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duration 28:42
Mind Milked: Hucow Titnosis Scene, breast play makes cute cosplay cow video from Mesmerotic
Mind Milked: Hucow Titnosis Scene, breast play makes cute cosplay cow by Mesmerotic There's something about tits - so soft, pliable, sensitive - that makes them so tempting to toy with. For the person that's being caressed, groped, and pinched, it can feel wonderfully relaxing, arousing, and focusing. In the face of so much pleasure, it can be very hard to think. Imaginatrix knows that. And with Kayleth's beautiful breasts under her hands, she knows how to milk her mind out. Dressed as her cute little hucow and positioned in her lap, Kayleth slips into mindlessness as her tits are manipulated. Once she's submitted her mind to the rhythmic pleasure, Trix begins changing Kayleth: removing her humanity, and replacing it with a simple little cow brain, who's only desire is to have her udders touched and her thoughts squeezed out of her head. Reluctant and embarrassed at first, it isn't long until Kayleth is mooing mindlessly. Whether pleasure or pain, a hucow just needs milking, a Trix attached suction cups to Kayleth's udders to fulfill that need, reminding her that sweet little hucows don't get a choice how they're treated, a Kayleth moos helplessly at the painful tugs to her nipples. Perhaps if she's a very good hucow, Trix will keep her for breeding... Models: Imaginatrix topping, Kayleth bottoming. Manacles from https://www.harlequinworks.com/ More of Kayleth can be found at: http://linktr.ee/kayleth ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ Mesmerotic is a small hypnosmut production company run by Imaginatrix and Sinister. We are available for sessions, customs and tuition. Imaginatrix: http://linktr.ee/hypnohedonista Sinister: http://SinisterDenial.com
duration 8:52
Lactose Intolerant Hucow Is Your Gassy Milk Maid video from BlackxRose92
Lactose Intolerant Hucow Is Your Gassy Milk Maid by BlackxRose92 I brought the items you requested! One cup of milk, and one manual breast-pump. What did you have in mind for these? Oh! Really? You're going to induce my milk again? Gee, lactation is pretty difficult, and I think pumping would work better if you were nursing from me directly, or adult breastfeeding regularly, but I could start with the milk. I didn't even know that milk like this could induce engorged breastmilk, but ok. I'll try it! Mmmm, yummy! This is delicious and so creamy! *GURGLES* Uh oh....What kind of milk is this?! You know I'm not supposed to have dairy! Oh this is going to have incredibly gassy consequences. Wait? What do you mean this isn't cowmilk? This is hucow milk? No, my milk?! I didn't even know you still had some of my breastmilk saved. That's really kinky, but you know what a gassy milk slut I become when I have even just a taste of the creamy, delicious, scrumptious, milky milk but..... Oh! My tummy! This is making me burp so much. I just can't hold back the belches! My belly is so bloated and swollen, that my bloated belly is making me look round and pregnant. Even my breasts are starting to feel heavy and ache with need, but now my tummy is growling even louder. Is this just gas, or are the hormones working already? Oh, oh, oh! *toots* *looks alarmed* Umm, this might become more intense gas in a minute, but that creamy, sweet milk was so good! And I just want to lick every drop clean and then get filled to the brim all over with every type of cream I can get my hands on! *BUUUUUUURPS* Can you fill me with your cream? *licks milk droplets* I promise I'll bring you a fresh cup of milk to replace yours if you just *BELLLLLCHES* fill me with your milky cream, and then you can use the breast-pump on my MILF tits as much as you want because I'm your gassy, slutty hucow milk maid, here to serve all of your housely needs. :)
duration 21:29
Harley Quinn Interrogation BJ Pussy Anal Creampie video from OmankoVivi
Harley Quinn Interrogation BJ Pussy Anal Creampie by OmankoVivi (Custom vid, use of the name “Bryan”!) Harley Quinn has trapped you in her lair in her sexy Original DC Latex outfit. You can’t help but drool a bit, as she shows off her curvy little body, slowly prying information from you. It’s rumored that YOU know where the B-Man is hiding! And Harley Quinn is going to make you spill the beans, mistah! As she turns around and shoves her fat ass in your face, you know you’re just melting into putty for her~! Harley continues to purr and tease you, unzipping the suit to reveal no panties… You are in awe at her clean shaven pussy and her incredibly sexy ass and asshole! You become incredibly aroused as this Clown Princess makes your wildest fantasies come true with an incredibly sloppy blowjob. It seems like Harley MIGHT be able to pull out the where about’s of the Batman… but not just yet!!! After a mind-melting blowjob, Harley turns around, cock hungry. She climbs on your cock, teasing you nonstop! She moans n squeals on your dick, promising you more and more if you just keep spewing all those delicious secrets! It isn’t long before she becomes addicted to the feeling and teases you more with her ass, promising anal and ass worship if you just tell her where Batman is!!!! You get to enjoy eating her delicious ass and pussy before you pound her tiny asshole! She can hardly handle all the stimulation as you continue to fuck her ass, cumming deep inside and giving her a nice anal creampie! The great Harley Quinn has not only drained your cock, but also has drained you of all your info. You are COMPLETELY defeated by this Villain!!!!
duration 18:15
Fantasy Space Babe Breeding video from Cattie
Fantasy Space Babe Breeding by Cattie An astonishing good looking extraterrestrial being has been sent to earth to collect specimen from individuals like yourself to repopulate their home planet. Their very existence relies on this missions success. The being has transformed themselves into an irresistible form to prevent failure. And you are more than happy to comply. This semi-awkward being is thrilled with your willfulness to participate. But know this humanoid: upon touch, your "dick" will transform into the proper appendage needed to breed them. Don't worry! It won't hurt. And look at how long and thick your new tentacle is! The alien creature admits they're new to this process... but you seem to know what you're doing! They beg you to continue and fill their womb with your cum. An enormous load pumped inside from your rod. Now to follow, will be the eggs! Your seed planted deep and not 1, but 4 eggs emerge! To properly incubate these though, you'll need to help keep them moist! And the being will need to continuously insert and eject the eggs within her slit. Assuring they stay evenly coated in spunk and warm. On earth, the women are typically the "cows"... but on this being's planet, it is the males who have to produce the "milk" for their young... Something else that the being may have forgotten to mention... You will now be able to produce MASS amounts of semen for this insemination. And boy, are you impressive! Aroused from all of the stimulation, the being accidentally discovers "squirting", as you call it. Excited and oh soo pleased with this experience, the being offers for you to become their home planet's prize breeder! You'll get to fuck and impregnate every pussy you can handle! Isn't that every human males dream? This sci-fi like feature has alien/extraterrestrial roleplay, slight strip tease, hairy bush, close ups & full body views, slight squirting/gushing, fingering and dildo play (ovipositor/oviposition), creampie & cum play, egg brooding, dirty talk, impregnation/pregnant fantasy/fantasies and soo much more!!
duration 18:49
Supergirl vs. Supergirl - Ashley Lane & Star Nine video from Star Nine
Supergirl vs. Supergirl - Ashley Lane & Star Nine by Star Nine With Star Nine and Ashley Lane!

Supergirl has long dreamt of herself doing horrible things. She thought the dreams might be repressed memories & in attempting to investigate she has learned that she has a clone that she is psychically linked to. Using this psychic link she has tracked her clone down, she bursts into the room and is overjoyed to find her, eager to comfort & free her.

Dark Supergirl scoffs at this & mocks Supergirl for being such a goody-2-shoes. She reminds her of her abandoned mission, her reason for being sent to earth in the first place. Somehow Supergirl has been tainted by earthly morals, what about her loyalty to krypton?

Supergirl vows to use their psychic link to prevent her clone from doing harm.

Dark Supergirl laughs, telling her not to be so uptight "I know your secret, we're psychically linked. It's not my fighting that disturbs you, it's my other conquests. Poor virginal Supergirl. I can teach you a thing or two you know . . ."

Dark Supergirl pushes her up against the wall displaying her superior strength.

Supergirl tries to escape her grasp but her clone is able to hold her in place. She insists that something's not right, even if her clone is stronger, she shouldn't feel this weak.

Dark Supergirl reveals the krptonite, calmly picking it up in her hand. She tosses the kryptonite to Supergirl who can't help but catch it. She falls to her knees in agony, dropping it and clasping her hand as though it's burned. She scoots away from the kryptonite and backs up against the wall, whimpering.

Her clone approaches & makes her suck her strap on cock. She forces Supergirl to strip & then rips her pantyhose open, plunging her cock in. She forces Supergirl to cum before taking her in another position and making her clean her cock off.

She bends over the cowering Supergirl & assures her that she won't be able to defeat her, and she certainly won't be reforming her. She leaves Supergirl cowering in the room with the kryptonite.

Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com

Includes superheroine, lesbian domination, strap-on, super villain

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