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duration 9:06
8 Months Pregnant Solo Masturbation video from BlackxRose92
8 Months Pregnant Solo Masturbation by BlackxRose92 Almost about to pop,so VERY pregnant! 8 months along, somewhere around the 30-35 weeks mark. I've just been cleared from bed rest, and more importantly, from pelvic rest!!! I haven't been allowed to masturbate or have sex in......6 months?!?! I'm so fucking damned horny I want to cry! My pregnant hormones have spent weeks alone in the hospital on bed rest, and it feels so damn good to be home and allowed to fuck myself.

My body has so much pent up energy as my pregnant hormones are finally allowed to unleash their desperation. I haven't felt sexual touch in so many long months and I need to masturbate! Even when my milky breasts start to ache and swell, even when my belly moves and contracts,I ignore it all for my vibrator, cranking it up and giving all of my pussy freely to its stimulation. My lactating nipples are more sensitive than they've ever been before and I've never had big tits like this in my life! I grab my breasts and play with them while awkwardly holding my large wand vibrator around my heaving, twitching, rolling, contracting, 8 month pregnant belly.

My body is swollen all over, and I'm visibly wet with need. Needs that have been unmet for so long that I'm almost unable to hold them back when the first orgasms come quickly. I nearly scream with anticipation on the precipice of my long awaited orgasm! I have as many as I can handle before the severe nausea and complications begin to grip me again. I would keep masturbating for the rest of the day if I didn't have to take medication to stay alive during this high risk pregnancy, but it feels so, so good to be allowed to masturbate for the first time in over 6 months and my pregnant hormones are quelled for a few moments. I lay there panting as my belly visibly contracts hard until I can't catch my breath. Even when I'm gasping for air and laying still, my pregnant belly keeps bouncing with LOTS of kicks, elbows, and early labor contractions. There's a really strong one at the end that actually causes me to gasp deeply as you can see my entire pregnant belly harden into a tight, high ball that takes my breath away for nearly a full minute.
duration 21:28
Your Wife's Sister - Part II video from Fiona Dagger
Your Wife's Sister - Part II by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and is a sequel to Your Wife's Sister Wants To Fuck) Since you and Fiona came to an arrangement that you would pay her rent in exchange for sex, you've been enjoying fucking her every day in front of your wife, Fiona's older sister. One day you come home from work to find Fiona greeting you with a mischevious look in her eye - she welcomes you and informs you that she has prepared a surprise and it's waiting for you in the living room... You follow Fiona into the room and see your wife bound and gagged on the ottoman, naked and helpless. Fiona doesn't immediately explain what's going on, instead dropping to her knees to take out your cock, teasingly sucking and stroking it as she asks you if you'd like to know what her plan is for your wife. She tells you that since she hasn't been able to fit your cock in her ass, as it's so big and her asshole is too tight, she has decided that tonight you can use your wife's asshole instead - but you have to imagine that it's Fiona's ass as you fuck it. Fiona will be there telling you how to fuck it, and you can take out all your frustration on your wife's hole while Fiona eggs you on. You of course agree and Fiona delightedly sucks and gags on your cock until it's rock hard, then guides your cock to your squirming wife's ass and tells you to slide it in. As you begin to pound your wife's hole Fiona watches and plays with her pussy, dirty talking about how much fun she's been having with your little arrangement, and how she hopes that you'll get her pregnant soon. She tells you to be sure not to cum in her sister's ass, as she wants you to fuck her pussy and cum in it so that you can impregnate her. You pound your wife's asshole until you get close to cumming, then Fiona pulls back her head and makes her clean her ass off your cock so it's ready to go in her pussy. She then begs you to fuck her tight, fertile young pussy while her sister watches, and you both cum together as you shoot your load deep inside her! She then shows off the load you've given her to your wife, taunting her and saying that you should leave her tied up for the rest of the evening and make her watch you fucking over and over again!
duration 21:27
Sis Wants To See You Cum video from Fiona Dagger
Sis Wants To See You Cum by Fiona Dagger (This was originaly filmed as a custom video and the name James is used throughout) You're hanging out in the living room with your parents and sister, but you're finding it hard to concentrate on the tv - from where you're sitting, you can clearly see that your sister isn't wearing any panties under her skirt! She catches you looking and begins to mischieviously tease you, opening her legs wider to give you a better view, whilst chatting with your mum about what they'll be doing this weekend, and then poking fun at you for being lonely and not having a girlfriend. Eventually she says she's going upstairs to play a pc game and guestures for you to follow her... Upstairs, she sits down on your bed and pats the covers, telling you to sit and chat with her. She asks if you enjoyed the view downstairs, and laughs it off when you try and pretend you don't know what she means. She spreads her legs again to flash her pussy at you, asking does this jog your memory? You're embarrassed and flustered but she seems to change her mood and apologises for teasing you. She admits that she's also been having a hard time being shut up in the house with mum and dad; she's been really horny and frustrated, and she bets you've been feeling the same. So she offers to help you out a little... At first you suspect she's pranking you, but she eventually convinces you that she's sincere, and she wants to help you work out some frustration. She saw you staring at her pussy under her skirt, so how about a better look? She strips off and lets you admire her naked body, teasing you playfully and demanding that you get your cock out so that she can see. She makes you stroke it for her, admitting it makes her pussy super wet to see you touching yourself, and eventually tells you she really wants to watch from up close as your cock spurts!!
duration 28:36
Hypnotic Fear Play: Imaginatrix scared, helpless and obedient video from Mesmerotic
Hypnotic Fear Play: Imaginatrix scared, helpless and obedient by Mesmerotic CONTENT WARNING: This is a *consensual* NC fear shoot which, during our play, utilises a lot of very harmful, misogynistic and abusive narratives about consent including: slut-shaming, victim-blaming, misogynistic and demeaning language. Mesmerotic would like to make it abundantly clear that we do not condone these narratives, quite the opposite: we think they're super fucking evil, which is exactly why we wanted to play with these dark themes here! We've been doing hypnosis and kink together for a long time and negotiated extensively to make this play happen, and both enjoyed it immensely! Fear is a potent emotion. In this shoot, Sinister slowly creeps panic into Trix's head. At first, he allows her to escape into the calming depths of trance... but every time she comes back up, she's a little more confused, a little more frightened, needing to retreat even deeper into his hypnotic hold for comfort. Eventually, though, he's melted her mind so much that she no longer knows who he is, or where she is... all she knows is his every instruction in heavily laden with threat, and she must obey or else something awful will befall her. Sinister takes advantage for his disorientated and confused prey. Dressed like that, she was asking for trouble. Trix panics as he gropes her trembling body, instructing her to undress as he verbally degrades her. Trix believes everything he says, and wouldn't dare lie, so when her interrogator asks how she's feeling, she admits she's not only frightened, but aroused... This seals her fate, as Sinister commands her to begin masturbating and tells her that all she has to do be set free is not to cum. If she orgasms, she must want everything she's getting, right?... Models: Sinister topping, Imaginatrix bottoming ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ Mesmerotic is a small hypnosmut production company run by Imaginatrix and Sinister. We are available for sessions, customs and tuition. Imaginatrix: https://twitter.com/HypnoHedonista Sinister: https://twitter.com/SinisterDenial
duration 20:06
Sweetening the Words of the Lord video from Cattie
Sweetening the Words of the Lord by Cattie Cattie's coming home from her Sunday sermon. On the phone with a friend bitching about how it was stupid as always. Pointing out how inconsistent their stories always are as she puts her cigarette out on her bibles pages and closes it. Frustrated from being surrounded by sheep, she stabs her bible to vent. She really needs to relax... and the only way she can do so is taking herself to her own little "church". Stripping down as she complains about how she's been ridiculed for the way she dresses. She grabs her vibrator and feels the holy spirit take over her. Dirty talking in her own sacrilegious way. A small gush of squirt ends her 1st cum. But she's still riled up... she begins tearing at the pages of the bible beneath her. Grinding on its binding until she feels release again. Feeling a little more relived, she feels need to worship just a bit more... tossing the book on the floor, she kneels down on the ground. Cutting away at its pages, seeing them shred to bits all over. She grabs her atrocious & expensive church shoes as her next victim. Dismembering them with her knife & scissors. Going on about how ridiculous it is that everyone buys fancy, over priced clothing just to praise a God that doesn't exist. What this mess REALLY needs though? Some sweetening up! Writing out the word "fuck" in red frosting inside the book and slamming it shut. But she's still not satisfied! Cattie dounces the destroyed bible & shoes in chocolate syrup and more frosting. Is this sin? I don't. fucking. care!! (There is a loOot that goes into the roleplay of this blasphemy themed vid. Heathens will rejoice!)

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