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Pumped Up Pussy For Master video from Red Vinyl Kitty
Pumped Up Pussy For Master Kitty makes eye contact with you while she rubs her pussy and spreads her pretty lips. Then she takes her pussy pump out and slowly starts pumping. She taps on it a little as she pumps, showing you how tight it's getting. You can see her lips start to swell through the pump. She moans as she pumps herself for you. She asks you if you like watching her pussy get really swollen? You feel like you're right there with her as she continues pumping. The camera switches to a close up view so you can see her pussy really starting to swell and Kitty keeps pumping. She talks dirty to you telling you how bad she can't wait for you to fuck her, and how good it feels with the pump on. She asks you if you think it's ready and then she removes it, letting the air slowly out. You get an amazing view of Kitty's swollen, red lips when she takes the pump off. She starts fingering the outside of the pump a little and then she gets a toy. She slides the toy inside her, moaning as she plays. It feels so good after the pump. Kitty pairs the toy with a vibrator and you get to listen to her moan as she fucks herself. She cums really hard, and she even squirts a little, you can both hear it as it's happening and watch it squirting around the toy she's fucking right before she takes it out! (Kitty is a natural squirter, but has no control over it, so when it happens and gets caught on camera it's a lucky occurance!) After she cums, she thanks her Master for fucking her, and tells him she can't wait for him to fuck her again. NOTE: Kitty's ostomy bag and feeding tube are visible in this.
My Pet Milky video from Red Vinyl Kitty
My Pet Milky Kitty has something wrapped up in her arms and she motions for you to be quiet. "Sshhh" she croons. "I don't want you to wake him up." You seem curious about this bundle in her arms, but you stay really quiet. You're not sure yet what she has in her blanket. "He's really soft and cute," she goes on and she begins to describe her tiny, insignificant little parcel in her hands while you can also tell that she seems to somewhat adore him. "Do you want to meet Milky?" she asks you, before revealing a very small, tiny cock to you. "I told you he was harmless" she says, with a knowing smile. She goes on explaining to you that you shouldn't be afraid. He won't hurt you. How can such a small, tiny thing hurt anyone? He had been left in the store for so long. Kitty took him home because she couldn't resist. He was so cute and harmless. At the pet store, Milky had been so alone. No one had wanted him. Do you know why that is? It's because he's so.. Small. So tiny. But he can't hurt anyone, he's so helpless. Kitty describes his size in detail, humiliating the tiny pet for quite some time before deciding that, after all, today is a momentous occasion and perhaps she should get Milky's measurements to see how small he is! It turns out, he's pretty small, but he's actually bigger than YOU. Kitty decides that Milky can go over to your house to play for a while because you're even more harmless than he is and she doesn't think you two will get into any kind of trouble. She'll come get you both later. NOTE: Kitty's port is accessed and visible. You will like this clip if you like: small penis humiliation, psychological porn, pet play, fem dom, blue eyes, humiliation, dom and sub, kink, pale, scar fetish, cute girls,
Shoe Print Kisses video from Red Vinyl Kitty
Shoe Print Kisses This was from a Custom! Kitty is the new secretary at the office. You chose her to be your secretary. She was told ahead of time that you're a bit hard of hearing, so she asks you to come sit a bit closer. That's right. Now you'll be able to hear better. She starts off taking notes innocently enough, but she says she's a bit nervous, especially since this is her first time working with you. "Am I doing a good job taking notes for you? Sometimes when I get nervous, I kind of just kick my feet, does it bother you when I kick my feet?" You see her leg swinging, and she just kicked you right in the crotch! She smiles coyly, and you definitely think it was on purpose, and that she just enjoyed that as much as you did! She's just using her "nerves" as a cover up, it seems. Now that she's sure you like it too, she starts lightly teasing you. She's sure it's actually her well-worn, dirty shoes you're really into. "It seems like you really like my SHOES, don't you?" She starts casually rubbing her foot over your crotch. "What do you think? I have a date to go to tonight. Do the bottom of my shoes look too worn?" She continues pressing her heels to your crotch. She teases you about her heels and how worn and dirty the bottoms are. You seem very shy and humiliated by her heels. She begins to leave little shoe prints all over your crotch as she teases you, and your pants even begin to become wet as she lightly humiliates you with her light dirty talk now that she knows the secret of what really gets you going. The only thing is.. You have a meeting in fifteen minutes, and you're going to have to go in front of the entire group with your crotch covered in your secretary's shoe prints! It seems you won't be the only one blushing! (Note: Kitty's port is accessed and visible and her feeding tube is visible from time to time.)
ASMR: Welcome Home, Master video from Red Vinyl Kitty
ASMR: Welcome Home, Master This is Kitty's first ever ASMR clip. She's kneeling on the ground to welcome her Master home. She lights a candle for him after greeting him happily. "I know how much you love a candle when you get home," she says. "Can I get your shoes off for you, Master?" she asks. He puts a boot into her lap, and Kitty kisses it before removing her Master's boot. "That feels so much better, doesn't it? She rubs his foot a little, whispering softly to him before removing the other boot. "Would you like your soft cozy slippers, Master? I have them right here for you." She puts his slippers on one at a time for him. "I bet that feels a lot better on your foot, right?" "Would you like a cigarette, Master? I have your cloves right here for you, Master." She opens the package so you can remove one. Kitty lights a match for you so you can light your cigarette. You blow smoke into her face. "There's nothing like a cigarette after a long day's work, is there Master?" You keep blowing smoke in her face. "Are you hungry Master? I bet you're hungry. Dinner won't be ready for a little while, but I made you a cheese sandwich." She gives you the sandwich. "Are you thirsty? I have a tea kettle here for you. She pours you your favorite green tea." You accept it and drink it. Kitty kneels back on her heels and watches you sip. "You can have as much as you want, I made you an entire tea pot." "Do your hands hurt, Master? I know you type all day at work, I can give you a hand massage." Kitty rubs your hands one at a time and whispers sweet nothings to you while she does. She's so proud to belong to you. She's so lucky to be at your feet. She kisses your hands and tells you that she's got some chores to do, but if you need anything at all, just let her know and she'll be happy to come right back to your feet again. NOTE: Kitty's Port is accessed and visible.
Custom: Tricking the Sock Fairy video from Red Vinyl Kitty
Custom: Tricking the Sock Fairy The Sock Fairy is in her sock lair, and she's just been summoned. She's clearly upset. She can't seem to find the pair of socks she's looking for. Where are they? "I need my punishment socks so I can punish that silly little cock, but I just.. Where did they GO?" She throws socks around left and right before finding them. "Oh, here they are. Wait a minute. THESE aren't my punishing socks. These socks are soft. These. I know who put these here. I'll fix this." She grabs her nearby magic wand. (I mean, come on, did you REALLY think you'd trick the Sock Fairy?? And she turns the soft socks back into her punishment socks. She seems happier now. "There we go. My nice, thick, rough socks. I'm going to show up, and I'll show him." In the next scene the Sock Fairy seems extra sweet. Dangerously sweet. You're nervous. You should be. "I'm back." She looks at you with her sweet blue eyes. "I came as soon as I could, but you see.. There was a little problem this morning." She seems to be completely calm and relaxed with you as she continues. "Do you know what happened, when I went into my sock cupboard?" She pauses while she listens to your explaination, and her sweet smile melts away. Her voice falls flat. "Don't play innocent with me. I know you know what happened. I had to get my magic wand out," she tells you as she drags the wand across your pee hole. You realize you're in for it now. The Sock Fairy knows it was you. How could you have tried to play a trick on her? "Oh you weren't expecting it as rough this time? Magic wand's a little rough on your pee hole, isn't it? No. You were expecting something different? How did THESE get there?" she interrogates you and holds up the super soft socks. "Yes, they DO look similar to my other socks, don't they?" she croons. "There's a problem though, isn't there? They're VERY SOFT. Aren't they?" and her voice gets dangerous as she's talking. "That's not the kind of thing I usually use on my sock hands, is it?" she asks you. "Is that what I'm here for? To swaddle your cock? I don't think so! I don't think so at all!" She throws the socks in frustration at you. She's clearly upset with you. She pulls out the rough ones and puts them on. "I think we both know you're much happier under a pair of firm, rough sock hands, aren't you? There is a naughty fire in the Sock Fairy's eye and she's clearly extra firey for this entire sockjob. She can't believe that you tried to trick her. HOW did you get into her sock lair? Did you really think it would work? She gives you an extra rough time, and after how generous she's always been with you, this is definitely what you deserve. Some extra rough play on your dumb cock. You're lucky she allows you to cum as much as she does. What an extra naughty boy you sure have been! NOTE: Kitty's port is accessed and visible in this.
Kitty Treats You To An Orgasm video from Red Vinyl Kitty
Kitty Treats You To An Orgasm You're one of the new slaves, living with Kitty and her Master. You seem to have pleased Kitty's Master recently- and you are aware you're due to receive some sort of reward, but you're not sure exactly what or when it will come. You know you must be patient and wait, but you also secretly know that deep down you're very eager and excited and you have certain expectations of what will happen. Therefore, you're somewhat surprised when you see Kitty. As pretty as she is, you were expecting your reward to be given out by the Master of the house, as he was the one who told you that you had earned it. Kitty reminds you that in this house, Master dictates the rules, but none of the slaves get to choose what their reward is or who will dole it out. She also reminds you as kindly as she can that she doesn't think that your new Master will enjoy hearing your complaints, and that all of your complaints WILL make it back to him. She continues to tell you that she heard you were very good and that you deserve a reward, and that she's been left two toys and a set of instructions for you. You seem eager to see what the toys are. She puts some very tight clamps on your nipples and reminds you not to squirm, Master wouldn't like hearing that you're squirming.. But points out to you that you do seem to really like them despite the little squirms. Then she takes out a soft little toy to put over the head of your cock. She teases you with this while she gives you a hand job, until you BREAK the toy! She calls you a very good boy when you cum, and tells you she thinks that not only will you like it here, but she thinks that Master will be very pleased to hear how well you did.. And maybe you'll see her again soon. This clip contains: handjob, dirty talk, light teasing, BDSM, nipple play, male sub, dildo.
Custom: Sock Fairy Peehole Torture video from Red Vinyl Kitty
Custom: Sock Fairy Peehole Torture The Sock Fairy is happily sitting in her sock lair trying to choose a pair of socks for herself and having a generally good time when she realizes she's been summoned! "I came as soon as I could. Oh, it's YOU again! The Sock Fairy's back, and she's missed you. But.. THIS AGAIN?" She teases you about your stiff cock. "The SAME problem as the last time? Poor boy, having to put up with such a dumb, stupid little cock." She tells you she thinks she knows exactly what your dumb cock wants, and she picks up her rough slouch socks and lightly rubs them along your cock before putting them on her arms. "It gets so excited for my socks, doesn't it?" The Sock Fairy is EXTRA mean in this one, and in particular she's mean to your peehole. She puts an extra rough sock over the top of your dick and sucks your dick, then she roughs your cock up with her sock hands before letting you cum all over the sock. As soon as you cum she takes the rough sock off and teases your peehole with her tongue. It's so sensitive after you cum and the Sock Fairy's tongue feels so good but extra sore on your dick. The Sock Fairy gives you a really vigorous sockjob, making your cock nice and rough and red. She pays extra attention to your peehole throughout and tells you to sit still. She doesn't like it when you squirm too much. You love how she hurts your cock so good. The Sock Fairy continues being mean to your stupid dick but finds the time to humiliate you as she does it. You love it so much that your cock still won't go down. The Sock Fairy tells you that she loves when you summon her to torture her cock and that you let her torture your cock. She feels so bad for you that your cock is so naughty and acts up so much. She antagonizes you "I love watching your dick get redder and redder." "Does that poor peehole feel extra sore when I do this?" She allows you to cum a total of three times in this clip and has a lot of fun torturing your peehole and roughing up your cock with her tongue and sockhands. You can summon the Sock Fairy back any time. There's lots of dirty talk in this clip! Note: Kitty's port is accessed and visible in this clip.
Foot Lotion and Good Vibes video from Red Vinyl Kitty
Foot Lotion and Good Vibes Kitty wants to show you her nighttime routine for taking care of her feet before she goes to bed. She has some special black clay foot lotion she likes to put on. She starts out by teasing you a little with her feet with nothing on them, then she takes off the cap, and smoothes the lotion onto her cute little foot. You can see the big mess it makes. She puts her tiny foot right up in your face, all messy with lotion. She takes a nice, clean white sock and she puts the sock onto her lotioned foot before switching to the other side. After her feet are nice and creamy she teases you a bit with her white socks on. "Do you want to see what my favorite thing to do while my lotion sinks in is?" Kitty asks you. She takes out a pair of aligator nipple clamps with feathers on them, and puts them onto her perky nipples. Next she has her pink vibrating wand out and starts playing with her clit to give herself a nice relaxing orgasm to help her sleep deeply. She can't help herself though and the more turned on she gets she soon slips a couple fingers in her wet pussy. She takes her vibrator off of her pussy a couples times so she doesn't cum too soon. She changes positions a few times and tastes her sweet pussy juices. Finally, she satisfies herself by letting her wand bring her to completion and now she's almost ready for bed. Before she goes to bed, she removes her white socks and you can see the mess the lotion made on her feet and socks. She wipes most of it off with a towel and then shows you a few close ups of her feet before blowing you a kiss good night. Note: Kitty's port is accessed and visible, and her feeding tube is visible.
Puppy Tricks video from Red Vinyl Kitty
Puppy Tricks A cute puppygirl is sitting on the ground playing with her ball when her Master calls her to him. She goes to him. He tells her it's time and clips a leash to her metal collar before putting the collar in her mouth. He tells her to follow him and she crawls off scene. In the next scene, he tells her to get up on the table, and she does. He starts making her go through a series of tricks. First he has her drop the leash from her mouth and when she does, he praises her. She is very eager to please and quickly obeys when he tells her to sit. She again receives praise. "Show me your paw," her Master says, and she puts her first paw out, he inspects it and then she puts her second one out. Then she turns around to show off her back paws. She's made to spread her toes for the camera. Afterwards, the cute puppy is made to speak, and you can hear her cute little "arf." "Who's a good puppy?" he asks her, before telling her it's time to beg. He puts a dildo in front of her, and the puppygirl begins to beg loudly for the dildo. After making her lick and suck on it for a little bit, he tells her that's enough and tells her he wants to see her newest trick. "Sit" he says, and the puppygirl sits on the dildo. She starts to ride it after being commanded to, and there's several shots of this: from the front, back, and close-up. After a bit her Master tells her she has been so good offers her a reward for all her tricks. The puppygirl bends over to receive the reward of a vibrator on her clit. She gets fucked from behind with the dildo and the clit vibe until she cums hard, looking you in the eye as she cums. Afterwards, her cute little panting tongue begs for the toy again and she's allowed to clean the toy off. What a good puppy indeed! NOTE: Kitty's port, feeding tube, and ostomy are all visible in this clip.
My Tinder Date Had A Small Problem video from Red Vinyl Kitty
My Tinder Date Had A Small Problem The clip starts off with Kitty, all dolled up, dialing a video call into her friend "Lynne" to bitch about a Tinder date that just left her house. She's upset because, despite all the flirting he's done with him over chat the past week (OK, OK, she admits she's a total slut to see him this soon..) when she got his pants off he had the most disappointing cock she'd ever seen. She sends "Lynne" some pictures via video chat that she can see what Kitty is talking about and they both start LAUGHING at this poor boy. This really is the most pathetic excuse for genitals that Kitty has ever seen in her life, and apparently Lynne gets it too. As Kitty recalls her terrible night, she gets so mad venting to her friend, and starts bitching about what the fuck she's supposed to do with a man like that... But she also admits that she might have made him pose for her so she could get pictures of him and laugh even more. I mean - just what exactly else could she do with such a pathetic excuse for a cock? He didn't even say no, Kitty protests.. He must have secretly enjoyed making poses for her. Kitty is so annoyed at getting all dressed up and adorable for a complete loser with absolutely nothing workable going on in his pants. This was the worst luck ever. NOTE: "Lynne" is not present, this is a solo clip with Kitty talking directly to the camera as though her friend is on the other line. No actual dick pictures are present, so you have to use your imagination a little bit. Small penis humiliation, SPH, humiliation, verbal humiliation, fem domme, femme domme, glasses.
Kitty Play Rainbow Cock Lollipop Drooling video from Red Vinyl Kitty
Kitty Play Rainbow Cock Lollipop Drooling Kitten Play Rainbow Cock Lollipop Drooling Kitty is trifling about on the bed proving her dominance with a fluffy green alligator blanket when her Master's voice is heard. "Alright Kitty," he playfully teases her with a hint of laughter in his voice "I think that alligator has had enough alligator wrestling- You've clearly won! It's time for you to get your prize!" Kitty jokingly holds up her "big muscles" to show how strong and powerful she was against her weak opponent. She beams momentarily. "Kitty prize?" She looks excited but she didn't expect a prize, after all- she was just playing around a little bit. "Yeah," her Master goes on. "I've got something special I don't think you've had." Kitty's face brightens up. "Here." Her Master's hand comes into view with a small dish. An orange lollipop is presented and Kitty Picks it up. She's immediately unimpressed and confused. This is her prize for defeating a HUGE alligator? Why.. It doesn't seem like a prize at all, and she's not even sure what she should DO with it! She tries sticking the long thin end in her ear.. "Noo," her Master gently chides her. "It's food." "Food?" Kitty sounds confused. She tries a lick. "Food?" She puts it next to her foot. Did she mishear? "You eat it!" her Master says. She puts it in her mouth but takes it right back out. It's not right at all. This slut isn't trained to take a lollipop of this type. "It feels.. Weeeiirrrdd." Kitty says. She tries again, uncertain, but she just can't get a handle on it. "It's. The shape feels funny.." She tries to explain to her Master. "Oh! It's not the right shape. Hold on. Here, let me take that." He tells her. She gives him the lollipop. "Try this shape," he tells her. Kitty's eyes glow as she spots a large, rainbow shaped cock lollipop. She picks it up off the dish. Finally. Something she knows how to work with. She lets out one excited "mew" and then she goes to town on the cock making a big wet mess of the lollipop. She works it in and out of her mouth and makes a very sloppy, wet, drooly messy of the lollipop. By the end of the video, Kitty is covered in lollipop juice all over her face, hands, cheeks, chin and lips. You'll like this clip if you like: pet play, kitten play, cute talk, lollipops, Drool, Sloppy blowjobs, lollipop licking, cock-shaped lollipops, candy, big tits, lingerie,
Kitty's Glow-Up video from Red Vinyl Kitty
Kitty's Glow-Up Kitty is disheaveled! Her owner brings her by the grooming shop to get her cleaned up before a big party at his house that night. The Groomer seems annoyed. "Whaddaya want me to do with her?" "I dunno. Paint her nails. Give her a glow-up. Something." Kitty, undeterred, sits there looking happy as usual. Her Owner leaves and the Groomer tells her that maybe she needs a new outfit. Voila, she's in a new prettier outfit. Next he straightens up her crooked ears. He tells her to show him her ears and chooses a pair of earrings for her. How pretty she looks! Kitty's head is in the Groomer's lap now, and he strokes her head softly. "You're looking so pretty," he tells her. She lets out a soft "Mew," "Let me see your paw," he says. She puts one hand in his lap and then the other and he says "Yeah we gotta do something with those nails." He paints her nails briefly (most of the nail footage is not shown, you only see a few nails getting painted), Kitty shows off her nails briefly to the camera at the end after they are dry while her groomer tells her she's going to look "so good" for the party. Kitty beams. The Groomer now tells kitty that her owner told him to give her "The Glow-Up Treatment" which starts at 2:45 (In case you want to skip the majority of the story) Kitty is hooked up to the Glow-Up Machine with the toy that she came in with in her mouth, and a leash attached to some heavy-duty leather cuffs around her wrists. She has knee-high black socks on in the video. The Groomer turned the machine up until he's satisfied with it and then mentions "All the kitties love the Glow-Up Treatment." Kitty is enjoying the treatment when the Groomer mentions that her owner will be there soon and passes her a vibrator. Kitty spits her toy out of her mouth and plays with herself until she cums. After she cums, she licks her toy. In the next scene, Kitty's face is all red and the Groomer mentions that she's a good kitty and her cheeks are all flush. He asks for her paw and puts a bracelet on it to match her flushed cheeks, and then because she's been a good kitty she gets a giant bow because "ALL the good kitties get a bow." Kitty is given a giant bow, and looks especially pleased with herself. Kitty's owner shows up, with her leash to bring her home. NOTE: Kitty's port is accessed and visible in this. Also: Kitty's Master does the voice of both the Groomer and Kitty's owner in this, so you have to use your imagination a little bit to make the beginning work. There's approx 6.5 minutes of fucking machine fucking in this.

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