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Pimping You Out On Grindr video from Leila Cherry
Pimping You Out On Grindr by Leila Cherry For weeks I've been having this fantasy that I would take a little submissive male like you and p!mp him out to as many cocks as possible. I'd only sell him for $5 per load, because it's not like his holes are worth much anyways. So he'll get fucked and I'll get paid. Even if it is a measly five bucks, it'll all add up from all the guys I'd make him fuck. And I know that you've been having desires of sucking and fucking dick for as long as you can remember. All you need to give into these fantasies is a little push. And I'm the perfect one to do it, because I genuinely love making guys go bi. I want you to become the perfect little cock slut for me. You might be wondering "Leila, how are you going to do that?". Well, I believe the most effective way to do it would be to make you give into your homosexual fantasies is by setting up a Grindr account. So that's exactly what I did. And I must say, you are quite popular on there! In fact, there's one guy that seems like the perfect candidate to have his first go at you (with the username FuckMeFillMe, naturally). He messaged me first, of course. Well, you technically, since the profile is meant to be you. He seems to love the idea of me having so much control over you. He's totally dtf, so let's set up a meeting with him tonight. You're going to watch as I narrate my real time conversation with Joshua getting you both ready to fuck until the sun comes up, along with me reminding you about how pathetic you are.
duration 11:56
Counseled Into Cuckolding video from BlackxRose92
Counseled Into Cuckolding by BlackxRose92 Custom video: "You're a marriage counselor. The viewer comes to you because he needs advice on how to deal with the fact that his wife has turned him into a cuckold. The video starts off mid-session with you expressing sympathy. The rest of the video is spent degrading the viewer, telling him he deserves it and more."

Well, what did you expect when you came to the meanest therapist in town? My online reviews are quite honest, but if you read them before your appointment, you would see that the wives are ALWAYS happy. Now, we just need to get you adjusted to your new living situation.

There's really no escaping this. You can try to fight it and end up completely miserable, and a total fucking loser, or you can accept that your pathetic small penis was always meant to be cuckolded. Take a moment and think about your wife's happiness. You came to marriage counseling for a reason, and she deserves satisfaction; something that you are not and cannot give to her. However, you can give her an obedient, subservient husband that caters to her every need and makes her feel like a Queen. Oh? Still hesitant, well that's why I'm here to count off all the ways that you will never measure up. You won't leave this session the same man. You'll walk out of here with open eyes as you realize what your new life as a cuckold, tiny dick, slave husband will be. You can accept it, and happiness will follow, or you can be physically made to obey. What will you choose, cucky?

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