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Puppy Tricks

A cute puppygirl is sitting on the ground playing with her ball when her Master calls her to him. She goes to him. He tells her it's time and clips a leash to her metal collar before putting the collar in her mouth. He tells her to follow him and she crawls off scene. In the next scene, he tells her to get up on the table, and she does. He starts making her go through a series of tricks. First he has her drop the leash from her mouth and when she does, he praises her. She is very eager to please and quickly obeys when he tells her to sit. She again receives praise. "Show me your paw," her Master says, and she puts her first paw out, he inspects it and then she puts her second one out. Then she turns around to show off her back paws. She's made to spread her toes for the camera. Afterwards, the cute puppy is made to speak, and you can hear her cute little "arf." "Who's a good puppy?" he asks her, before telling her it's time to beg. He puts a dildo in front of her, and the puppygirl begins to beg loudly for the dildo. After making her lick and suck on it for a little bit, he tells her that's enough and tells her he wants to see her newest trick. "Sit" he says, and the puppygirl sits on the dildo. She starts to ride it after being commanded to, and there's several shots of this: from the front, back, and close-up. After a bit her Master tells her she has been so good offers her a reward for all her tricks. The puppygirl bends over to receive the reward of a vibrator on her clit. She gets fucked from behind with the dildo and the clit vibe until she cums hard, looking you in the eye as she cums. Afterwards, her cute little panting tongue begs for the toy again and she's allowed to clean the toy off. What a good puppy indeed! NOTE: Kitty's port, feeding tube, and ostomy are all visible in this clip.


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