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duration 25:21
Triplet Experimentation video from Fiona Dagger
Triplet Experimentation by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the names Olivia and Rick are used throughout) You're hanging out with your sisters Olivia and Fiona, celebrating leaving for uni soon and enjoying some wine while your parents are out for the evening. Fiona tells you and Olivia that she's excited about leaving but also nervous - she's never had a boyfriend or anything, and though she wants to meet people at uni, she has no idea how to even start! You and Olivia agree and say you've never done anything either, and the three of you joke and giggle over stupid chat up lines, trying to figure out how best to talk to people you're interested in. After a while Fiona starts talking about how close the three of you are as triplets, how you've always helped each other and relied on each other... You get the sense she's leading up to something but you're not sure what yet! Fiona says that as you guys are so comfortable with each other, maybe there's a way that you could all benefit from that before going away to uni... She asks you what you think about when you masturbate, which you're embarrassed to answer.. But she insists, telling you that she's heard you wanking loads of times anyway, it's not a big deal! She says she's also heard Olivia's vibrator through the walls, so she knows you both have sexual appetites! You reluctantly tell her about the kind of videos that you watch, and she's fascinated to hear all about these 'JOI' videos. She makes Olivia tell her how she masturbates too, and Olivia admits to having a hitachi vibrator. Then you and Olivia demand that Fiona tells you what she does now, as she's made you two answer! Fiona happily tells you that she has a dildo that she fucks herself with sometimes, imaging she's having sex with a guy... But at other times she uses her fingers and thinks about a girl instead! You all giggle and laugh, feeling awkward but brought closer together by your shared confesssions. Fiona then slyly suggests that now that you've talked about that, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to do what you've talked about in front of each other... Just so that you can all say you've had a bit of experience, and will feel less scared when you try to meet people at uni! You and Olivia are a bit shocked but are tipsy and getting a bit turned on now, so you agree. Fiona strips her clothes off, telling you both to do the same, then tells you that you're all going to wank together, but she's going to tell you and Olivia what to do - since you're such a fan of JOI! She makes you start slowly stroking your cock as she gets Olivia to play with her tits, then makes Olivia finger herself, watching in fascination as she gets wetter and wetter. She tells Olivia to go fetch her wand, and while she's out of the room she confesses to you that she's always wanted to do this sort of thing with the two of you but she was too scared! Olivia comes back and starts using her wand, quickly cumming hard, which sets Fiona off too! Once they've both cum it's your turn, and both your sisters watch closely as you stroke your cock until you get close - at which point Fiona commands Olivia to take over stroking for you, telling her she might as well get some experience with a cock now! Olivia wanks your cock until you spurt everywhere as Fiona watches, then you all fall about laughing and giddy before suddenly hearing the keys turning in the lock - your parents are home!
duration 9:26
3 Girls Share Your Cock video from Blair Lennox
3 Girls Share Your Cock by Blair Lennox We were in Vegas for the AVNs and we were thinking about how cute we all were with our big brown eyes and brown hair and it got us thinking about what it would be like to look down at all of us while sucking a dick, with our smiles and eyes looking up at you, and we immediately knew we had to film a video to capture how adorable we would look sharing a cock. We start by teasing each other and the dildo, kissing and licking all over while we play with each other's soft bodies, gently pulling at the little lingerie we had on. In between making out and sucking on the dildo we eventually strip out of our clothes and show off our varied size tits, from big to medium to small, we have everything you could want. We spend a lot of time sharing the dildo, occasionally taking turns to have it to ourselves, while the others make out and play with each other until we're all properly riled up then we turn all our focus back on to the big dick in front of us as we encourage you to cum for us with our cute mouths begging for you. Featuring: Cleo Blossom, Natalia Grey, & Blair Woods ***Tags: blowjob, dildo blowjob, dildo sucking, 3 girls 1 dildo, GGG, bisexual, bisexual blowjob, brunettes, brown eyes, bangs, eye contact, big brown eyes, tattoos, pale skin, braces, ponytails, barefoot, tongue fetish, tongue out, mouth fetish, oral fetish, spit fetish, making out, lesbians, girls kissing, lingerie, strip tease, small tits, big tits, nice ass, cute girls, sharing dildo, finger sucking, licking, POV blowjob, big dildo, eager mouths, cam girls*
duration 11:39
Bisexual Homewrecker video from Fuchsia Peach
Bisexual Homewrecker by Fuchsia Peach The promise of forbidden sex has you rushing to your ex-girlfriend’s house for some adulterous fun. If you admit you love me and not your wife, my body will be yours. Oops! You’ve fallen into my trap with your cheating cock in my whore mouth. I’ve set up your wife to catch you in the act and she sees everything! You might as well enjoy yourself while you can, because after you cum your life is over and you’ll never get to touch either of us ever again. Humiliated and crying she watches as I suck and fuck you, but she can’t help getting turned on by the depraved adultery. I call her closer and order you to finger her wet pussy while you fuck me. She eats my pussy and ass like a good bitch as I suck your dick. She does a much better job at pleasuring me than you ever did, you don’t deserve either of us. Finally, you splash your big cum shot all over my homewrecking face! I eat and play with your huge cum load, giving some to your (now ex) wife to suck off my fingers and kiss. You can leave, your now ex wife’s staying here with me. She’s my free use bi slut now. *** Pov blowjob, pov sex, dirty talk, Cheat, Cuckquean kink, cuckholding female cuckold roleplay, facial, cum play fetish, cum on face, cum in mouth, humiliation, cheating on wife in front of her, threesome, fetish, sub, submissive slut, homemade, solo female, amateur, big tits, big boobs, bisexual, curly brunette, curly hair, hazel eyes, hazel green eyes, middle eastern, Persian, fuchsiapeach, Fuchsia Peach

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