking towards the camera again with your heeled shoes on. The ex boyfriend (me:)) is not off the floor and you then are asked by your new athletic lover in perspective 1 to step up on his chest to make out with him . You are laughing flirtatiously and agree to do it. You stand in front of the camera and step up onto a step of some kind that would simulate yourself standing up on your ex's chest. You are now at my head height looking into the camera, your shoulders in view and you are smiling joyfully. Imagine ex boyfriend (me) his face right behind your high heel shoes, you are facing away from my head which is just behind your heels as you stand on my chest. A pov shot from the floor looking up at your legs and ass behind you and you turn around and look down at the camera, smiling, then laughing. You then turn your head back forward again as of to look back at your athletic new boyfriend. Camera angle back to asmr again looking into it and your face turns from big smiles into goooey affection as you then start to lovingly stroke new boyfriends head (side movements of the camera with your hands) and kissing up to the camera where my (new boyfriends) lips would be. Imagine the lens of the camera are his eyes. You are kissing, cuddling, making out with the new boyfriend, and smiling with. Joy. You joke and say '"do you want to see my karate stomp?" I say wow yes please, and you turn your head behind you and pretend to stomp your foot hard down over ex's face, but playfully. This done as asmr and not from ground term I don't see your leg or foot come down as such, just your body twist and head turn behind you as if you looked down at him and did the stomp with a "hiiiyyaaaa" :) You look back at the camera and we both laughing. You say "you want to see it again"? I say yes please" and then you do it again but this time it's filmed from the floor looking up at you seeing your head turn behind you and your leg twist round to do the stomp, the heel comes down hard to nearly hit the camera a couple of times. We both laughing again and the kissing and affection resumes. I see your shoulder start to move and you have started the handjob. I... The athletic boyfriend.... am extatic with pleasure . You are gooey eyed with love and I'm enjoying it, camera pans down from your face down to your arm where your hand is stroking the cock toy. It pans back up to your smiling face your arm and shoulder moving all the time. Another floor pov shot from the ex's point of view looking up at you pulling on the new boyfriends cock. Imagine his pain he is going through as your heels are digging into his chest and you are milking your new love!! :) You then say to the camera "put your hands down my jeans ... Which happens and you say "when you climax, your leg has uncontrollable muscle spasms that cause it to stomp. The making out to the camera intensifies and you are now moaning with pleasure and excitement as you enjoying the touch on your body. You move back a bit and you step off the step that you are on as of stepped off his chest. Your feet would now be either side of his head. We both climax at the same time. You start stomping the ground violently but not taking your face off the camera. ... I blew my load into the face of the loser ex and one last angle shot of your leg and foot lifting and stomping from a side angle as if it's been pounding into the face of the ex boyfriend. It sounds long and complicated but it's only because I'm trying to describe it. I think it's all do able in 10 mins. The different angles of looking into the camera directly and the floor upwards pov can be shot separately. Tags: ASMR, Handjob, Dildo, Heels, Giantess, Moaning, Karate, Tease, Black & Ebony, POV, Ponytail, Longhair.

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