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Little Throat VS: Big Fingers

Kitty loves when her Master plays with her throat. It always starts off innocently enough. He lets her start sucking on his big, probing fingers. Her hands reach up and grab around his wrist as she sucks. She stares into his eyes as she tastes him. "That's a good Kitty," he says and his other hand reaches around to the back of Kitty's head to pull her closer as his fingers **** their way down her throat. You can hear her heavy breathing, hear some light moaning as she drools and takes his fingers down her throat. Kitty's throat makes cute little gurgling noises as her Master's fingers bypass her throat. At times, you can see all the way to the back of her throat and see Kitty's uvula. Her Master pulls his fingers out of Kitty's mouth, and she sits calmly with drool dripping down her face until her Master comes back again, forcing his fingers down her throat again. Kitty's head bobbles this way and that, at her Master's touch. She thanks him for the privilege of his fingers and he tells her she's a good girl. You can really see Kitty deep in subspace in this one. She's in a very dream-like space and eager for whatever her Master wants to shove down her throat next. ;)


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