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duration 20:58
Wanna Play Truth Or Dare, Bro...? video from Fiona Dagger
Wanna Play Truth Or Dare, Bro...? by Fiona Dagger (If you're a fan of my taboo roleplay content, please consider checking out onlyfans.com/TabooFiona - I post regular taboo videos, photos and stories there, including at least 1 full length taboo roleplay a month, including this video! It's $8.99 a month for access to all that, so do yourself a favour and subscribe!) You're chilling out with a book when your sister comes barging in saying she's super bored and wants to hang out. She suggests that you play a game, reminding you of how you guys used to play truth or dare all the time when you were kids... It could be fun to give it another go? You're not fussed but you can tell that your sister is not in a mood to be denied, so you sigh and agree. Your sis starts off and you do a few rounds of truths, with your sister mischeviously asking you if there's anyone you have a crush on right now.... You tell her there isn't and she seems surprised and disappointed, but carries on with the game. After a while she seems to be pushing the questions in a more risky direction, asking you when was the last time you masturbated? You start sending her questions back at her, and she tells you happily that the last time for her was last night! You're feeling a bit weird about this game by now but she's giggling and egging you on, asking you next if you ever had a sexy dream about her...? You're shocked that she would even ask that, but when she keeps pushing you admit that okay, you did have a sort of weird dream about her once. She makes you tell her what happened in it, and you reluctantly tell her that you dreamed that you touched her boobs... She laughs at this but doesn't seem mad or grossed out! You begin to feel bold enough to take a dare turn, and to your surprise she dares you to touch her boob in real life... She pulls her top down to show you one boob, egging you on until you do it.. Then you decide fuck it, and dare her to take her top off. She does this with no arguments, cheerfully peeling her shirt and bra off to sit before you topless. Things start really ramping up now, with her daring you to take your pants off, and then you daring her to do hers.... Soon you're both naked, and though you're not quite sure how this all happened you don't want to stop playing... Your sister dares you to touch her pussy and when you do it you find that she's soaking wet.. You dare her to suck your cock, and before you know it your sister is on top of you, teasing and sucking your dick before daring you to go the whole way and fuck her! She sits up and slides your cock into her pussy, riding you as she tells you about how crazy this is but how she's wanted to do this for ages, she just didn't know the right way to approach you about it... She rides you in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, then you fuck her hard in doggy until she cums all over your cock, begging you to fill her pussy with cum... You give her what she wants, and then watch as your creampie dribbles out of your sister's pussy all over the bed!
duration 10:57
Bust or bust:  Gemma video from Red Hourglass Amateurs
Bust or bust: Gemma by Red Hourglass Amateurs Bust or Bust is a porn series that I started because I am one of those guys who is borderline impossible to make cum from a blowjob. The rules are simple: If the girl can suck my cock so expertly that I manage to cum inside of 10 minutes, I'll pay her double the normal rate for the scene. If she fails, she'll still get the normal money, but she'll also have to take a big, fat load of cum on her face

Confession time: I sat on this scene for a long time because I totally goofed and filmed this scene from an angle where my face is visible--not that I try particularly hard to conceal my identity, but I feel like it ruins the blowjob fantasy when you can see my vacant "oh wow that is a spectacular dick-sucking" stare in the background. While I had hopes on getting this scene re-shot (totally because of the face thing and not because I desperately wanted Gemma to suck my cock again, obviously), my eventual move away from the bust or bust series meant that I probably wouldn't be reshooting it. Anyway, while she didn't manage to make me cum, this is the blowjob I'd legitimately consider my favorite to receive in the entire collection. Gemma is legitimately an amazing cocksucker, and I don't think I've ever been with anyone who worked harder to get that cum than she did. After the timer expired, she collapsed into a tired heap on my bed because she seriously gave it her all right up until the buzzer. Secretly, I'm kind of glad she didn't make it, not because it saved me money, but because she took her facial with such a slutty obedience that I'm delighted to have caught it on film.
duration 34:50
Bro/Sis Anal FuckFest video from Fiona Dagger
Bro/Sis Anal FuckFest by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the name Michael is used a couple of times) Your big sister storms into your room, saying that you need to talk about how she just caught you spying on her getting changed. She's angry with you but you try and get her to understand; you're really horny and frustrated being stuck indoors during the pandemic, and as she's the only girl around you've developed a bit of an obsession with her. You suggest that maybe it would help you get over your fixation if your sister showed you her body a bit... She reluctantly agrees to this, saying she'll let you have a look so you can get over her, but that's it. You can't keep your hands to yourself though and end up touching her boobs and ass, then pulling out your cock to stroke it in front of your sister. She's exasperated but then says fine, just have a cum and get it over with. She watches you stroke for a couple of minutes, then asks if it would speed things up if she touched herself too... You masturbate together, each getting more and more turned on and frustrated, until you manage to convince your sister to help you out and use her hands on you. As she strokes you she's clearly getting very aroused, and soon she ends up straddling you and rubbing her soaking pussy on your hard cock, whilst reminding you that your cock can't go inside of her... She gets onto her back to let you continue rubbing and slapping your hard cock on her pussy, but then you can't hold back any more and you suddenly thrust inside of her! She's shocked but says the line has been crossed now, so you fuck her harder and harder. She asks if you'd like to be the first person in her ass, and of course you agree, so she lets you pound her asshole, stopping you frequently so she can suck your cock and clean her ass off it with her mouth and tongue! She becomes obsessed with making you fuck her ass and then sucking your cock afterwards, making you do it over and over again in different positions until she can't wait any longer and begs you to cum into her mouth so she can taste your cum!

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