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Bound and Polished

Kitty is sitting looking straight at the camera. Her Master puts a leash on her collar and she smiles. She loves being tethered. Her wrists already have some heavy leather wrist cuffs on them. Her Master puts some g-slips on them, so that she has little leeway to move her hands. She shows how much room she has by stretching out her arms as far as they go. The clips clank. "I'll be back in ten minutes. I expect you to have your nails painted by the time I get back." "Yes, Master." The first hand is painted further away, so you can see Kitty's entire body as she paints. The second hand is painted much closer up. You cn hear the clinking of the clips as Kitty paints her nails as she's been told. She fans her nails dry and her Master arrives just in time "I'm back! Are your nails done?" "Yes Master." "Good job, Kitty." "Thank you, Master."


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