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Foot Lotion and Good Vibes

Kitty wants to show you her nighttime routine for taking care of her feet before she goes to bed. She has some special black clay foot lotion she likes to put on. She starts out by teasing you a little with her feet with nothing on them, then she takes off the cap, and smoothes the lotion onto her cute little foot. You can see the big mess it makes. She puts her tiny foot right up in your face, all messy with lotion. She takes a nice, clean white sock and she puts the sock onto her lotioned foot before switching to the other side. After her feet are nice and creamy she teases you a bit with her white socks on. "Do you want to see what my favorite thing to do while my lotion sinks in is?" Kitty asks you. She takes out a pair of aligator nipple clamps with feathers on them, and puts them onto her perky nipples. Next she has her pink vibrating wand out and starts playing with her clit to give herself a nice relaxing orgasm to help her sleep deeply. She can't help herself though and the more turned on she gets she soon slips a couple fingers in her wet pussy. She takes her vibrator off of her pussy a couples times so she doesn't cum too soon. She changes positions a few times and tastes her sweet pussy juices. Finally, she satisfies herself by letting her wand bring her to completion and now she's almost ready for bed. Before she goes to bed, she removes her white socks and you can see the mess the lotion made on her feet and socks. She wipes most of it off with a towel and then shows you a few close ups of her feet before blowing you a kiss good night. Note: Kitty's port is accessed and visible, and her feeding tube is visible.


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