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The Wand Chooses The Wizard

Kitty arrives at the wand shop to purchase her first ever wand! The owner of the shop (off camera) is eager to help her, and hands her the first wand. She waves it but it's obviously not the right one, so he takes it right back. The second wand doesn't even turn on! Will she find her right wand? The wand shop tells offers her a third wand, and this one turns on and vibrates. She's so excited. "Remember Kitty," the shopkeep says, "The wand chooses the wizard." The scene cuts to Kitty lying on her couch. Her cloak and wizard scarf are put aside. She pulls out her tits and clamps them, she hikes up her skirt- the eager slut just can't wait to test out her brand new wand. She plays with herself until she gets really turned on and then she sticks some fingers in her tight pussy and she cums hard. She licks her fingers off and then says that she can't wait for her first day of school. After all - Kitty bets they will teach her even more tricks with her fabulous new wand once she gets there!


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