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First Nape Shave In A Year

Kitty is mewing excitedly when the clip starts. "Kitty, what's wrong?" her Master asks (off camera) "Mew! Mew! Mew!" She's excitedly wiggling around and dips out of frame for a moment to pick up.. A cord? "Oooh," her Master croons "Kitty is hot? Kitty wants her nape shaved?" "Mew!" "Well it is getting close to Summer so I think that's probably a good idea. Alright Kitty, let's shave your nape!" "MEW!" Kitty is so excited, and you can see it! She loves when her Master buzzes her head for her. Kitty's nape gets shaved for the first time in over a year! (Unfortunately, the battery in our microphone died just as we started shaving my nape, so there was no sound and you couldn't hear the buzzers while Master shaved my head. Since shaving my nape for the first time in a year was so special, and the video is otherwise completely fine, we added in a soft music soundtrack over the shaving portion of the clip. So please be aware that unfortunately the shaving part of the video only has music, and no buzzing sounds). You can see Master shaving long strands of Kitty's hair and then he combs out her hair at the end. Kitty runs her hands through her newly buzzed nape. She feels much more like herself again with her head partially buzzed. I wonder when her Master will turn it back into an undercut?

NOTE: Kitty's port is accessed and visible in this clip.


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