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Pet Play Cow Wash

A cow is sitting with a leash around her collar. Her Master (Off screen) is heard. "Alright you dirty cow. Take this (he throws baby wipes) and this (he throws a foam body wash) and clean yourself up! I have a use for you later, and I'll be back!" "Yes, Master." The cow replies. She looks shocked. "Master!" She says. "I thought you were coming back later!" "I can't trust a filthy cow like you to clean yourself up properly! Start with those dirty udders." The cow pulls its giant tits out to tease you a little before you get a view of her washing them for you. She covers them in the foam soap and then wipes them off clean. "There's no stable boy, cow. Don't forget to clean your ass." "Yes, Master." The cow drips foam soap all over her ass and washes that off with baby wipes too. After she cleans her ass her Master makes her shake her tits to prove they're clean. "Those look clean enough for tonight," he tells her. Then he makes her turn around and spread her ass. "That looks like it will do for tonight. Now you're a pretty heifer. Master's pretty heifer." NOTE: Kitty's port is accessed and visible and you can see her feeding tube in some parts of the clip.


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