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4396 on Auction video from Red Vinyl Kitty
4396 on Auction Kitty is on a leash with a large leather ballgag in, and instead of being called by her name is referred to only by the humiliating title of "4396" during this clip. 4396 is up for auction. "Alright, come here 4396," her handler tells her. "Up," he pats the table. 4396 jumps up on the table and stops when the handler tells her to stop. He clips her in to a leash on the wall and says "Alright 4396, Display position." 4396 straightens up. "For auction today we have slave number 4396. Look at how firm and taut her skin is. Note the beautiful pale coloring of her hide. Look at how glorious her mane is." He tangles his in her hair and pulls her head up so you can see her eyes on camera. "And look at the beautiful blue of her eyes. That's a rare feature in this breed." "Look at these large, luscious breasts. You just want to reach out and squeeze them. And the beautiful pale nipples. Perfect for pinching, pulling, teasing, or biting. Ready for whatever you want, whenever you want, if this creature were yours. Look at these hips, a perfect figure 8. A wonderful place to grab when you're taking her from behind. Look at that sweet pussy. It would make anyone wanna slide right in. It tastes even better than it looks. That pussy would make anyone a proud owner." "4396, position 26." 4396 moves to show off her legs. "And let's not forget about these cute legs. They look just as good in the air as they do spread eagle on a bed. And they feel great wrapped around you while you ravish her. Look at these dainty size 5 feet. Have you seen anything cuter? They're so soft and pretty, they look good with and without the nails polished and this slave has been trained to paint them on command. Owner must provide the polish." "Slave 4396: nadu." 4396 kneels. "Does anyone have a starting bid for 4396? I'd like to start the bidding at $100.." NOTE: Kitty's ostomy bag is visible in the beginning of the clip for a few seconds and her port is accessed and visible during most of the clip.
Alice in Humiliation Land video from Red Vinyl Kitty
Alice in Humiliation Land Kitty is sitting in her room reading a book when she notices a lollipop. "How strange. How long has that been there?" She picks it up and reads the tag on the lollipop. "Eat me. I wonder if I should," she asks herself. She opens the lollipop and tastes it, finding the taste pleasing. "Ooh, ooh this is really good.." "But, I feel so funny, she says." She lays down and closes her eyes. She wakes up somewhere strange indeed! She opens her eyes and looks around, confused by what she sees. "What a strange place," she says. "What strange clothes.. How did I get here?" Out of nowhere she hears a strange voice. "...Alice." "Who are you talking to?" asks Alice. "You, why I'm talking to you of course," says the strange voice. "Who are you?" asks Alice. "Why, I'm the Cheshire Cat." "The Cheshire Cat?" asks a confused looking Alice. "Yes, the Red Queen's looking for you Alice," the voice tells her. "My name isn't Alice, it's Kitty and I have no idea how I got here." "You sucked the magic lollipop, only Alice would do something as silly as that and that is how I know you are Alice. You're going to have to do everything I tell you to, if you want to get out of here and not get caught by the Red Queen." Alice is shocked to hear this news. "You may call me the Cheshire Cat, everybody does." "Ahh! Yes, Cheshire Cat!" "There's a good girl, Alice. You'll find I'm not really a bad cat. Not even half bad. Now take that lollipop you have, and start sucking on it." Alice can't believe what this Cheshire cat is asking her to do. "You really are a perverse creature, aren't you?!" "I could just go get the Red Queen.." "WAIT! Wait, no," says Alice, and she obeys the cat, sucking away at the lollipop magically attached to her hand. She sucks it with spirit for a few minutes before the cat tells her to take her tits out. "You REALLY are perverse!" "Yes." says the cat, and you can hear the smile in his voice. "What else are you going to make me do?" asks Alice. "You'll see!" "I don't want you to call the Queen.." says Alice, who resigns herself to sucking the lollipop with spirit for her audience. "I can see you're really getting into that." says the Cheshire Cat. Alice giggles. Maybe she could learn to like it here in Humiliation land. "Turn around now, sexy girl, and show this cat your sexy ass." "My ass too??" She turns around and shows her butt to the camera. "You ARE a sweet girl, Alice. Now, I want you to do something with this..." The Cheshire cat passes Alice a Hitachi. "You can't expect...!" "I could just call the Red Queen here if you like." "Wait. Don't call the Red Queen. Just.. Keep this between us." Alice lays on her back and plays with herself until she has a nice big hard orgasm. "You are definitely Alice. Now wasn't that fun?" "Yes Cheshire Cat. Will you help me get home now?" "I think three more sucks of that lollipop should do it." Alice sucks the magic lollipop and finds herself back in her original bedroom. She's so confused. "Oh, man. What a strange.. Dream?" NOTE: Kitty's port and ostomy are both visible at times in this clip.
Lost Kitty Gets Fucked By Dick On A Stick video from Red Vinyl Kitty
Lost Kitty Gets Fucked By Dick On A Stick The scene opens on a sad little kittygirl in a cardboard box marked "FREE." Obviously, someone put her and some of her toys out here in the cold and she's sad and alone. She mews softly when someone comes by after not too long at all. "Who left this kittygirl out here? FREE? It's getting cold! What a poor Kittygirl." He reaches out and puts his hand to her face and she starts licking at his fingers. "She's so friendly! She's so cold! What a cold nose! Awwww. She's playful. She wants to play!" He asks her if she wants to play and she responds with some excited "mews" and bats at his hands with hers! He reaches into the box to find a dick on a stick. "Oh! Is this your favorite toy? Is this your favorite toy? Are you a good kitty?" She gets excited and starts to bat at it with her hands. Then, she starts to lick and suck on it, as she moans. "That IS your favorite toy." This poor little kitty in a box makes a lot of eye contact with you as she sucks the dick on a stick. After sucking, licking, and teasing her special kittygirl toy for a while, the mysterious man tells her to give the toy back, and Kitty obliges, rolling onto her back and spreading her legs. Whoever left this slutty kittygirl out in the cold surely trained her well. She spreads her pretty pink pussy for her toy and starts mewing. "Oh, Kitty wants to play some more? Kitty wants to play with her little toy?" Kitty moans and mews as the hard dick on a stick fucks her tight pink pussy. "Does the kitty have any other toys in her box?" Kitty is well trained for this and she takes out a black vibrating wand for her clit while she gets fucked by the stick dick. Soon she cums very hard. Does the mystery man decide Kitty is worth taking home to train himself? You'll have to watch to find out. NOTE: Kitty's feeding tube and port are visible in some scenes.
Soft Limits: The Pacified Slut video from Red Vinyl Kitty
Soft Limits: The Pacified Slut Kitty is sitting in a bathtub and she seems to have a candy dish with all sorts of treats! She starts rifling through the treats when she sees a boobie lollipop! She starts sucking on it and having a fun time splashing around in the water when it looks like her Master has caught her doing what she shouldn't be! His voice is heard: "Kitty are you eating candy in there?" "Uh uh" she replies with a mouthful. "Did you get into the Halloween candy?" his voice is soft but firm. "Uh uh!" Kitty sounds prettty guilty with her mouth so full she can't even close it all the way! "KITTY! You ARE eating candy," her Master replies. "UH UH!" "You're not supposed to eat candy before dinner!" His voice changes, and you can suddenly see his hand. "Spit it out." Kitty's eyes turn bright and she pulls away a little bit as she playfully says "Uh uh" behind her lollipop. "Gimme it." her Master says. "And Kitty still won't give him the lollipop so her Master takes the stick in her hand pinches her nose! Kitty begins to WAIL and her Master pops a pacifier in her mouth. "There," he says. "There you go." Kitty is instantly "pacified and quiet" and her Master hands her a vibrator. "Now," he says "Finish your bath," and then we'll have dinner." In the next scene Kitty lays back against the tub so you can see her big titties and her upper half. She's sucking on her pacifier and she's playing shyly with her vibrator making eye contact every so often with the camera, before coming to a loud orgasm at the end where she even drops her pacifier. She picks her pacifier back up and she puts it back in before the camera cuts out. You will like this clip if you like: age play, submissive sluts, collared cuties, pacifiers, gags, big tits, shy masturbation, humiliation, candy, lollipops, lollipop sucking, real orgasms, orgasms, NOTE: Kitty's port and feeding tube are visible in this.
Testing Kitty Toys video from Red Vinyl Kitty
Testing Kitty Toys "Oh Kitty," Master Pravus says to Red Vinyl Kitty. "What are all these toys?" Kitty sits there smiling back at him. "Did you get all your toys and bring them to me?" She mews back in response looking down at them all. "Do you want to play with your toys?" Comes his enticing voice. Kitty looks delighted and starts pawing at the ground. "What's your favorite toy?" he asks her. Kitty only mews back as she paws playfully at the toys in reply. Off camera, he starts to tease her a little. "Ohh, this one crinkles! That one makes noises too, and it's got textures on it..." he says while he chooses a toy. Kitty's face follows his hands excitedly. "And what's this? What's this?" He teases as Kitty's face beams "You just.. You just got a pig??" He starts teasing her with a T-rex and almost immediately says "You must not want that one, causing poor little Kitty to whimper as he takes it away." Her whimpering ceases instantly as soon as she sees her banana. "What about a chewy banana? You love the nubby banana." Master Pravus' large hand comes back into screen and he begins to tease her mouth with it. Kitty begins a little tug of war on the banana while her Master laughs playfully. "Such a cute banana" he tells her. "What's this?" he asks her. "It's crinkly." He takes kitty's little dinosaur out and squeezes it in his hands a little, making crinkle noises. "And it's got spots, and a squeak! You pounced it!" A little tug of war game begins between Master Pravus and Red Vinyl Kitty's mouth. Red Vinyl Kitty gets the toy away from her Master and a small "rawr" escapes her lips before the toy is taken away from her. "He's a good one! But we've also got this one..." He picks up the crinkle giraffe and he starts to tease her with it. "This one has neat little sounds too. And little chewy plastic bits.. Which one do you like..?" Kitty looks still for a minute before a smile creeps onto her face, and she slowly stalks the giraffe and bites it. Another tug-of-war begins with her mouth. "Oh you got it! You're gonna tear the giraffe apart! Look at those little antlers!!" "Such a smiley happy giraffe with a chompy Kitty on its foofer!" Finally Master Pravus is able to wrestle the poor little giraffe out of Red Vinyl Kitty's clutches. "Uh oh!" He says before teasing her with her rainbow piggy. As the piggy passes by Red Vinyl Kitty, she doesn't seem to have the heart to snuggle it but she lunges out and clutches it to her chest and begins to nuzzle it. You can hear Master Pravus giggling as he says "POUNCE the pig!" Then he softly says "Do you like that pig?" Kitty shyly says "Mew.." "Is he your favorite?" he asks her more directly, in a sweet tone. "Meww," she croons back. "Let me see it," he says excitedly. But, Kitty pulls back- eager to protect her little rainbow friend. "Ooh! You don't wanna give me your pig? Let's see your pig," he says again. And Kitty reluctantly gives up her friend, all the while staring at it and wishing she wasn't having to let it go. "Do you want to bite his little curly tail?" Master Pravus attempts. Kitty pushes back, uninterested in hurting her new little buddy. "What about a foofie? Or an ear?" He tries. Master Pravus tries to turn the rainbow toy this way and that as an attempt to get Red Vinyl Kitty to bite the piggy and she starts to lean in. What's going to happen now? How do you think it will end, and which toy do you think will wind up being Kitty's favorite? You will like this clip if you like: pet play, humiliation, dehumanization, kitten play, cat play, kitty ears, cat ears, steel collar, submissives, slave, owned slave, obedience, playful submissives, BDSM, kink, human pet, cute, non-nude, amateur, blonde, big tits, mouth play, lingerie,
Kitty's New Litter Box video from Red Vinyl Kitty
Kitty's New Litter Box Kitty is sitting waiting for instruction from her Master when a box is thrust into her hands. She's confused. "Kitty!" She grabs the box "Cut the flaps off the box." "What??" "QUICKLY. We don't have much time." "Yes, Master." "Cut the flaps off the box." Kitty cuts the flaps off the box as fast as she can, while her Master stands there rushing her along. Kitty moves as quickly as possible but she has a confused look on her face and has no idea what her Master could want with this weird box. "Great. Get it in the trash bag, put it on the floor." "What??" Kitty is really confused now. "Put it in the trash bag and get it on the floor." "Yes, Master, yes." Kitty says and she tries to move faster, though this is just getting weirder and weirder. "Come on, it's opening a trash bag, how hard can it BE?" he taunts her. "Yes, Master," she says as she struggles to put the box in the bag. "Like this?" "Yes, just like that, now get it on the floor." "What? On the floor?" "Yep." Kitty puts the box on the floor looking even more confused! The next scene has her sitting on the ground next to the box. "Did you get the cat litter?" Master asks Kitty. "What? Yes, Master, cat litter's right here." "Take this," (he hands her a bowl) "fill the box." She laughs. "COME ON. This can't take all day!" "Yes, Master," she tears open the cat litter and starts to put the litter in the box, the whole time her Master keeps bullying her about the job she's doing. "Spread it nice. MORE! You can go faster than that...." "There you go. That looks nice, doesn't it?" "Yes, Master." "Excellent, now you don't need to pee outside when it snows. You may now use your litterbox." Kitty is so shocked that she's actually been making this litterbox for herself the entire time, that she drops the bowl she was holding! Poor Kitty! In the next scene she crouches over the box to actually pee in it. She has to beg her Master for toilet paper, too. How humiliating! At the end, Master rubs Kitty's head and tells her she's a good girl. NOTE: Kitty's port is accessed and visible in this.
The Return Of The Sock Fairy video from Red Vinyl Kitty
The Return Of The Sock Fairy CUSTOM CLIP. NOTE: This was a previous custom clip order. The Sock Fairy triumphantly returns! She has gorgeous black wings and she's here to give you personal attention. She's just a little different than you remember though. The Sock Fairy.. She's.. Meaner? What's she going to do to your dumb little cock? She starts off by putting on long, rough socks for her "sock hands" that she uses to give you a rough sockjob with. She put a soft fluffy sock on your cock and gives you a blowjob over it. She bites your dick a little.. Just enough! She notices you came all over your sock and made a mess. She even has brought a special probe.. What's this?? It's a special "Sock Sound" (It's a pretend sound to simulate a "real" sound, please be aware before you purchase this video!) The Sock Fairy then begins to sound your cock while giving you a rough sockjob. Stop being so squirmy! Let her hurt your stupid cock already. It likes the way the Sock Fairy hurts it. Try to be still. The Sock Fairy lets you cum a second time before taking out her special "Sock Sound" and then giving you even more rough stimulation with her cruel sock hands. She puts her probe back in and teases you again. Her probe goes in and out. It hurts the most coming out, don't you think? It's going to hurt to pee when she's done with you. You get to cum one last time, and this time you make a huge mess of the Sock Fairy's sock hands. She loves it. It makes her so happy. Aren't you so glad you summoned her? She'll see you when you summon her again next time.

NOTE: Kitty's port is accessed and visible in this clip.
Witch or Treat? video from Red Vinyl Kitty
Witch or Treat? It's Halloween, and you get a knock on the door. A cute girl is there, "Trick or Treat" she says. "I wasn't expecting any good little boys or girls to be out this late at night." You tell her. "But I'm a witch," she protests and you can tell by the flirty look in her eyes that you should take out the.. OTHER treats. You reach into your pocket and you pull out some special toys for this cute little witch. She looks the treats over and remarks that they don't look like the usual treats she's been getting. "Those are special treats," you tell her. "Come in, I've got a spot you can try them out." She agrees. You got her trust. She starts off with a cute little glass taper in her butt. She works it in for a few minutes playing with herself before switching to the smallest butt plug you gave her. She works the first plug in and teases her ass while she vibes her clit. You can hear her soft moans while she plays with herself. Soon she removes that plug and goes up again in size. The camera gets close-up as she works the toy in. She works the plug in, and you can hear her moan as it slides in. She teases her clit, as it gets more and more swollen as she plays. Kitty moans and plays with her tight butt. After a few minutes, the camera backs up so you can see her whole body as she teases herself until she cums hard on her toys. NOTE: Kitty's port is accessed and visible in the opening scene, and there's a small part in the sex scene where her ostomy is visible for a few seconds when she's changing positions. Her feeding tube is visible on the bed when the camera moves to show her entire body.
SPH Cake Crushing Party Bully video from Red Vinyl Kitty
SPH Cake Crushing Party Bully If you like MEAN small penis humiliation, this is it. This is Kitty's meanest SPH to date, and some of the things she says in it are downright cruel. She'll bully the pants off of you at her Halloween party this year. It seems you've pulled her aside in her own house to give her.. What's this? It's a cake you've made. You even appear to have put the sprinkles on it yourself! Kitty isn't flattered, in fact, she looks really really annoyed with you. She puts it on the ground and, as soon as she realizes you have a huge crush on her, she laughs maniacally and then puts one of her pretty little feet down... Straight into the cake you made her! What a bitch! She sits up again and proceeds to knock you down, telling you that your ex girlfriend, Jennifer, already told ALL the girls about your tiny dick and that SHE wants NOTHING to do with you. Kitty only likes big dicks. She humiliates you and rips on you incessantly, even going so far as demanding you lick off her feet, and then the floor of course. The whole time she's knocking your dick down, she crushes the cake you made her, after all - what would she want with a garbage cake like that? When she's sick of your sight, she throws a gas station cupcake at you and tells you to get the fuck out of her house! This small penis humiliation video goes a bit deeper than my others, so definitely make sure you're ready before you click. :) NOTE: Kitty's port is accessed and visible, and her feeding tube is visible in almost every scene.
The Sock Fairy Ties You Down video from Red Vinyl Kitty
The Sock Fairy Ties You Down You've summoned the Sock Fairy again and she's right back in front of you! Your poor, dumb dick has been bothering you, and the Sock Fairy knows what you need. She puts on her rough punishing socks and asks you if you want her to hurt your cock for you. She says she loves hurting your cock for you and that she brought her favorite punishing socks for you. You agree that you DO want her to hurt your dick and as she slides your dick between her thighs you decide you'll do whatever she says. She has you completely under her spell. She asks if you can be really good this time for her and you can't help but agree. She tells you that she's done a special enchantment to her socks this time, and that her socks are almost alive! They have a mind of their own now, and they'll keep rubbing even when you're done cumming. Your poor cock is going to be so sore, red and RAW when she and her socks are done with you! After you cum the first time, the Sock Fairy notices that you were WAY TOO SQUIRMY for her liking and she casts a spell on your cock that ties it up in rope! Now you won't be able to squirm away for the rest of the session. You're such a good boy taking this hard dick squeezing, rubbing and reddening! You get to cum three times in this clip and by the end of it, your poor dick and pee hole are wrecked, raw and completely sore from all the constant rubbing with those rough insatiable socks! Your dick sure is dumb if it keeps causing all this trouble, but you also know... It will probably keep causing more because you just can't stay away from the Sock Fairy! NOTE: Kitty's port and feeding tube are visible in this.

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