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Testing Kitty Toys

"Oh Kitty," Master Pravus says to Red Vinyl Kitty. "What are all these toys?" Kitty sits there smiling back at him. "Did you get all your toys and bring them to me?" She mews back in response looking down at them all. "Do you want to play with your toys?" Comes his enticing voice. Kitty looks delighted and starts pawing at the ground. "What's your favorite toy?" he asks her. Kitty only mews back as she paws playfully at the toys in reply. Off camera, he starts to tease her a little. "Ohh, this one crinkles! That one makes noises too, and it's got textures on it..." he says while he chooses a toy. Kitty's face follows his hands excitedly. "And what's this? What's this?" He teases as Kitty's face beams "You just.. You just got a pig??" He starts teasing her with a T-rex and almost immediately says "You must not want that one, causing poor little Kitty to whimper as he takes it away." Her whimpering ceases instantly as soon as she sees her banana. "What about a chewy banana? You love the nubby banana." Master Pravus' large hand comes back into screen and he begins to tease her mouth with it. Kitty begins a little tug of war on the banana while her Master laughs playfully. "Such a cute banana" he tells her. "What's this?" he asks her. "It's crinkly." He takes kitty's little dinosaur out and squeezes it in his hands a little, making crinkle noises. "And it's got spots, and a squeak! You pounced it!" A little tug of war game begins between Master Pravus and Red Vinyl Kitty's mouth. Red Vinyl Kitty gets the toy away from her Master and a small "rawr" escapes her lips before the toy is taken away from her. "He's a good one! But we've also got this one..." He picks up the crinkle giraffe and he starts to tease her with it. "This one has neat little sounds too. And little chewy plastic bits.. Which one do you like..?" Kitty looks still for a minute before a smile creeps onto her face, and she slowly stalks the giraffe and bites it. Another tug-of-war begins with her mouth. "Oh you got it! You're gonna tear the giraffe apart! Look at those little antlers!!" "Such a smiley happy giraffe with a chompy Kitty on its foofer!" Finally Master Pravus is able to wrestle the poor little giraffe out of Red Vinyl Kitty's clutches. "Uh oh!" He says before teasing her with her rainbow piggy. As the piggy passes by Red Vinyl Kitty, she doesn't seem to have the heart to snuggle it but she lunges out and clutches it to her chest and begins to nuzzle it. You can hear Master Pravus giggling as he says "POUNCE the pig!" Then he softly says "Do you like that pig?" Kitty shyly says "Mew.." "Is he your favorite?" he asks her more directly, in a sweet tone. "Meww," she croons back. "Let me see it," he says excitedly. But, Kitty pulls back- eager to protect her little rainbow friend. "Ooh! You don't wanna give me your pig? Let's see your pig," he says again. And Kitty reluctantly gives up her friend, all the while staring at it and wishing she wasn't having to let it go. "Do you want to bite his little curly tail?" Master Pravus attempts. Kitty pushes back, uninterested in hurting her new little buddy. "What about a foofie? Or an ear?" He tries. Master Pravus tries to turn the rainbow toy this way and that as an attempt to get Red Vinyl Kitty to bite the piggy and she starts to lean in. What's going to happen now? How do you think it will end, and which toy do you think will wind up being Kitty's favorite? You will like this clip if you like: pet play, humiliation, dehumanization, kitten play, cat play, kitty ears, cat ears, steel collar, submissives, slave, owned slave, obedience, playful submissives, BDSM, kink, human pet, cute, non-nude, amateur, blonde, big tits, mouth play, lingerie,


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