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Kitty Treats You To An Orgasm

You're one of the new slaves, living with Kitty and her Master. You seem to have pleased Kitty's Master recently- and you are aware you're due to receive some sort of reward, but you're not sure exactly what or when it will come. You know you must be patient and wait, but you also secretly know that deep down you're very eager and excited and you have certain expectations of what will happen. Therefore, you're somewhat surprised when you see Kitty. As pretty as she is, you were expecting your reward to be given out by the Master of the house, as he was the one who told you that you had earned it. Kitty reminds you that in this house, Master dictates the rules, but none of the slaves get to choose what their reward is or who will dole it out. She also reminds you as kindly as she can that she doesn't think that your new Master will enjoy hearing your complaints, and that all of your complaints WILL make it back to him. She continues to tell you that she heard you were very good and that you deserve a reward, and that she's been left two toys and a set of instructions for you. You seem eager to see what the toys are. She puts some very tight clamps on your nipples and reminds you not to squirm, Master wouldn't like hearing that you're squirming.. But points out to you that you do seem to really like them despite the little squirms. Then she takes out a soft little toy to put over the head of your cock. She teases you with this while she gives you a hand job, until you BREAK the toy! She calls you a very good boy when you cum, and tells you she thinks that not only will you like it here, but she thinks that Master will be very pleased to hear how well you did.. And maybe you'll see her again soon. This clip contains: handjob, dirty talk, light teasing, BDSM, nipple play, male sub, dildo.


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