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Housebroken Puppygirl

A cute, enthusiastic little puppygirl sits in her cage. It's the middle of the night and she has to go out. She starts making noise and shaking her crate a little. Her Master asks what she wants, and she just makes cute little puppy noises in reply. "You want to go out? At this hour? NO WAY. You're going on the puppy pads." The puppygirl looks like she'd rather go outside and she makes sad little puppy sounds. "You are going on the puppy pads." Her Master reaches into the crate and he puts a leash on his puppy. The puppy licks his hand and then crawls out of the cage. "Alright, onto the puppy pads," he tells her. She gets onto the puppy pad and her Master tells her to pee and he'll be right back, and when he comes back he'll put her in her cage. She makes a few cute little puppy noises and then starts peeing. She starts giggling a lot about halfway into the peeing, and then when she's totally done peeing her Master comes back in. He starts hitting her with a newspaper and scolding her for peeing with her pants still on! "Bad puppy! Filthy animal! You made a MESS! Now, crawl around and show me your ass!" The puppygirl turns around and shows off her messy, wet ass and her Master continues to scold her for making such a mess. "Don't do that again," he tells her when he's done chewing her out. As she crawls around in the wet piss he relents by telling her she's still a good puppy for going on the pad.. But to take her pants off next time." The puppygirl looks pleased with herself again and starts panting and crawling around happily. NOTE: Kitty's port is accessed and visible and you can see her feeding tube.


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