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Ring Bell For Orgasm

"Did you finish all your assignments for today?" Master asks. "Yes Master, I finished everything exactly as specified," answers Kitty, who is kneeling on the bed. "Excellent. Then you deserve a reward." Master puts a large leather ball gag in and buckles it tight on Kitty. Kitty shows the gag to the camera a little. "Excellent," says Master. "Now lay on your back, and spread out." Kitty lies down. "Put your hands over your head," he tells her. Kitty complies. He unzips her dress a little and takes her tits out. "Spread your legs open." Kitty obeys. Master pulls up Kitty's dress and starts fingering her pussy to warm her up. He plays with her pussy for a while and then tells her to spread out. "Let's get you secured properly," Master tells Kitty. He tightly tethers one wrist down. Kitty giggles and tests the tether. She can't escape. Master moves to her other wrist and begins to fasten her. "Eager, I like eager," he tells her. Suddenly they hear the doorbell. Kitty panicks. "Stupid doorbell. You're just going to have to wait until I get back." Master leaves Kitty alone in the room while he goes to see to the door. While he is gone Kitty slips one hand out of her bondage, giggling the whole time. It appears that her Master wasn't able to secure her very tightly in his rush to get to the door! Kitty Masturbates while her Master is gone, and as she is coming to a big orgasm, he walks in and interrupts her in the middle of it. She starts giggling and he asks how she got her hand free. He remarks that she must be really horny and he knows what to do about it. He finishes securing her and then puts some nipple clamps on her. He starts fingering her a little more and then tells her he knows there are more orgasms in there and he missed that last one. He **** her to Masturbate while he watches. This is a POV fingering shot and you can really see Kitty getting wet and making a mess as she touches herself. You can see her cum hard and see her swollen pussy after she cums. Then, Master takes out the Hitachi to **** one more orgasm out of Kitty's horny cunt. He asks Kitty if she's still horny. I wonder what she'll reply? NOTE: Kitty's Port is accessed and VISIBLE in this clip!


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