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My Pet Milky

Kitty has something wrapped up in her arms and she motions for you to be quiet. "Sshhh" she croons. "I don't want you to wake him up." You seem curious about this bundle in her arms, but you stay really quiet. You're not sure yet what she has in her blanket. "He's really soft and cute," she goes on and she begins to describe her tiny, insignificant little parcel in her hands while you can also tell that she seems to somewhat adore him. "Do you want to meet Milky?" she asks you, before revealing a very small, tiny cock to you. "I told you he was harmless" she says, with a knowing smile. She goes on explaining to you that you shouldn't be afraid. He won't hurt you. How can such a small, tiny thing hurt anyone? He had been left in the store for so long. Kitty took him home because she couldn't resist. He was so cute and harmless. At the pet store, Milky had been so alone. No one had wanted him. Do you know why that is? It's because he's so.. Small. So tiny. But he can't hurt anyone, he's so helpless. Kitty describes his size in detail, humiliating the tiny pet for quite some time before deciding that, after all, today is a momentous occasion and perhaps she should get Milky's measurements to see how small he is! It turns out, he's pretty small, but he's actually bigger than YOU. Kitty decides that Milky can go over to your house to play for a while because you're even more harmless than he is and she doesn't think you two will get into any kind of trouble. She'll come get you both later. NOTE: Kitty's port is accessed and visible. You will like this clip if you like: small penis humiliation, psychological porn, pet play, fem dom, blue eyes, humiliation, dom and sub, kink, pale, scar fetish, cute girls,


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