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Master Pravus' School For Wayward Sluts: Oral Class

Kitty is gagged and her Master tells her that the gag isn't coming out of her mouth unless a cock goes in. She is bound to a pole with a pole behind her back, it looks like this little slut won't be getting away any time soon. Her Master turns on the fucking machine, and the toy starts to fuck her mouth. Kitty moans as it fucks her mouth and does her best to keep up. When the machine stops moving, Kitty keeps trying to suck it, and her Master tells her that she's a good girl. "Will I get a real cock soon, Master?" she asks him. "You keep practicing, and you'll have a real cock real soon," he says. Kitty kisses the head of the toy good bye. NOTE: Kitty's port is accessed and visible in this.


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