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Kitty: Tied, Gagged and Finger Fucked

The clip starts with Kitty already tied, gagged and blindfolded. Her wrists are bound together and one of her ankles is bound to her thigh. Her tits are out and she's wearing a very short skirt. Her Master plays with her tits a little and then pumps her nipples up. You can hear her moan. He rubs her clit a little. He puts on a vampire glove and teases Kitty. The sharp needles make her moan and squirm. He spreads her pussy and slides a finger in. She moans and writhes as he rubs her clit. Kitty loves feeling her Master play with her tight cunt. He pumps her nipples up a little more and then keeps fingering her tight hole. He puts a vibrator on her clit and Kitty cums hard on her Master's finger. She thrashes around cumming hard and then her Master keeps fingering her anyway. He spreads her pussy so you can see how swollen it is before taking the cups off her nipples. Note: Kitty's feeding tube is visible in this clip.


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