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Kitty's Intimate Head Shave

Kitty kneels in front of her Master's knee. "Come here, Kitty." He pats his knee, and she leans forward. "He removes her glasses and she rubs her face all over his leg. As he pats her head he softly tells her "You're so soft and fuzzy, but I bet you're hot in all this heat." Kitty puts her head down into her Master's leg and moans softly. She smiles as he says he wants to buzz all this hair down for her. "Yes, Master." she says. "Put your head down," he instructs. Gently he places her head where he wants it. "There you go, there you go." Kitty is ready for her shave. Master Pravus shaves Kitty's entire head down, with her head in his lap and then when it's done he tells her "Well, that didn't work at all!" Kitty looks a bit surprised..." "You still look hot.." Cheesy jokes are Kitty's weakness and she laughs a little. :) You will like this clip if you like: Shaved cuties, head shaving, Master and slave, cheesy banter, protocol, head in lap, blue eyes, humiliation, dom and sub, kink, pale, scar fetish, cute girls,


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