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duration 26:29
POV Roleplay Impregnation Creampie video from Amber Adams
duration 17:21
Slutty Sister Sucked the Wrong Dick video from Madison Ryan
Slutty Sister Sucked the Wrong Dick by Madison Ryan Madison’s brother has heard some rumors around school. There is talk of Madison getting used by a group of guys at a party. When he comes home to confront Madison, she is dismayed to hear about the rumors. She didn’t get used by a bunch of guys! Madison is not some kind of group slut! Madison was only trying to hook up with one guy. But the room they were supposed to meet in was very dark. So, when she saw a guy in there, she assumed it was her hookup. Only it wasn’t her hookup. It was just some random stranger. And Madison had already sucked his dick and was about to fuck him before she even realized it was the wrong penis! Too embarrassed to say anything, she let the stranger fuck her, dumping his seed inside. She even squirted on his cock. So embarrassing. Things got worse, of course. After the wrong guy left, the right guy entered. And he wasn’t in the mood for foreplay. A freshly fucked Madison got her pussy used for a second time in a row at the party. And now the rumors are floating around school. But those rumors are nothing compared to what people would say if they found out what was about to happen between Madison and her brother. Because it turns out the story of Madison’s slutty adventure is too hot for the siblings to handle. Before they know it, Madison is taking a third cock in as many days. And this time, it’s her brother’s! Watch Madison’s shame and embarrassment as she confesses to her brother about her slutty ways. And then lets him have his own taste of what a whore she is.
duration 16:32
knotty doggy video from Sloansmoans
knotty doggy by Sloansmoans ***MYVERY FIRST PET PLAY VID* Watch as I’m a sexy, lonely girl living with her dog. I come home after a long day and I’m so tired. I say hello to my sweet doggy and begin to strip naked. I just want to relax and watch tv naked on the couch. I lay down and he lays at my feet, playfully licking them as I’m watching tv until I drift off. I end up laying on my chest, with my ass slightly perked up and I wake up feeling my dog rubbing his huge, hard doggy dick against my back. I don’t like this feeling or sensation, I really want him to stop. His dick is SO big and hard but I let him rub on me because he’s lonely and has never had sex and I love my puppy so much. He speeds up and squirts pre-cum all over my back and I’m disgusted but I still let him rub his giant dog cock on me. Plus this doesn’t count as sex because it’s just rubbing. He keeps rubbing faster until he slips his cock into my asshole unexpectedly. I shriek out and tell him to stop but he won’t. He’s stretching my asshole with his doggy cock and I feel his Knot getting bigger and bigger. I haven’t had anything in my asshole and it hurts and I try to push him off but he’s pounding me so hard and his Knot is so big, he’s pushing his dick so deep into my asshole. He thrusts so hard and deep until he finally stops and he cums inside my ass. It’s so much cum, too much. I feel it leak out of my asshole and there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m in disbelief and want him to get his cock out of me, but he continues to drain his doggy balls into me, he’s stuck inside. I lay there until I feel his cock shrinking and finally I’m able to push him out of me. I get up and lay him on his back and scold him for being such a bad dog… enjoy me, xo TABOO/PET PLAY/DOGGYSTYLE/POV SEX SIDE VIEW/POV SEX DOGGYSTYLE/DIRTY TALK/SUBMISSIVE

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