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duration 9:19
GF Titty Smothers You To Destress video from BlackxRose92
GF Titty Smothers You To Destress by BlackxRose92 Hey honey! I'm so happy you're home! How was work? You look really stressed out. Here, come tell me all about it. Let's see if we can find something to do to help you relax and destress now that you're home from work. Haha, really? Hmm, sure, we can do that. I can put my tits in your face if it will help you feel less stressed. Does this make you feel better, with my breasts in your face like this? You're diving in face first like you're going to smother yourself with my tits though. Be careful! You need air! Do you want me to jiggle and squish my pierced nipples and cleavage in your face? Oh dear, don't go too far! If you end up getting too carried away and deprive yourself, I guess I could just use your boner after you smother yourself too much on my tits, but I'd rather fuck you while you thrust and grab my nipples too. Honey? Honey?! Oh dear.... Oh no.... Did you go too far this time? Oh that can't be good! Oh oh no! Oh, thank goodness! I thought for a moment you went too far there this time. Oh goodness, fine then, but only just a bit of titty smothering! I can't have you going all stiff on me from losing yourself in my breasts.... Be careful how much you smother yourself on my tits! You get so excited playing with my pierced nipples and all natural MILF tits that you tend to forget there's no air between them, so that even when you go out with a smile on your face and a giant erection, you can't go too far! Oh no! He did go too far this time, dammit! Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored
duration 15:38
Bratty School Girl Dominates Sitter video from Dani Sorrento
Bratty School Girl Dominates Sitter by Dani Sorrento I tease you, my sitter, in my tiny school girl outfit and thong. I lay there watching TV, trying to get your attention by wiggling my booty in front of you. You seem to be ignoring my teasing so I suggest we play a game together. I wanna wrestle you! You start to laugh, but then I taunt you saying that you must be afraid that I'll beat you. You take the bait and we toss and turn until I end up on top. I want you to submit, but you are stubborn. Don't worry though, I have a secret wrestling move that will finish you. I take off my panties and turn around. No one can resist my ass! Its too late to submit now though, I am gonna KO you with my big booty! When you wake you are tied up on the floor and I am completely naked. Now its time for my favorite part, I am gonna ride your cock hard and if you last at least 10 minutes without cumming then I'll let you go. If not, then I'll leave you for my step Step-Parents to find. I bounce up and down facing you and then turn around so you can see my ass. No way you will last and I am right. I guess its time for you to be KO'd again... (solo female, wrestling, sitter, taboo, slutty outfit, pigtails, light make up, long hair, brunette, perky big tits, round big ass, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, school girl outfit, ass shaking, twerking, booty clapping, phat pussy lips, smother, POV camera, g-string, eye contact, coerced orgasm, riding dildo, KO, femdom, giggling, cowgirl and reverse)

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