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Custom: Sock Fairy Peehole Torture

The Sock Fairy is happily sitting in her sock lair trying to choose a pair of socks for herself and having a generally good time when she realizes she's been summoned! "I came as soon as I could. Oh, it's YOU again! The Sock Fairy's back, and she's missed you. But.. THIS AGAIN?" She teases you about your stiff cock. "The SAME problem as the last time? Poor boy, having to put up with such a dumb, stupid little cock." She tells you she thinks she knows exactly what your dumb cock wants, and she picks up her rough slouch socks and lightly rubs them along your cock before putting them on her arms. "It gets so excited for my socks, doesn't it?" The Sock Fairy is EXTRA mean in this one, and in particular she's mean to your peehole. She puts an extra rough sock over the top of your dick and sucks your dick, then she roughs your cock up with her sock hands before letting you cum all over the sock. As soon as you cum she takes the rough sock off and teases your peehole with her tongue. It's so sensitive after you cum and the Sock Fairy's tongue feels so good but extra sore on your dick. The Sock Fairy gives you a really vigorous sockjob, making your cock nice and rough and red. She pays extra attention to your peehole throughout and tells you to sit still. She doesn't like it when you squirm too much. You love how she hurts your cock so good. The Sock Fairy continues being mean to your stupid dick but finds the time to humiliate you as she does it. You love it so much that your cock still won't go down. The Sock Fairy tells you that she loves when you summon her to torture her cock and that you let her torture your cock. She feels so bad for you that your cock is so naughty and acts up so much. She antagonizes you "I love watching your dick get redder and redder." "Does that poor peehole feel extra sore when I do this?" She allows you to cum a total of three times in this clip and has a lot of fun torturing your peehole and roughing up your cock with her tongue and sockhands. You can summon the Sock Fairy back any time. There's lots of dirty talk in this clip! Note: Kitty's port is accessed and visible in this clip.


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